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Ichigo's Protection 4

When Rukia and Ichigo finally get home from school, they both feel very excited, due to the conversation they had on the way home. Rukia's entire body is fairly tingling, because Ichigo told her he would never accuse her of violating him. Her hands are practically itching to touch him, knowing he'll welcome the advance.

Rukia feels his eyes on her, and when she turns to look at him, he turns pink before he looks away from her.

"Ichigo, what's wrong?" Rukia asks, and he only meets her eyes for about a second before he looks away again to respond.

"Nothing is wrong." He tells her, but his voice cracks, and he wonders if she'll figure out just how much he's anticipating being violated by her.

Rukia smiles, since she does manage to figure out what's on his mind by his odd behavior.

"What's the matter? Can't wait until later?" She asks with a smirk, and Ichigo sucks in air so fast that he inhales a bit of spit, causing him to choke immediately.

Rukia whacks him on the back while he coughs his lungs out, and then he looks at her again. He can't think of a suitable reply to her question so he dodges it altogether.

"I need a shower."

Rukia watches him walk out of the room with a pleased smile on her face.

It looks like he wants me as much as I want him!

She briefly imagines how he might react if she joined him in the shower, but then she worries that she'll get caught in the act by his family, so she ditches that idea as soon as it comes.

"I'll get him later…" Rukia mutters, before she heads downstairs to get herself a drink.

Meanwhile, Ichigo is in the shower, wondering whether or not Rukia will make good on her promise to meet him in bed, hoping she wasn't just teasing him.

"To think this all is happening because Ooshima wanted to rape Rukia…" Ichigo shudders, since it was definitely a tense afternoon, getting into fights with more than one of Ooshima's friends, and then learning the son of a bitch had planned to rape Rukia.

I was ready to kill that fucking piece of shit…

He had been so damned relieved to find Ooshima in Rukia's binding spell, and to find Rukia completely unhurt, but because it was Rukia, he should have expected such an outcome.

Why do I always feel the damned need to protect her? Rukia is tougher than Tatsuki, so I shouldn't even worry…but I can't help it.

Ichigo sighs as hot water runs down his shoulders and back. The desire to protect isn't only his own, it's Rukia's too. It's unfortunate that he continues to think of her as someone he must protect, but he knowss that the feeling has more to do with the fact that he's in love with her than not believing in her ability to fight and win.

Trying to explain that to her is impossible…even though I'm sure she understands more than she lets on…

Ichigo can't help but to believe that, since Rukia is no stranger to saving his ass, she's done so several times. That's why he'd been so disgusted by himself, when Grimmjow managed to get the best of her, while in his presence.

It had really made him feel like a pathetic piece of shit, even if Rukia didn't blame him after the fact. Seeing that had been motivation enough for him to get his hollow under control, since being unable to protect her had been too painful for words. Just like with his family over his mother's death, he wondered why Rukia didn't blame him for her wounds.

It would make it easier if she did.

He rinses his body for a few minutes, letting the steam rise up and breathing deeply. His body is already prepared for any violating Rukia might have on her mind, and he's fairly certain he won't be able to get the boner to go away unless he relieves himself now, so he hurries to get that done before the water turns cold.

Imagining Rukia draped naked in his arms is the image he starts off with, and imagining her touching him where he's touching himself gets him really excited.

He accomplishes his goal before the water gets cold. He wonders what kind of experience he'll have with Rukia, if indeed she does decide to join him in bed, since she's so unpredictable sometimes. He can already tell that the minutes will pass by slowly, as long as he's anticipating what he hopes will happen.


After dinner, the girls go to work on their homework, and Isshin heads to the clinic to finish some paperwork that he hadn't had a chance to complete during the workday, leaving Ichigo and Rukia at the table together alone.

Ichigo so badly wants to bring up the fact that she promised to meet him in bed, but he doesn't know how to bring it up, so he watches her finish eating while he finishes his drink.

Rukia can feel Ichigo's eyes on her, so when she's done chewing her last bite, she looks at him and winks.

"Are you getting anxious for tonight?" Rukia asks him, and he blushes before he can answer her verbally.

"Are you really going to do it?" Ichigo asks her with wide eyes, and Rukia is shocked that his response is that.

"I'm not one to joke about something like that, Ichigo." Rukia tells him in a stern voice.

Her response makes his heart pound in anticipation, he was worried she already regretted what she'd said on the way home, but she seems bound and determined to join him in bed. The fact that she seems that way only makes him feel ridiculously happy.

They clear their dishes together, and tag team on cleaning the remaining dishes, since Yuzu needs a chance to get her homework done, then they head to the family room to watch a bit of television.

"What about your homework, Ichigo?" Rukia asks him, and Ichigo shrugs.

"I finished it after my shower." Ichigo says, watching her mouth drop open.

"Already!?" Rukia asks, and Ichigo grimaces.

I hope that's the only time she says that tonight…

"I'm sure there are mistakes, but at least it's done." Ichigo says, and Rukia smiles at him.

"What time do you think you'll go to bed?" Rukia asks him, and Ichigo's heart thumps so loudly he's certain she can hear it.

"I can go to bed right now if that's what you want." Ichigo says honestly, and Rukia can't help but to laugh a bit at his answer.

"It's a bit early, especially since your entire family is still awake." Rukia tells him, and even though he knows she makes sense, he's still a little bit disappointed.

He really can't wait to feel what it's like to hold her body right up against his own, since he already knows her skin is as soft as it appears. Waiting is driving him nuts. In his mind, he's been thinking of all of the things he wants to experience with her.

"I guess." Ichigo says, and Rukia can also feel her own heart pounding.

This is the first time I'll allow a man this close to me…I'm glad I waited for the right guy even if it was a really long wait.

They stare into each other's eyes for a long moment before Ichigo looks away first with his face red. Ichigo stands to head up to his room, and as he passes Rukia, she smacks his ass, causing him to jump in mid-step.

"Sorry, I just wanted to feel it now." Rukia tells him, and somehow his face gets redder before he dashes up the stairs with her smiling after him.


The entire house is dark, and quiet when the closet door slides open, and Rukia silently walks over to the bed, wearing only a white and red rabbit nightgown since she didn't have the guts to get into his bed naked. When she pulls the covers aside to climb in, Ichigo's eyes snap open and he immediately scoots over so she can climb in next to him.

The first thing Rukia notices is that Ichigo is only wearing boxers, which she thinks is really sexy. As she gets settled, he slips an arm around her midsection, and pulls her up right against him, so that her front is pressed against his, while they lay on their sides.

"I can't believe you're actually here." Ichigo says in a husky voice, right up against her ear, and she shivers as his breath hits her ear.

"I already told you I wouldn't joke about something like that." Rukia reminds him, and he is prepared for that.

"I just figured you would change your mind…and not want to change the dynamic of our relationship as it is." Ichigo says honestly, and Rukia can understand that much.

"Once I had your permission, I knew I'd be here." Rukia tells him easily, and Ichigo's fingers twitch on her back when she confesses that much to him so easily.

"I'm glad you are. You're the only one I want like this." Ichigo says as he breathes in deeply the scent of her, and then leans forward to brush his lips against hers.

Rukia responds immediately, letting one hand rest on his chest, and the other on the back of his head as they slowly make the kissing more passionate and deep.

Then when the kiss ends, Ichigo shifts so that he's on top of her, and then he slowly lowers himself so that their fronts are touching again, before he begins to kiss her even more deeply than before.

He's slowly rocking into her, while they kiss, and Rukia can feel his arousal pushing in between her legs, even if his boxers and her nightgown keep him from being able to penetrate her already. The feeling is extremely exciting, to have him so close to her, and trying to get closer.

She suddenly notices they're both breathing more heavily, while Ichigo's tongue roams the inside of her mouth, and she's happy that he's clearly just as affected by their closeness as she is.

Then she feels his hands inching up the sides of her legs, and then up to her hips. She shivers in anticipation as his hands slowly make their way upwards, until he's just under her arms. Then he lifts his front up enough to be able to let his hands cup her breasts. Rukia stays perfectly still as he lets out a long breath, and then moves his index fingers and thumbs to begin teasing her nubs.

Rukia sucks in a deep breath, since she hadn't even expected for it to feel this nice, to have him touching her like this, and she hopes she's doing a good job hiding how much of a novice she actually is, when it comes to intimacy.

He leans down to kiss her again, before he pulls back and begins to yank her nightgown up so that he can actually see everything, and when he does, he's speechless at how gorgeous she truly is, with nothing to hide her beauty from him.

"You know…after I got used to it, I liked it that people thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend at school," Ichigo suddenly tells her.

He kisses her again, and Rukia kisses him back with as much emotion as she can get into it, before she lets her hands travel down his back and then lets them rest on his perfect rump.

Ichigo isn't at all sure how he's supposed to hold back when the middle of his body is practically urging him to get on with it, but his mind wants to enjoy Rukia far more thoroughly than his midsection, so he does his best to ignore the fact that his body is begging for penetration, but he does keep rocking his middle against hers, torturing his own body slowly but pleasantly.

When Rukia's hand slips down his boxers, he loses all train of thought and freezes in place as she experimentally touches him, and then begins to squeeze him.

"Does that hurt?" She asks him curiously, and Ichigo bites his lip.

"No…it feels too damned good." Ichigo says in a tight voice, and Rukia squeezes him again, getting a grunt in response.

"Really?" Rukia asks, as his eyes roll up into his head a bit, and he lets out a long shaky breath in response.

"Stop it Rukia…if you keep that up, I won't be able to take my time like I wanted to." Ichigo says in a voice that is no good at convincing her to stop.

"I like making you feel good though." Rukia protests, and Ichigo has to remove her hand from him, and take a few deep breaths before he continues to pursue his quest in making their first time as perfect as humanly possible.

"Wait…there are places I want to kiss you." Ichigo informs her, and Rukia's eyes widen.

"Like where?" Rukia asks curiously, and he smiles sexily at her.

"Everywhere." Ichigo says in a confident voice, and Rukia lets out a sigh at that.

"That sounds nice." Rukia says, and Ichigo gets to work on kissing her everywhere that he can access.

Rukia closes her eyes, and gasps once in awhile, when Ichigo's lips press against more sensitive areas of her body, and then she hears the shifting sound of him removing his boxers which causes her entire body to get goose bumps in anticipation of them being naked together.

When Ichigo presses his body against hers once more, they start kissing again, and Rukia can hardly believe how amazing it feels, and how good he's capable of making her feel. Then he uses his legs to spread her legs further apart, and then she feels his fingers creeping in between her legs, which makes her gasp in shock.

"Ichigo…" Rukia mumbles as the feelings quickly become far more extreme, and she begins to squirm underneath his experimental touching, since she's so damned sensitive down there.

Ichigo's breath is still heavy and he's completely into touching her, and Rukia loves it too, even if the feelings are so intense that she feels like she could completely lose all of her sanity in the process.

When he replaces his fingers with his boner, Rukia nearly shoots off the bed, but he's suddenly leaning down to kiss her passionately again, and she's sucked right into it, since she never knew she could enjoy kissing so damned much.

He slides around her moist area, and then he locates the spot he needs to be in order to make love to her, but she's so tiny there, that he's very nervous about the final act.

"Rukia…" Ichigo's voice sounds like a mixture of nervousness and regret, which Rukia doesn't really understand until he begins to penetrate her, and her entire body tightens up in response.

Ichigo takes one giant breath, before he pushes in as hard as he can, in order to make it as quick and painless as possible for her, but suddenly she's biting his shoulder incredibly hard to keep from shouting out in pain. Once inside, he's amazed that he hasn't already spilled himself into her, considering how good it feels, and he's glad he took care of business earlier, otherwise he might already have finished upon entry.

He stays still since Rukia's body is completely tense, and she still hasn't let go of his shoulder, which makes him think he ought to wait until she lets go.

It feels like the longest wait of his life, until she finally lets go, and opens her eyes to meet his.

"That hurt more than I thought it could." Rukia says in a shaky voice, and Ichigo hates that.

"I'm sorry." He says, and she shakes her head.

"There was no getting around it. Thanks for waiting." Rukia tells him, and he nods his head.

"Can I move yet?" He asks quietly, and Rukia bites her lip.

"Slowly." She asks him, and he does so, feeling like he's found a true heaven in her.

Rukia closes her eyes again, and concentrates on the feeling of Ichigo being inside of her, and the fact that two of them have now become one. It's something she's wanted more than she even realized, and even though she feels like she's throbbing from the pain the first time set upon her, she can also feel something else interesting, and that is a bit of pleasure through the pain.

It isn't long before Ichigo finds his climax, and he buries his face into the pillow next to her head to let out a loud groan of pleasure as he does so.

"Rukia…" Ichigo moans afterwards, since he's never experienced anything like it before, and she opens her eyes.

"Ichigo…" Rukia mutters, and he kisses her passionately, as he pulls himself out of her.

She is staring right into his eyes when he says it, and still she can't believe it.

"I love you more than anybody." Ichigo tells her in a raw voice, full of emotion.

Rukia gasps at the beautiful words coming out of his mouth, words she didn't believe she'd be hearing tonight, but her eyes soften as she looks at him.

"I love you too Ichigo." Rukia tells him, and Ichigo slides off of her to head into the bathroom.

Rukia watches intently as he grabs his boxers and peeks out into the hallway before tearing off at top speed for the bathroom down the hall.

I guess everyone had a right to think we were a couple…all this time we were building up to admitting it for ourselves, and now I have his love.