Though it has of late been bandied about as the fancy of an apostate writer seeking to "cash in" on the tale, this chronicle is as much a record of events as it is a story. I have committed myself to exhaustive research and interviewed as many possible as were present to the events in question, in the hopes of presenting the past in as accurate, complete and whole a state as mortally possible. Where able, I have included excerpts of firsthand accounts, many from other credible and verified sources; to this end I owe my utmost thanks to Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing and the Farstriders, Matriarch Lady Liadrin and her Blood Knights, and the team of magisters and scholars responsible for The Diary of Sangrias Stillblade and The Sunborn Correspondences: Missives of a Noble House. Without their cooperation and previous invaluable groundbreaking, I would be unable to provide you with as many insights as to the character of the members of House Sunborn and those affiliated with them. My thanks is also extended to the many whose words and experiences make up the the substance of this tale; too often we forget, in the pursuit of academic truths, that the lore we read and the tales that we preserve for posterity to learn from oft contain more than the usual accorded grain of truth. That the people who lived this story and survived to tell of it were gracious enough to share it with me, in their own words, is an incredible and priceless gift, and one I do not intend to squander. May my meager efforts here be enough to honor their sacrifices.

There will, of course, always be disbelievers and dissenters, especially among the high court at Silvermoon; they as any other are free to peruse this account and draw their own conclusions from the words therein. Let them do so - this text will withstand their scrutiny unflinchingly. The writing of it was a journey in itself, and after encountering the people to whom these events transpired, after seeing the Brokenblade itself and holding it in my hands, I have no doubt left within my soul that every word I have written here is true. Would that all such who hear the stories of the heroes of generations past felt such wonder, such awe, such respect for their hardships and losses. Being a lowly scribe, I myself may not have earned such regard, but these names recorded here most assuredly have. From our safe vantage point of the here and now, dear reader, I beg of you this only: accord them the honors they have earned, in spilling their blood and tears in the past. Were you in their place, would you desire anything less?

Elias Bladesworn

Scholar-Knight of Kalimdor, Liasion to Silvermoon City, Lord Historian of Azshara.