Band Class

Writer's note: this was really an asighnment. But it turned out to be really funny. There are people mentioned in this story but you may not know who they are so just giving you the heads up.

One day in band class, Jenny was being annoying, and still is "JENNY SHUTUP!!" So what i did was make a plan to shut her up, her and Diego, very annoying. So what i did was that i made a plan with Kasey, Suree, Tori, and Bizzle (WN: that's not really her name, it's just in her story she was gonna say my name but she said that it wasn't important so i messed up her name). It was perfect. While we were palnning, Diego was showing off with his spanish " NO, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU , WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? NO I DON'T KNOW THE ENGLISH WORD FOR SI." Sorry busy talking to the showoff. As I was saying, ma and the girls that i listed were plotting and plotting.


Nah i'm just kidding. We finnaly figured out what to do. We decided to lock Jenny in a practice room with a yo-yo. She'll be distracted for hours. And Diego will go home as usual, and we will all go to his house with our flutes and oboes and then play horribly out of tune. It will destroy him. And then i shall work up my naxt act plotting, on Raul (R-all).