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Thunder. His hands were unstoppable, tearing at her little black number, exposing her flesh. Gucci, he guessed, not that it mattered anymore, as with a flash of practiced precision it was swiped from her and thrown to lie as a messy heap on the floor. He smirked. She threw her head back on the bed, closing her eyes, a light blush on her cheeks as the air of the room cooled her barely clothed form. He positioned himself, running his fingers up her deliciously smooth hips, to hover over the sides of her bra. Lightning. The weather was relentless outside, cold and miserable, definitely doing irreparable damage to the luxurious car leather as the convertible roof was left wide open…not like the owner gave a shit. He slowly, teasingly, slid his hands beneath the flimsy crimson material. She moaned. Sensuously whispering his name as he continued his ministrations, his mouth, hot, now in place..."Cloud…"


He couldn't hear anything, but he could feel vibrations. In fact, he couldn't hear anything. Urging his body, he brought his right hand up and smacked the side of his head. Yawning loudly he noticed a hazy melody playing. Rolling his head a little he waited till his sleep-dazed state completely escaped him…

...You might catch me in Atlanta looking like a boss
New Orleans and then Miami, party in New York...

His phone…sitting up in his bed, he blinked away the sleep from his eyes and examined the state he left his room in last night, which was chaotic to say the least. The ringtone started again. Shifting to the side he found the ringtone was slightly louder, turning fully he saw the smooth naked form of a woman sprawled shamelessly across the sheets. He smirked. What a night… Leaning closer, he established the ringtone got louder, so he inspected around the body, jerking her leg up off the bed and, bingo! Grabbing his phone he dropped the woman's leg without a second thought. She stirred, awakening slowly, whilst he picked up, knowing who it was.

"Hey Za-"


"Jesus…Zack, you need to get laid man…there's this girl I know-"

"CLOUD! Did none of what I just said get into that scrawny little head of yours?!"

"Yeah yeah, I got you" – Yawn – "You know they would wait anyway..."

"I know that Cloud! But time is money and…argh…its pointless. Hold up why the hell didn't your PA wa-…"

It clicked.

"You're fucking her aren't you?" He said with resignation, which craftfully masked his amazement, just how DOES he do it?!

Cloud smirked, "Zack, I'm very disappointed with these girls you're employing," he stole a glance at the wakening woman, "they're getting younger by the month."

"Week more like Cloud, you haven't had one for more than a week! Cant you keep your hands off them?!"

"You wouldn't, hypocrite..."

"Fine whatever, I'm gonna have to fire her…maybe I should pick a guy next time…"

"And when you do, I'll break your legs."

Zack groaned, "Come on man ju-"

But by this time Cloud had already hung up, as the sleeping-beauty had fully awoken, and subsequently started nibbling on his ear. Cloud stretched again, mentally preparing himself for his usual post sex 'talk'.


"Hmm?" She murmured as her lips made their way to his neck, nipping at the smooth milky skin.

He turned, moving her off him and faced her in bed, "Listen, I ha-"

In a flash she shifted a leg across his body effectively straddling him and lowered her mouth, tongue caressing down his chest.

"Look, I really…"

"Mmm…" she moaned as her tongue dipped lower…and lower…

Argh fuck it. He couldn't concentrate, so he did what he could, give up. Anyway, being who he was he could afford to indulge in a few guilty pleasures now and then.

Exhausted as she was, she forced herself to push the trolley piled with horrendously huge suitcases. I knew taking so many clothes would kick me in the arse. She kept pushing, grunting every so often which brought her odd stares from onlookers, anyone have the decency to offer hand?! HUH! Unfortunately her silent cry went unheeded, as everyone else tended to their own trolleys. Sighing to herself she took a quick glance around the tower of bags blocking her view to make sure no one was crossing her path. Certain that was the case; she examined the route further ahead, and found herself faced with enemy number two: a ramp. Eyes squinting, teeth gritting, she was positive she could do it.

One step, deep breath. PUSH! Another step, breathe. PUUSH! Third step. PUUUSH...shit. She realised she forgot to breathe, and therefore had no more strength left in her to heave her trolley up and over the ramp, and so…she fell. The weight of the trolley pushed her back in an instant, making her have to spring to the right to prevent herself from being run over and squashed. Rolling a couple of times she came to a halt, when in the distance she heard a squeal, which oddly sounded as if it came from an elderly woman…Then a couple of seconds later…CRASH! She slowly cracked open an eye, only to find tens of people surrounding her, open mouthed. A blush crept onto her face and she groaned and rolled over, face down. Maybe I'll pretend I'm dead, surely the trolley killed that woman…right, act dead. A man, one of those who were standing around her decided to reach down to check her pulse.

(Some time later...)

"I, on behalf of Tokyo International Airport, am so sorry for this incident Miss Lockhart, is there any way that we can repay you for your misfortunes?"

Tifa dusted herself off from the ambulance, "Yes, there is one thing."

The security man eyed her cautiously, "What is that, Miss?"

"I want someone to bring my luggage…"

The airport manager's eyes bulged, he would need to bring reinforcements, "Sure, that can be done."

Dragging the last of her bags inside, Tifa closed the door of the bar. It was only 2.30, and her bar-hand Yuffie, one of her closest friends, had not arrived yet. Yuffie had taken care of the bar whilst Tifa was in Malaysia for the past week, and was known for not being one of the most cautious of people, so Tifa took a look around, making sure everything was in place. Happy with what she found she trudged upstairs, ignoring the bags which needed to go up with her, walked into her room and flung herself on the bed. Home sweet home, there was nothing like your own bed, especially if you compare it to that of a 2 star hotel. All thoughts flitted from her mind as she steadily felt sleep descend upon her, until…JOHNNY! Johnny was Tifa's now 3 month boyfriend. He was an attractive happy-go-lucky sort of bloke, always doing something, but was so far, ever faithful to Tifa. She had all the hope in the world this would last through, considering her string of previous boyfriends had never been good kid role models (Tifa always typically fancied the bad boy type), however Johnny was different! Johnny was amazing! Johnny was…


Snatching her phone from the depths of her jeans pocket, she glanced at the called ID: Johnny! It was as if he could read her mind. She hastily picked it up,


"Babe…you're back huh…"

She frowned, "Yeah! I was just thinking about you. How have you been without me?" she smiled, she knew he'd say something endearing, something which would make her day...Something that would solidify their relationship in her mind even more.

"Tifa…we need to talk."

Her face dropped. How cliché, she thought bitterly. Love's most dreaded four words. "Err…ok…"

"You see…with you gone…like…erm…what I'm trying to say is…shit…"

Tifa froze and her heart twanged painfully. Nothing moved as her eyes glazed over. I can't be hearing this…it can't be…

"Tifa, it's not working out…"

"Wha…what did you say?" her voice broke.

"Fuck, babe-"

"Don't call me that."


"You heard me, don't call me that." A tear escaped, making its way down her cheek.

"Ok…Tifa, I'm sorry."

That's all it took. The flood gates opened, and with Tifa, when it rains, it pours.

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