Band Class 2

WN: This one is the second chapter of band class. This time it wasn't an assighnment but i thought that if the second one went so well than i should create a second. please tell me what you think :).

Like I said before, I was gonna get back Raul (r-all), but we'll call him Jr. from now on. Well he is just as annoying as Jenny and Diego. So this time I will get Kasey, Suree, Angela, and Bizzle to help me destroy him, or annoy him back for the rest of the day, which ever comes first. Ok moving on. We shall plan and plan and plan. Hmmmm. "UGH HOW CAN I CONCENTRATE WHEN JR.'S PLAYING HIS OBOE, YOU HOBOE!!" Ah-ha! WE all came up with the perfect plan, we'll destroy his oboe!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-cough-cough. Sorry, must of been sometihng i ate. MOving on. Once Jr. leaves the room we shall break into his locker. We kept trying to break in but we couldn't get through. we tried blowing it away with a blow torch,then we tried smashing it with a hammer. We were anout to give it up, but then Suree walked up to it, put in a combination, then opened it. We were all loke how dyou do that. "I looked it up on Mrs. Smith's computer" "oooo" Well we got the oboe and Bizzle yelled out "DESTROY THE CLAIRENET" Then Suree said "Uh it's an oboe." "Oh well, lot's of people get mixed up" "But it's your own instrument." "SHUTUP!!" So we took it outside, and took it out of it's case and started smashing it. 5 hours we realized that it wasn't Jr.'s case. It was Bizzle's, she started getting really upset for some reason. But then we saw Jr. come out of the building and we started smashing him instead of his instrument. He had to go to the hospital (wimp, can't even handle a punch from a girl). But we finnaly figured out a better way to get back at him. We pushed his hospital bed down the stairs.

The End