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the inspection

A high pitched ringing shattered through the dense morning air of a small neat apartment off the outskirts of central. Its ears perking up at the disturbing noise, a small puppy wined pushing its nose deeper into its front paws, waiting patiently for its master to wake up and make the machine cease its offending noise. Minutes passed but the alarm continued. With a worried wimper, the animal stood from its basket and padded lightly across the kitchen and into the bedroom. Having learnt exceptionally early on that jumping onto the bed was strictly forbidden (and the action followed by a round of carefully aimed bullets) black hayate sat at the foot of the bed and raised his own voice in a howling duet with the alarm clock. The noise was unbearable. Groaning quietly to herself, first lieutenant Riza Hawkeye tiredly raised an arm from the tangled sheets and blankets before slamming it swiftly down on to the clock, letting her arm fall back down the side of the bed. As quickly as the noise had begun it ceased, and black hayate, having successfully aided his master in destroying the machine for another day padded back to his basket.

Meanwhile, the lieutenant was desperately trying to grasp enough energy to drag herself out of bed. During her exceptionally short amount of sleep her limbs seemed to have gained at least an extra five pound in weight each and her head was not only pounding but felt as if someone had stuffed it full of cotton wool. But she knew she had to get up. Slowly she lifted herself off the amazingly comfortable bed and willed the world to stop spinning. Clutching a hand to her head, she was surprised to feel a slight heat radiating off it.

"Maybe I should call in sick.." she mumbled to herself as she hauled herself into the bathroom. The sight that greeted her in the mirror almost caused her to pass out in shock. Her usually sharp hazel eyes were dull and had an unfocused look, which was not helped by the fact that her blonde hair was sticking up in every direction known to man. Her face was so pale it was almost translucent, apart from her cheeks which were shaded rose.

"I definitely need to call in sick" she stated turning around once more walking as far as her sofa, before she collapsed and dragged the phone into her lap. Picking up the receiver, she held it to her ear by the shoulder and started to dial the number for HQ. Three digits in she paused.

"Damit!" she slammed down the phone in annoyance "the inspection!" she groaned, letting the phone fall from her lap and placing her head into her hands. How could she have forgotten? Starting from today, the higher-ups were planning surprise inspections of all the units within central HQ. This explained her total lack of sleep, as all the colonel's paper work had to be handed in before 9AM this morning, yet he had waltzed off at 7:30 the previous evening claiming to have a "prior engagement" leaving the half finished stack of papers upon his desk to his remaining subordinates. All of them had stayed to help her, but after three hours of Fuery's continuous yawning and Havoc, Breda and Falman's continuous bets on who would finish their stack and when she could no longer take another second of their company. Unfortunately this lead to her not leaving the office until nearly half past one on the morning. Not only that, but just as she stepped out into the street the heavens had opened, leaving her to struggle into her apartment at an unholy hour of the morning completely drenched. She sighed to herself, picking herself up from the couch and dragged herself back into the bathroom. With the prospect of an inspection, there was no way in hell she could not turn up to the office. She shuddered to think of what would go on without her there to prevent it. The colonel did not need to add to certain General's dislike of him. If this inspection was anything other than perfect then it could ruin his chance of ever becoming furer. Then all that he had dreamed of and 

everything that he had worked for would have been for nothing. She would do everything in her power to make sure that never happened. Nothing and no one would stand in her way. Especially not a petty cold.

Across town, Colonel Roy Mustang yawned at his reflection in the mirror. On any other working day he would still have been in a blissfull slumber, ignorant to the bird calls of early dawn. In fact, he mused to himself, he could barely remember the last time he had woken up before 9AM, but today was different. Today he had to make an impression and he would be damned if he slipped up now, not when he had come this far. Besides, he was certain he had a stack of paper work that needed to be in this morning, and he would be damned if he let Hawkeye finish it off again for him. He sighed to himself, wondering for what seemed like the thousandth time what he had done to get himself such a loyal subordinate. Without her constant support he knew without a doubt that he wouldn't be in this position today. He owed it to her, almost more than anyone else to make sure that this inspection went smoothly. He straightened out his dress shirt and with one last smirk in the mirror he walked quickly towards the door, pulling on his military jacket as he went.

By the time Riza left her apartment it was approaching 8:30. She sighed to herself, willing her legs to move faster as she walked up the steps of the military HQ. She had tried her hardest to get ready as quick as possible, but that proved a lot more hassle than she had anticipated. While she knew exactly what she wanted to do, there seemed to be a ten second delay between her brain and her body. Coupled with the fact that she had fallen asleep again once she had left the shower, she was, possibly for the first time in her military career, the last person to arrive in her office. As soon as she pushed the door open all four officers eyes shot towards her, their eyes first displaying anxiety, then relief as they recognised her. Slowly she walked across the room and slid gratefully into the chair at her desk, letting out an almost inaudible sigh. For the second time that morning, the slipped her head into her hands. She was exhausted, her head was pounding and it was taking all of her will power not to curl up in a ball on the floor and sob. She could barely even remember the last time she had felt this ill. What was wrong with her? Surely this was not the after effects of one rain shower and lack of sleep?

"Err...Hawkeye?" a concerned voice brought her back to reality in a flash. Without adjusting her position or removing her head from her hands she replied steadily

"Yes second lieutenant Havoc?"

"you alright?"


A moment of silence before

"You really don't look alright" Riza suppressed a groan. This was not what she needed right now she lifted her head slowly from her hands and stared at the blonde soldier before her

"and what exactly are you implying by that lieutenant?" the blonde palled noticeably under the female officer's cold stare, but was saved from responding as their superior officer chose that moment to enter the room. Quickly as she could muster Riza stood and saluted, instantly regretting the speed of her actions as a wave of dizziness crashed over her.

"Hawkeye, a need a word with you in my office" remarked the colonel before sweeping back into the adjoining room. Sighing, Riza gingerly stepped around her desk and followed her superior officer. She didn't exactly know what this "word" was going to contain but from the tone of his voice it was not looking good.

Roy Mustang was not happy. He sat at his desk scowling at the large window refusing to look at his first lieutenant. He had arrived in his office almost two hours early in order to complete the reports from the previous day, only to find that not only were they completed, but they had been sent off and were completely in order. This had puzzled him until he was informed by his other subordinates that Hawkeye had stayed over time in order to finish them, without asking for any assistance. In fact she had even ordered the rest of them to go home. He dreaded to think how long she had stayed here, so now he was angry. It was not her duty to do this, she was his aide not his secretary. He sighed.

"You wanted to speak to me sir?" her thin voice cut through his guilty musings. With one swift motion he turned in his chair to face her.

"Yes, Hawkeye. Last..." then he stopped, his mouth falling open in shock. She was so pale! In the morning sunlight her skin looked so washed out if he didn't know better he could have sworn he was seeing a ghost. Her eyes were glazed and heavily rimmed and there was a slight slump in her shoulders. He stared in disbelief.

"Sir?" she asked tentivly, her tired eyes looking at him in concern. He stood up walking quickly towards her and without thinking raised the back of his palm to her forehead. She let out something that sounded between a strangled gasp and the formation of a word, but he was more concerned about the heat that was radiating into his palm

"Hawkeye, you're burning up! Why are you here when you're so ill?" he demanded, shocking himself at the intensity of his voice. She looked shocked for a second

"N-no sir, i can assure you I..." her voice faltered and she grasped her head in her hands, her stance wavering. Without even thinking, Mustang closed the gap between them as she fell into his arms. Grasping her shoulders tightly he stared into her face, watching her attempt to blink away the haze. Guilt washed over him. Was this all his fault? Had he made her work too hard? Softly he gazed into her eyes

"Hawkeye, you are not fit to be here. You need to go home and rest." She shook her head violently, causing him to back away and release his grasp on her.

"no sir, it's nothing, I am perfectly capable of wo.." she stopped mid sentence as an even more powerful wave of dizziness caught her, causing her to lose control of all her senses and plunging her into blackness. In a flash Mustang caught her before she could fall back.

"Hawkeye!" he cried, shaking her slightly. There was no response.

"Damn" he muttered, quickly leaning her over the desk for support, knocking whatever had previously been there aside in his haste. He bent over touching the top of her face, moving onto her cheeks. He was amazed at how much her temperature had increased in even the few short minutes since he had last felt her head. Panic rushed through his mind but before he could process what he should be doing a loud cough from the door way interrupted the thought process. His eyes widened in horror. There in the door way stood Furer Bradley and four of the most powerful generals of the military, while he was currently bending his first lieutenant over his desk, one arm round her waist, the other touching her face.

"Well colonel Mustang, I trust you have an explanation for this?"

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