Summary: What really happened between Hermione and Viktor the night of the Yule Ball after Ron left her crying on the stairs? HGVK Oneshot depending on the reviews I get for it. Warning: Citrus content. PSW: My desc. tend to reflect the movie more then the books.




Viktor Krum was very, very confused. It was a feeling he was getting used to since coming to England with his schoolmates and headmaster, but lord knew it was a feeling he really disliked. The night was going so well. His date had decended the massive stair case in the front entrance like Cinderella at the ball, making him feel like Prince Charming, and she was definately the most beautiful girl at the dance, even his friend Karloff had said so, and she danced like an angel on a cloud. When the music had changed, admittedly for the better, they had had tons of fun dancing together even if he did look like a clumsy duck next to her. He had even come close to kissing her once, or twice, that evening, a thought which made him grin when he thought of how she responded to him, so shy and sweet. Everything had been completely perfect. Hence his confusion when he had walked out of the hall to find his "Her-my-ninny" only to see her seated on the stair case crying.

The sight of her crying sent what could only be called ice through his chest followed by a piercing pain that took his breath for a moment. On slightly stiff feet he approached her like a cornered rabbit, terrified that she would run from him should she sense his approach, and somehow managed to lower his bulky form down gracefully beside her, sitting on the step just under hers and leaning towards her gently so they were eye level. When she still didnt notice his presence through her obvious emotion torrent he lifted a hand and gently ran his calloused fingers down her silky smooth skin, grimacing slightly that his hands were too rough to be touching something so soft, but she had not seemed to mind earlier.

Her eyes lifted to meet his and he had to fight back the urge to curse at the pain he saw reflected in her deep hazel pools, his other fist curling in the very distinct urge to seriously damage whoever had hurt this lovely creature. "Her-my-..." he was cut off and let out a small "oof" as she practically threw herself at him, her slim arms wrapping around his neck, her soft curves landing in his lap and her head resting on his shoulder. After blinking away his confusion Viktor realized she was shaking against him and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him, one hand moving through her soft curls gently. He surpressed the urge to curse again when he felt the wetness against his neck and realized she was crying in earnest now.

As he sat there he became aware of the soft buzz of chatter around them, unable to stop the growl as he glanced about and saw several people staring at them and whispering amongst themselves. He was about to be very rude and tell them all to "piss off" when a sturdy presence next to him made itself known, Karloff moving himself to stand between Viktor and Hermione and the damned group of buzzing kids.

The Bulgarian was easily as intimadating as Viktor, tall and broad like most of them, with a full mustache and gotee he looked more like a teacher then a student and was infact Karkaroff's Teacher's Aide, which was why his normal robes were grey rather then black or maroon like the others. "If vou 'ave no busyiness 'ere den leheave my vhiend and eeis wohman alone. Understand?"

The nosy teens hesitated only long enough for Karloff to get angry and let out an animalistic growl, reminiscent of the large wolves that roamed their homeland, then they scattered going back to safer and certainly more fun activities then baiting the unpredictable Bulgarian. Karloff then turned to Viktor with a slight smile, handing him his cape, the smile vanishing as he realized the girl wasnt hiding from embarassment but was in fact crying. "What happened?" he asked in their native tongue.

Viktor could only shake his head, wrapping the offered cape around Hermione's shoulders and then wrapping her in his arms once more. He looked up at Karloff with the most helpless expression his friend had even seen. "I do not know," he answered finally, reverting to their native tongue as well, "One minute she and I were dancing and having fun, I left to get us drinks and when I returned she was gone. When she did not return I came to find her and found her like this. If that skinny Veasley did this I will ring his neck."

In that moment Karloff felt very, very sorry for the short red headed boy named Ron Weasley. It struck him that he had never seen Viktor acted like this before, not even with Natalia. "Well just let her cry for a moment and then try and talk to her, Viktor. Just be yourself, my friend, and I am sure you will be fine." Karloff smiled at him with a nod and then turned away to his own "date" the mocha skinned beauty he managed to steal from the second Hogwarts champion, wrapping his arm about her waist and pulling her back into the hall with him, after reassuring her that Hermione was fine and that Viktor would take good care of her.

Viktor watched them walk away with something akin to real fear for a moment and then sighed, closing his eyes for a moment to gather his courage to look down at the angel in his arms, crying girls were definately not his forte. Strangely he had failed to notice that she had stopped shaking some time ago and was now resting very calmly in his arms. Slightly confused again he loosened his hold on her just enough to look at her face, his face going from surprised to amused and even touched to find his little angel had somehow managed to cry herself to sleep right there in his arms. While it was very, very nice to have her resting so comfortably against him, her warm curves pressed against him, he was none the less a bit miffed at the manner in which it occured. Viktor then realized he was faced with another problem, waking her up without embarassing her in front of these all too interested morons who were once again staring at the two of them.

Suddenly an idea occured to him that made him grin and he leaned his head down close to hers as though whispering in her ear, brushing a gentle kiss to her cheek as he shifted his arms a bit. He then stood with no trouble whatsoever, amazed really, the girl weighed no more then a feather! He heard the surprised gasps around him and turned enough to smirk at the oggling fools, then he carried her bridal style right out of the castle, sweeping past the girls who were staring enviously and past his classmates who were grinning at him. He even heard one voice call out behind him "Stop showing off, Viktor! You make us look bad, yah?" It was followed by a round of laughter from his friends and classmates who now apparently had the task of showing these girls that all Bulgarians knew how to romance a lady.

The sounds of the fun faded into the background as he walked away from the castle, following the path that led towards the ship, stopping only when he found a bench that was unoccupied and sufficiently covered by bushes to give them the privacy the massive castle apparently could not. He set himself on the bench ignoring the snow melting into his pants, actually hoping it might cool him off, and settled her on his lap once more. Somehow she had managed to stay fast asleep which spoke a grate deal about her trust in him, something that greatly touched him. He would have been content to stay that way the rest of the evening but he doubted that his cape would be enough to keep his angel warm considering the dress she was wearing. Besides, he would not want to wake in someone's arms, outside, no matter how much he trusted that person.

With a slight sigh, Viktor resigned himself to waking her, but as he considered how to do that another fairy tale chose then to pop into his mind making him grin with the idea. He loosened his hold on her just enough to see her very beautiful face, licking his lips almost impulsively, and then leaned down brushing against the satin of hers. His eyes slid closed in enjoyment at his first taste of her and he pressed his lips a bit firmer against hers, massaging them into responding. A thread of sound hit his ear, so soft he thought he imagined it till he heard it again, a slight moan, and then her mouth opened to his. He was so surprised, and so very happy, he let out a small groan of pleasure and kissed her more passionately, his tongue brushing past her open lips to caress hers, enticing it into a dance with his.

Hermione rose from the haze of the most pleasent nap to the most wonderful sensation of her life. She was sure she was still dreaming for never before had anyone kissed someone so tenderly and sweetly but in fairy tales. She let out a soft moan, the slight sound opening her to an even newer thrill. Fire danced over her at the slight groan that responded and then her head spun as Prince Charming's, who looked strangely like Viktor, sweet kiss turned passionate, his tongue brushing hers, making her gasp softly. She felt warm hands at her back and in her hair, holding her gently in a loving embrace, soft velvet brushing her shoulders keeping away the cold, cool cloth against her bare legs..? And was that a gotee tickling her?

With a start Hermione came awake to find herself in Viktor's arms, or more specifically on his lap, his warm calloused palms holding her gently against his strong chest, her own arms wrapped around his neck, as he kissed her passionately. Once her shock wore off enough to realize she was responding to him she let her eyes slid closed once more and lost herself in his passionate kisses, one of her hands taking on a life of its own and moving over his thickly corded neck to brush over his shortly cropped hair. When he finally pulled away from her both of them were panting hard. Hermione opened her eyes slowly to stare up into his dark orbs, her own hazel eyes wide as an owl's. A very slow, shy smile spread on her lips, "Hi there."

Viktor couldn't stop the stupid grin on his face, wide and goofy he was sure but he couldnt help it. He leaned down and kissed her again, hard and quick but no less passionate, shifting his arms so she could sit up in his arms now that she was awake. "Hi vorselv."

Hermione couldnt help the giggle at the silliness of it and then she looked around her and realized they were no longer in the castle, blinking a bit as she looked back at him. "Viktor, how did we get out here?" She watched in facination as the big Bulgarian actually blushed at her question.

"Vell... err... vou were... upset... crying on steps... I try to 'elp by, 'ow vou say? Comvorting vou? Vou... umm.. vell...umm... jump? into mine arms... still crying... I 'eld vou and suppose vou 'ell asleep... I vished not to upset vou more by vaking vou in vront ov nosy people... so carried vou out 'ere to do vat. Vou are mad?"

Hermione listened to his hesitant explination, blushing slightly as she sort of remembered him coming over to her and her throwing herself into his arms after Ron was so horrible. She blinked a bit as the question fell from his lips and he looked up at her like a child about to recieve a very harsh scolding and she couldnt stop the smile that spread across her face at how sweet he really was. He was still blushing as Hermione shook her head a bit, and in a split second decision decided to show him how very un-mad she was with him. She leaned forwards her soft lips brushing against his as her equally soft hands ran over his neck and shoulders, moaning softly as the muscles bunched under her hands and he let out a sigh of relief, his own hands running down her back as he kissed her back.

This was more then Viktor could have hoped for, let alone would have expected. Not only was she not angry with him for whisking her away she seemed more then happy to stay right there with him, which was more then fine by him. His head was swimming slightly with the feel of her soft satin skin under his hands, her warm curves pressed against his hard chest, her very soft and very delicious lips parting under his so he could taste the honey of her mouth. She gasped softly against his mouth, then he let out a loud groan as he felt the swell of her very soft bottom shift against his groin, the sound dying off in a growl as he clenched his eyes shut, his hand fisting in her hair of its own accord as he fought with his self control.

Hermione pulled back at the sound of his groan, her eyes wide as she looked at him, "I didn't hurt you did I?" She hadn't meant to shift like that but something rather hard was pushing against her backside.

Viktor couldnt help the laugh that burst from him at the horrified look in her eyes and kissed her again before answering her. "No engel ljubvn, vou did not 'arm me. Vat velt very, very good, vat is all."

Hermione blinked at him completely clueless for a moment before his meaning finally registered, and she blushed as she realized what had been brushing against her backside. She wasn't by any means naieve when it came to boys, even if she was 14, after all she had read more then enough books in her time to understand how guys reacted to girls, but that didn't mean she particularly thought about it. It was especially hard to think about when her head was swimming from his warm hands and passionate kisses. But now that he had definately pointed it out to her her curiousity was piqued to say the least, and she was more then a bit flattered that someone like Viktor would think about someone like her in that manner.

Tilting her head slightly to one side in the manner she did when curious she shifted her hips once more, slowly and with more intent on the movement and let out a gasp when Viktor growled a bit and grabbed her hips, looking up at her with eyes that were fairly blazing with some unknown heat, like a fever but hotter.

"Her-my-knee... if vou dhun't stop... I vill not be able to... control myself.."

She blushed as his meaning sunk in and she realized she was in a very powerful and very vulnerable position at the moment. On one hand she had the power to drive this very large and very powerful man, not boy but man, to distraction. On the other... should she start something she could very well loose control of very quickly...




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translated it means "lovely angel" or "angel love"