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Deidara's point of view

Kuso. I hate starting a new school. Being the new kid sucks cause you don't know where anything is or who anyone is. That makes you vulnerable. It can make you a target. And apparently, I'm the new target.

Normal view

Deidara walked through the crowded halls slowly, taking in everything. All the faces, all the voices of the faces, even their clothing.

Some stared at Deidara with longing looks, as if they wanted to be with him. Most of them were guys, though. Not that Deidara cared since he didn't like guys. They must think I'm a girl, thought Deidara. It's imaginable since he's always mistaken to be a girl. Well, until he speaks, that is. Other eyes rested on him. It was because he was new. People always did stare at the new kid. Again, not that he cared.

His blue eyes rested on two people, a guy and a girl. The guy had somewhat long, spiked black and blond hair with black looking eyes. He seemed to be telling a joke to the girl, who seemed to be laughing. The girl had long black hair and almond colored eyes. They seemed to be an inch or two apart, the boy being taller.

Deidara figured that they seemed nice, or at least nice enough to give him directions. So, he slowly edged over to them. "Ano, do you know where Orochimaru-sensei's classroom is?" he asked quietly.

The boy and girl looked at each other, as if having their own conversation before the girl answered, "Um, yes. We're heading that way anyway. Do you wish for us to show you to his class?" She had a calm, soft voice. Deidara kind of thought it sounded cute.

"Uh, un. If you don't mind." Deidara answered.

"We don't mind at all. If we can help in anyway, just let us know." The boy answered this time. He looked like a girl, but only a little bit. His voice was sort of deep, like it's still maturing. Deidara nodded to his request. "Arigatou. I'm Deidara by the way." He answered.

"I'm Hikaru," stated the boy.

"Haku," stated the girl. Deidara nodded again and followed Haku and Hikaru to class. This might not be so bad, thought Deidara.

First period

Deidara walked into the classroom with slight shock. There were so many people in the class. Some blond, some brunette, some red-heads, even one with pink hair!

"Is that girl's hair really pink," whispered Deidara to Haku. Haku laughed, "Yes, believe it or not, it is." Hikaru scoffed. "Yeah right! She dyes it, we all know that!" Haku's smile faltered a little as she punched Hikaru in the arm.

Deidara couldn't help but smirk at Hikaru's pain. He looked around the room and noticed a group or seven or eight people sitting in the back of the room. They all wore the same black cloaks with red clouds. Deidara thought about asking Haku or Hikaru about it, but changed his mind.

Hikaru and Haku already took their seats in class, and Deidara chose to sit in the seat closest to them.

"So, Hikaru-kun," started a very pale boy with an unusual grin on his face, "I was thinking…you and me, after school, go someplace private and…" "No, Sai. Leave me alone about it," sighed Hikaru. Hikaru looked annoyed, almost pissed off with this 'Sai.' The blond looked over at Sai, who looked a little disappointed.

A boy with spiked black hair kept staring at another blond in the class. Said blond noticed and blushed while looking away from the brunette. A blond girl and the pink haired girl stared dreamily at the black haired boy. Deidara gagged at the site. Hikaru was talking to two brunettes, one with long hair and white-ish lavender eyes, and one with his hair in a ponytail spiked up, making him look like a pineapple head. Heh, pineapple head, that's funny, thought Deidara.

The door swung open as a pale man with yellow eyes walked in. The room grew quiet and even seemed to drop a few degrees in temperature. Deidara didn't seem fazed by how pale everyone had become. Especially the brunette that was staring at the blond earlier.

"Alright, whoever Deidara is better come and introduce himself before I do it for him." Sneered the man. Deidara simply got up and walked to the front.

"Well, introduce yourself." The teacher hissed.

Deidara sighed. "My name is Deidara, I'm from Iwa, and I don't take kuso from anyone, got it?" Deidara glared once he finished. Everyone just looked at him, some with worried looks. But a certain redhead in the back of the room stared harder at the blonde that everyone else.

Orochimaru-sensei simply shook his head. "I don't care. Just take you seat." Deidara did as he was told.

"Now class, open your books to…" sensei's voice seemed to fade out as Deidara went to his art. His art was everything to him. He drew tons of things, such as insects and scenery. But, Deidara's main interest was in birds. When he drew birds, he seemed to go off into his own world.

"That's a nice picture."

Deidara snapped out of his thoughts and looked over at Haku, who was staring intently at Deidara's picture. "Really? You think so?" Deidara asked quietly.

Haku nodded and giggled. "Of course. I've never seen art like that since Sai or Sasori's art."

Hmm, Sasori? As in Scorpion, Sasori? Interesting name…I wonder if his art is as good as Haku says, thought Deidara.

"Hey Haku," whispered Deidara. The brunette glanced at the blond with a questioning look. "Do they have art classes at this school?" said blond asked. Haku smiled and nodded. "You should have that class. Practically everyone does. I'll show you to it if you want." She whispered back.

She was going to say more, until a piece of chalk came flying towards the two, both just barely dodging it.

"If you two wish to talk so much you can do all the talking you want in detention this afternoon. Anyone who tries to defend them gets detention as well," ordered the angered sensei. Everyone except Hikaru seemed to obey his request. "And if I do defend them? What then?" asked Hikaru. It was more of a demand than a question. Orochimaru-sensei quickly turned around to face the boy, yellow eyes flashing with anger and hate.

"You always seem to test my patience don't you, Hikaru-kun?"

Said boy's face made even more of a frown than the one he already had on. "Yes, I do. And who gave you the right to use and honorific such as –kun after my name!?" Hikaru's voice frightened everyone, except those in the back. Hikaru must not raise his voice that often. Even Haku's frightened by it and she seems to be very close to Hikaru, thought Deidara.

Orochimaru-sensei has way past mad now. He was furious, to say the least. He swiftly left his spot in the front of the room one minute and had Hikaru by the collar of his shirt the next minute.

"How dare you speak to me that way?!" he asked in a deep voice. Hikaru didn't seem scared, cause if he was he sure wasn't showing it. Instead, Hikaru spat in Orochimaru-sensei's face. Everyone was flat out scared now. Even those in the back seemed wary.

Orochimaru-sensei didn't seem mad. With and evil smirk on his face, he grabbed Hikaru by the throat and squeezed it, causing Hikaru to gasp for air. Some girls started crying, some were praying for him to stop, and some just watched in horror. Haku was the worst, though. Tears fell from her eyes and her body shook like crazy while she tried to scream for their sensei to stop, but nothing came out.

Hikaru grew paler and paler as the air was squeezed out of him. Then, just as quickly as it happened, Orochimaru-sensei dropped the poor boy to the ground. Red marks to where Orochimaru's hand once was were very visible on Hikaru's pale neck.

"Let that be a lesson to you, Hikaru-kun. Don't make me mad like that again or trust me, you'll regret ever opening that mouth of yours," with that, the snake-like sensei casually walked back to the front of the class. Everyone took a quick, sympathetic glance at Hikaru, then turned back to the front. Deidara quietly moved to the back of the class where Hikaru was rubbing his neck, trying to ease the pain.

"You okay?" asked Deidara. Hikaru looked up at the blond and slowly nodded, looking away. "Doesn't matter. I've been through worse." He answered.

"Been through worse?" Deidara asked. "Like what?" Hikaru physically stiffened but recovered. "Nothing…don't worry about it. Sorry I made you worry about me." Hikaru slowly got up and casually walked back to his seat.

Deidara was about to walk back to his seat, but he saw the same redhead that was staring before looking at him again.



"Then, why are you looking?"

"Cause I can, moron," answered the redhead.

Deidara glared at the redhead and went back to his seat.

"Alright, who wants to answer the question? Sasuke-kun??" asked the teacher in a cheery voice. Everyone went to look at this Sasuke, who glared at declined with a stern 'no.' After that, Deidara blanked out, his mind on the redhead who was so interested in him. He also wondered if he'll be able to see this redhead again.

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