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Sam rubbed her swollen belly.

"What about Jonathan?"

Jack grimaced as if in great pain.

"That's like John, but worse."

"It is not," Sam stated defensively.

"We are not naming our son after me, Sam."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she said, "Why not? I happen to like you."

Jack pulled her closer, leaning against the kitchen counter and settling her in between his legs, hands around her waist. "What would we call him? Jon?"

Jack grimaced again at the thought.

"No. That's what your clone goes by."

Wincing at that unpleasant memory, Jack said, "Well, I'm not gonna call him Jonathan. It's too long. And I think the world has enough Jack O'Neill's, don't you?"

"What about Nathan?"

Jack opened his mouth to retort and then snapped it back shut. Looking over her shoulder, he pursed his lips in thought.

"Na-than", he said aloud, sounding it out. "Nate. I kinda like it."

He smiled down at her. Feeling triumphant, she grinned back.

"So. Jonathan?"

Jack minutely wrinkled his nose, puffing out a dramatic sigh at his wife's big hopeful blue eyes.

"Yeah, but only if I can call him Nate."

Sam had squealed by the time he finished the first word and muffled the rest by kissing him full on the mouth. She went to pull back, but Jack would have none of it, feeling he hadn't gotten to kiss her properly.

When Jack finally released her, Sam sighed contently with her eyes still closed and a small smile on her plumped lips. If he happened to smirk a little smugly at being able to put that expression on her face, who was to stop him?

Jack received a soft kick in the gut from his wife's swollen belly, as if the baby was catching him out. Loosening his hold on Sam, he placed his hand's on the 'bump'.

"Jonathan Jacob O'Neill, you have been named. What say you?"

Sam shot Jack an amused grin at his antics, even as the baby kicked against his hands.

In all seriousness, Jack stated, "I think he likes it."