Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She, Noelle Theodore, was a fragile, petite, pretty girl from the poorer class at school. Her auburn-brunette hair hung in layers and flowed gently around her pale face. Her eyes shone like the bright blue ocean that could be seen from the edge of the schoolyard. Even without money, her life, as she considered it, as perfect as she could want it.

He, Tyler Nicolai, was a handsome, well-built, athletic person from the wealthy class at school. His dirty blond hair hung loosely around his slightly tanned face and his eyes sparkled like bright amber stones lit with fire. Even with money, he felt his life was still missing something.

The two met in seventh grade Science in room 103 at Sliver Seas Junior High School, and, both being well educated, were assigned as lab partners. In eighth grade the two sat next to each other in French class, were assigned as literature partners in English, and lab partners in Science. And from this, they formed a friendship that soon blossomed into a secret relationship.

Without telling anyone, the two would meet and walk home, on opposite sides of the main road, until they came to the back road. This is where the two would join hands and walk along Tyler's private beach until Noelle arrived at her small property or Tyler had to leave for his dad's house.

This is what happened everyday for all of Freshman year at Sliver Seas Senior High School and the beginning of Sophomore year. It all ended with the accident.