Disclaimer: Still don't own…

Disclaimer: Still don't own…

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It had been a month since he'd been tricked and he was still dreaming of that night.

Sure his dreams sometimes took liberties with reality, but it was not so bad in itself. No, what was bad, was that he woke up every morning with an unfulfilled need and he didn't know what to do to get rid of it or fulfil it, the latter would be best.

He had thought of setting out to search for the older Uchiha and just screw him into the ground (or rather getting screwed into the ground) but it would be foolish, he knew it. And if there was something he was not, since he came back from his training with Jiraiya, it was definitely foolish.

He had even tried sex with Sasuke, but as good as it was, there was something lacking. He didn't know what it was but he didn't feel it while sleeping with Sasuke.

So he didn't know what to do anymore. What should he do to get rid of that craving for the Uchiha?

He couldn't get out of the village for long, since he was officially Tsunade's heir and he had Hokage training everyday. That and he had Anbu trailing him during the day.

Maybe, he should just take a vacation and go looking for the raven… No, Tsunade wouldn't let him leave now. They had a meeting with the Mizukage and his representative the next week so that was definitely out.

And he had to clean his house as the representative would be living with him. It was a custom of theirs, so that the future allies would be even closer. Just as the Mizukage was going to room in the Hokage tower.

And that damn representative would stay with him until all the negotiations were done. That could take months! And he could just bet that guy would be an old fart and a ramen-hater! Grrrrrrr…

He sighed. There was no solution, it seemed. Well, he'd just have to endure until the meeting and then, he'd see.

A week later, Naruto was ready to bite everyone's head off.

He was so horny and unsatisfied that he could have left the village now just to find Itachi.

He sighed and tried to will his unwanted erection down. Thank god he had robes on, so it was not visible. But he still ached.

"Calm down, gaki, you'll do fine. Just remember you cannot attack them, as they are allies, okay?" said Tsunade.

Naruto looked at her and nodded.

That's it I'm leaving right after this… Representative be damned.

They both walked into the meeting room and the two figures stood up still facing away from them.

They turned and Naruto almost fainted on the spot.


Itachi was having a very good day.

Well not exactly, but, knowing what he would be doing later today, he thought it would turn out to be a good day anyway. So genius that he was, he decided to anticipate and start saying now that his day was perfect.

He had managed to convince Pein to let him act as his representative so he would be staying in Konoha. Now why would he want to go back there, you ask?

Well for several reasons:

First, his brother now knew the truth about his past and so did the Godaime, so no one would be trying to cut his head off in Konoha.

Second, it had been a while since he went back there and he wanted to see how weak they had become.

Three, and that was the most important, since his last encounter with his Kitsune, he's been horny and he knew that as a representative, he would have to live with his little lover.

He had tried to find another way to get rid of his urges, but it didn't work. He was always left unsatisfied no matter what he tried.

So here he was, with Pein at his side waiting for the Hokage and his Kitsune to come.

He heard the click of the door and he smirked, his Ktsune was going to have a big surprise…


Naruto got home, Itachi was silently following him.

He still couldn't believed all he had learnt from this meeting. It seemed that the Uchiha had been a spy of Konoha and Pein one of Amegakure, they were working together to kill a threat to both Konoha and Ame.

The guy, Mada- something was now dead and Pein was the new Mizukage. Itachi was still a Konoha Shinobi but would be working on the peace treaties as a representative before returning to Konoha… Indefinitely.

Naruto didn't know how to take that. It was a lot to take in in one sitting. But that kind of explained Sasuke's change since he came back. Itachi said that he had told Sasuke everything during their last encounter.

He sighed a little, his ache was coming back.

He was about to turn around to look at Itachi when he felt arms settle around his waist.

He felt Itachi kiss his neck and he tilted his head to the side, giving him more skin to work on.

He gasped when Itachi bit down and moaned when he lapped at the wound. He turned around in Itachi's arms and kissed him, hunger and lust plain in his eyes.

They undressed each other and soon Itachi had him pinned onto his bed.

Itachi looked around the room, trying to find something useful and his eyes fell on Naruto's headband. He took it from the nightstand and tied it around his lover's eyes. He then took his own off and tied Naruto's hands to his headboard.

Naruto tested his bonds a little, tugging on them, but arched when he felt Itachi's mouth on his nipple, sucking and lapping at it. He gasped as he felt his other nub being pinched harshly and sighed as Itachi switched and lapped at the abused one.

He felt Itachi's fingers against his mouth and he obeyed the silent command. He sucked on them and moaned loudly around the fingers as he felt Itachi engulf his length.

He started bucking when Itachi hummed around him and the fingers were suddenly at his entrance, two harshly pushing their way inside his hole.

"Ahhhh…" He cried out in both pain and pleasure and soon he felt a third and a fourth finger stretching him even more.

"Nnngg…ahhhh…" He was now thrashing his head from side to side trying to plead for his lover to go faster but unable to speak as pleasure became overwhelming.

He whimpered as he felt the mouth and fingers retreat at the same time and he shuddered at the cold feeling against his cock and hole.

He soon felt Itachi's member at his hole and wiggled his hips to show his lover he was impatient. He heard Itachi chuckle and he suddenly cried out as he was filled in one stroke.

He wrapped his thighs around Itachi's waist to urge him to go faster and felt his lover bent over him as he started pounding even faster into him.

"Ita…. Chi…god" By now he was screaming and he could feel his release waiting to explode out of his cock. He heard Itachi groaning lowly in his throat and he knew the raven was ready too.

He felt Itachi hit his prostate one last tome and his release crashed over him. He screamed so loudly, he was sure his voice would sound weird the next morning.

He felt his passage clench and Itachi's release hit his insides.

His hands were released and he took off the blindfold himself as the raven collapsed next to him and the blond cuddled into his side.

He closed his eyes thinking he wouldn't have to chase after Itachi after all…

That, and it wouldn't be so bad living with a representative.


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