Chapter Thirteen

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Atalanta: 14

Hector and Thetis: 12

Isonoe: 11

Gabriel: 11

Peleus: 9

Amyntas: 2

Annie: 3

Jason: 3

"Achilles?" Achilles was much better these days especially to the delight of the children, but mostly Atalanta.

"Why did you leave the way you did, you knew I would have understood."

"Well yes, that is so, but I couldn't tell you."

"And why is that?" Xena asked with a raised eyebrow. Achilles sighed. Once he was well enough and had talked with all his children one on one he had insisted he and Xena go away to their hut. They had brought the children here at one time or another, but ultimately it was theirs. Xena had agreed in an effort to help their relationship.

"I didn't lie to you, I mean not then, not when I told you." Xena leaned against the wall of the hut merely listening to him. He could tell from the look on her face that she had perceived their night before his departure as a lie. He had left her with three young children under the age of five and worst yet she had gotten pregnant from that night and had four children to see too.

"You're really going to have to explain yourself," Xena told him when he had been silent. "To be honest that's what pisses me off the most." Achilles nodded.

"When I said I wasn't going I meant it when I said it, but when I woke up and I was standing out there watching the ships go by in the early morning the call of battle was stronger than ever. I just knew that I could not stay away."

"And you couldn't just tell me that so you snuck off while I was sleeping thinking you'd be there when I woke up." Xena forced herself not to yell at him as Achilles wiped a few tears away.

"I couldn't look you in the face and tell you I had changed my mind."

"You told me you had changed your mind the first time Odysseus ever came to talk you into a war with Troy." He nodded.

"I know, but it was different than, we didn't have a family, I didn't have to worry about how our children would turn out if I died. I knew you would survive it's what you do, I have faith that you could find happiness after me. But children are so fragile and new to the world."

"You had Peleus to worry about." Achilles grimaced as he thought of their first son, Peleus. She knew it still haunted him what had happened, but herself she had seen her first son, in their youngest the younger Peleus. For her he had been reborn and she would make sure Achilles knew that.

"Yes, but we didn't know for sure that you had conceived him, I didn't. I never knew until my return home."

"Fair enough."

"I am sorry I snuck away, but I just couldn't tell you I was leaving you after you wanted so much for me to stay that time. It was different than when you first let me go off to war, the look in your eyes was different. I knew that I would hurt you more."

"It would have hurt me less if you had been honest."

"I am sorry."

"It won't bring back ten years Achilles, but because I love you I will forgive you. Your intentions were noble I see that now, but you were wrong, and as long as you realize that and don't make that mistake again I think we can be together. Our children need you now and I… I need you too." He hugged her.

"Oh thank you, I thought you would leave me." They hugged and kissed, but Xena wouldn't let him bed her.

"Not tonight," Xena told him. "I don't want this day to be the same day we make love after ten years." He kissed her again and they just lay in each other's arms kissing and talking. She told him about the last ten years and how each child had grown over that time.

"Achilles, who is Neoptolemus?" Xena asked him on their fifth day. Achilles looked alarmed. "He seems to be a big figure near the end of the war from rumors."

"Well I was going tell you, I honestly just found out myself." Xena looked at him confused.

"Well you know my parents sent me to Sycos when I was just a boy, it was foretold that I would be great." Xena nodded.

"Yes, if I recall you lost your virginity to the King's daughter Deidamea." Achilles looked surprised. "Oh don't look so surprised, the way you say her name screams she was my first." Xena was openly chuckling at him now as Achilles blushed. "So I really know nothing about this guy, did you train with him?" Achilles shook his head.

"I wish, no, but it would seem that Deidamea was with child when I left." Xena was silent.

"Ah well that makes sense, you should invite him over sometime." Xena walked off ahead of him stunning him with her acceptance.

"That's it no yelling, no storming off?" She turned and smiled at him.

"No," She said simply as she reached the hut.

"Really you're not angry at all?" Xena gave him an answer by slipping out of her fur coat which she was completely naked under it as she went into the hut. Achilles needed no prodding to follow her in undressing himself as he went. She threw him down on the bed of furs as soon as he came in, before his mind could finish assessing what happen she was on top of him kissing her. The feel of their naked bodies pressed against on another after so long was thrilling.

"Oh I have missed you, so much," Achilles whispered. Xena grinned and nipped his ear.

"You've missed bedding me is what you missed," Xena told him his ear. He grinned.

"Oh I've missed every little detail about you down to the way you scold me." Xena smiled.

"I can scold some more if you like." Achilles grinned.

"Maybe a little spanking, but I prefer your kisses at the moment." They kissed as She pulled him into a sitting position. She moved her hand to guide him inside her, but he stopped her. She looked at him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" Xena asked him knowing despite everything in the back of his head, he had been waiting if not dying for her to put out as soon as he was able.

"Nothing I just want to pleasure another way first." Xena let him have control as he rolled so she was on the bottom. She moaned as he ran his hands up her arms and inter laced her hands while pinning them above her head. She had missed the way he made her feel dominated and not in a bad way at all. He flicked his tongue over her nipple and she moaned as he used one hand to continue to pin her arms while the other stroked stomach.

"You're such a tease," Xena moaned.

"I learned from the best," He told her. He had missed the way her voice changed when he pleasured her, he had forgotten the way it sounded and how it gave pleasure to him. She raised her head a little beckoning him to kiss her. He obliged before returning to her breasts giving them much needed attention.

"You know my nipples aren't the only thing that need your attention," She told him as she prodded him with her hips. He grinned as his free hand left her nipple and slid down her body stroking her inner thigh making her shiver. He ran a finger down the outside of her labia lightly at first and her hips moved up trying to feel more.

"Now now Xena be a good girl you have to wait for it." Xena prodded her hips again into his fingers with a grin. If her hands were free, she'd have already pushed his head down between her legs if not pulled him inside her.

"Oh but I am anything but a good girl," Xena told him prodding her hips more. He let one finger slip inside her. She released a breath of air and a moan. He pulled out his finger before teasing her labia again making her groan.

"I know and I'm glad." She glared at him for teasing her like that. He gave in at her look and stroked causing her pleasure. He tortured her with his fingers before finally giving her the pleasure she sought with his tongue. Xena cried out as she ran her ran her hands through his long blond hair. She couldn't believe it had been ten years since he had made her feel this way. She had only slept with Hercules for Amyntas, and neither of them had even achieved orgasm or felt anything for the other sexually anymore.

"Aaaah…aaaah!" Xena cried out as she orgasmed. Once he knew she had cum he didn't deny himself any longer. He kissed her as he pushed himself inside her making her moan as she wrapped first her arms than her legs around him. They felt so complete together, neither of them knew how they had survived without the other.

"Your back!" The children all ran to them and hugged them. They went sailing with them and visited Achilles spot which was still beautiful as ever.

"Is it stills ours alone?" Achilles asked. Xena nodded.

"People of the village have respected this spot," Xena told him as they all went looking for shells like when they were younger. Achilles swam with them tossing them a few feet across the water to their delight, Xena hadn't done that since they were younger. It wasn't that she couldn't, but the demand for it was too great, however with Achilles the activity was kept up a lot longer, that and Atalanta liked her help to flip back into the water rather than be tossed.

"Aren't you skilled," Achilles told her. Atalanta smiled happily. They put Hector and Thetis on their shoulders and let them wrestle it out as Peleus, Atalanta, and Isonoe cheered.

"When will Amyntas be old enough to come and play?" Isonoe asked.

"He'll be old enough to swim on this own soon, but I don't want you guys rough housing until he's at least five."

"Daddy says Amyntas will get killed rough housing with us," She giggled. Everyone laughed as well knowing they would be gentle with their little brother.

"Well mommy thinks it would do Amyntas some good," Xena commented. "Anyway now that you're old enough I got a surprise for you guys."

"What?" They asked. She got out the water and climbed up the tree that had grown taller and larger since her arrival.

"Mommy what are you doing?" Isonoe asked curiously. Xena came swinging down on a rope and backflipped off into the water where it was deep enough for a flip. They were all cheering as she came up before they clamored out of the water to give it a try.

"Hey guys remember flip off when you pass the rock not before," Xena yelled as she pointed to the rock.

"Okay!" Xena swam over to Peleus and Achilles.

"Why aren't you going sweetie?" Xena asked as she stood. The children were pulling huge thick rope back.

"I'm scared too," Peleus told her. Xena kissed his forehead.

"You shouldn't be scared son, do you think your mother would put that up there if something bad could happen?" Peleus looked at him.

"Something bad could happen if I release before the rock," Peleus pointed out.

"Only if you backflip honey," Xena told him.

"Well fear isn't good," Achilles told him. "You have nothing to fear when you have a family who will stand by you. Fear are for those who are alone."

"Like you were in the war?" Peleus asked. Achilles shook his head.

"No, I had our Mrymidon with me physically and I had my family in my heart, I could never be alone. The only fear worth having is the fear of never seeing your loved ones again, fear of a rope or heights that is nothing. Think of never seeing your mother again or this place and that rope will seem trivial." Peleus thought about it.

"All right I will give it a go and conquer this fear," Peleus told him. Achilles smiled as Peleus hurried out of the water as Atalanta took the first swing. She screamed the whole way before back flipping off pass the rock. When she came back up she was excited.

"I wanna do it again!" They cheered from the tree as Hector went next and cannon balled pass the rock splashing everyone in the water as they cheered and laughed.

"My turn my turn!" Thetis swung down and pulled one leg up to her chest holding it tightly while sticking the other out also splashing. They clapped and cheered before they were done Isonoe came swinging down she thrust her legs out at a ninety degree angle and pulled her arms in also making a big splash. Last to come down was Peleus who Xena was sure chickened out as soon as he released and came head first towards the water, but ended up scrunching in a ball almost and making a huge splash. They cheered him on as he came up unsure of what he had done.

"That was a huge splash Peleus you have to teach us that one!" Hector cried.

"Yeah!" Atalanta told him as she clapped him on the back and dragged him out of the water a bit dazed as they headed for the tree again.

"Well I think we'd better get our turns now or they won't give it up again," Xena told Achilles who laughed. They all had fun swinging from the rope and even Peleus started to enjoy it after he had done it a few times not wanting to lose the respect he had gained from Hector his big brother and Atalanta who was very tough. It wasn't often he got to teach her how to do anything. They stayed in the cover all day before going home.