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Deidara turned on his side and moaned quietly, his dream getting more and more interesting…

Sasori hovered over Deidara, a mischievous grin on his face. The blonde stared up at the redhead with interest, wondering where they go from there. Akasuna leaned in, brushed his soft lips against Deidara's and whispered in said teen's ear, "What's the matter Dei-chan, you afraid?" The redhead teen then nibbled at the blonde's ear, a moan getting caught in Deidara's throat. Sasori blew lightly in his blue eyed lover's ear, smirking when Deidara shivered, and looked back up at the blonde, deep brown eyes staring into ocean blue eyes.

"Sasori…" muttered Deidara, his eyes leaving the redhead's every so often to stare down at those supple, strawberry tasting lips. Sasori tilted Deidara's head ever so slightly and crashed his lips into the blonde's and demanded for entrance, which Deidara quickly gave. Both became enveloped in the other's taste, Sasori with mint and Deidara with strawberry. Sasori sucked on the blonde's lower lip, causing Deidara to moan into the kiss.

After a minute or so, the two teens pulled away, trying to catch their breath. Sasori's lips traveled to the crook of Deidara's neck and sucked at the sensitive skin. Deidara whimpered at the feeling and angled his head in the opposite direction, giving Sasori more to work with. Sasori then bit down on the tanned skin and Deidara gasped in pain but also pleasure. The chocolate eyed teen kissed the now forming bruise forgivingly and traveled further down. Sasori breathed his hot breath over Deidara's naked chest, a gratifying chill running down the blonde's spine. The redhead took one of the pink nubs into his mouth and sucked on it, his hand teasing the other one and his eyes never leaving Deidara's.

Deidara's breath hitched and a blush crept up on his cheeks. Sasori was teasing him and he knew it. The redhead going as slowly as he was did nothing for the blonde's hardened member. He needed to release and soon. Deidara got a grip on Sasori's red hair and pulled the teen up to stare him directly in the eyes. "Something wrong, Dei-chan?" Sasori cooed. Deidara's blush deepened but said in a soft whisper, "Stop teasing me. You know I hate when you do that." Sasori smirked and nodded as Deidara loosened his clutch on the redhead.

Sasori's cold yet soft hands caressed Deidara's sides, his warm breath traveled down the blonde's abdomen. Sasori massaged Deidara's erection through the jean's material. The blue eyed teen moaned, the feeling coursing through him. The shorter of the two undid the top button of Deidara's jean, unzipped and pulled them, boxers and all, to the blonde's ankles, the blonde's hardened member showing. Deidara hissed at the cold air rushing over his hard-on.

"Deidara…" murmured Sasori.



"Deidara…Deidara, wake up!" ordered Sasori, nudging the blonde. Said blonde only moaned the redhead's name. Sasori blinked. Was Deidara dreaming about him? What was he dreaming? Sasori's face was stained with pink, thinking about all the possibilities.

Deidara moaned Sasori's name once more, dragging out the 'i'. The short teen groaned, he didn't have time for this. It was already seven twenty-five and school started at eight. Deidara's mother already left thinking that Deidara would have gotten up on his own…yeah right. Sasori arrived just as she was leaving and was allowed to wait for Deidara. After twenty minutes of waiting, the redhead decided to check up on the blonde, which led him to his predicament now. Sasori rolled his eyes and headed into the bathroom across the hall.

Deidara moaned softly, turning once more. However, just as he did, water was thrown at the teen's face, causing the blonde to shoot up and cough hysterically. Deidara looked to his right where his eyes rested on Sasori, whom of which was holding a now empty bucket and smirking joyously.

"What the hell?!" commanded the blue eyed teen. Sasori placed the bucket down and glared at Deidara. "Hurry up and get ready." he simply answered. A blonde eyebrow rose slowly.

"Why?" Sasori rolled his eyes yet again, frown in place.

"Because it's seven thirty and school starts at eight, dumb ass." Deidara's eyes widen, looking at particularly nothing. "…Dei-?!" Sasori stopped abruptly as the blonde sped past him, looking like a blur as he did. The next thing the redhead knew, the bathroom door was being slammed shut. Lucky for Deidara, Sasori hadn't noticed his little 'problem'. It's amazing how after being kidnapped, seeing his sensei get killed and all…that he can have a dream like that. One would think that he'd be traumatized! Oh well, he didn't really have time to think about it. Right now, all he had to do was take care of his problem and get ready for school…in less than five minutes. Great…

Within ten minutes, Deidara and Sasori were pretty much rushing to get to school. "Y'know, if you hadn't had overslept, we wouldn't be rushing like this." complained Sasori, who was walking much faster than the blonde. Deidara rolled his eyes. "Well, if you had tried harder to wake me up, maybe we wouldn't be rushing!" he countered. Sasori immediately stopped and turned sharply to Deidara.

"You know what!" started the redhead, glowering up at Deidara. Deidara crossed his arms and smirked down at Sasori.

"No, I don't know, Sasori. What is it?"

Sasori's eye twitched. "You're seriously-"

Just then, a black Chevy sped past them, then stopped and went in reverse to stop right beside the two bickering teens. A black window rolled down to reveal Kakuzu sitting in the passenger's seat, Hidan in the driver's seat. "Yo! You mother fuckers need a ride?" asked Hidan, turning down the blaring heavy metal rock. Sasori sighed, his anger fading. "When did you get your (1)…never mind. Yes, we would like a ride." he answered. Hidan smirked wickedly.

"Naw, first you have to say I kick major ass."

Sasori rolled his eyes. "Why would I say that? You know that's a lie." Hidan shook his head. "Fine, if you don't want a ride…" Sasori glared at the white haired teen. "Fine…you kick major ass, Hidan." grumbled the teen, loud enough for Hidan to hear. The lavender eyed teen nodded. "Okay, now you have to say Jashin is the ultimate god and that-"

"Hidan! Just give us a fuckin' ride, dammit!" demanded Sasori. Hidan stared hard at the redhead, then shrugged and ushered for them to get in.

Beside's the music blaring, the car ride was quiet. Deidara just didn't get it. How could they have killed a person…and not have a tiny bit of remorse for it? Sure, Sasori didn't kill Orochimaru, but he was going to. Also, he, Sasori and Hidan were there when Orochimaru was killed, by his own subordinate. How could they just feel nothing? Those thoughts kept running through the blonde's head even when they arrived at school. Deidara didn't even realize he was at school until he was nearly dropped onto the ground by Sasori.

"Sasori!" shouted the blue eyed teen, regaining his composure. The redhead shrugged. "Pay attention. If you had, you wouldn't have almost fallen." he answered. Deidara did a double take and glared at Sasori. "Wouldn't have almost fallen? I was nearly dropped!" Again, Sasori merely shrugged, meaning it was time to drop the subject. Deidara pouted and followed the others in.

Once in homeroom, Deidara said his 'good mornings' to everyone else in Akatsuki. They either said good morning as well or just nodded. Homeroom started shortly after, Jiraiya walking in instead of Orochimaru. The white haired sensei cleared his voice, catching the class's attention. "For reasons unbeknownst to me, Orochimaru isn't here. Not that I really care, but perhaps he skipping since it's the last day and all. Just stay in your seats, keep it down, and we won't have any problems." explained Jiraiya before taking a seat and pulling out one of his dirty novels.

The thought of Orochimaru being gone just wouldn't leave Deidara alone. He nearly felt bad because he knew why. The blonde was the cause of the pale sensei's death, more or less. Deidara laid his head on his desk and closed his eyes, the image of Orochimaru falling rigid with death replaying in his mind.

Sasori glanced over at Deidara with a concerned look. The blonde was acting kind of odd today. Well, he normally acts odd but he was acting odder than usual. The others had taken notice as well. Tobi tried to capture the blonde's attention. Didn't work. He tried again…didn't work, again. Hidan was getting pissed to the point that he grabbed Deidara and nearly cussed him out. Luckily, Pein stopped him with a simple glare. Hidan grabbing the blonde certainly got said blonde's attention, but shortly after they lost him once more.

The bell ending homeroom soon rang and everyone headed to their next class. Deidara got up and left silently, leaving the rest of Akatsuki baffled. Normally the blonde says something or yells a threat or something before leaving.

Deidara walked through the halls, eyes scanning through the crowds for a certain Kimimaro. Blue eyes suddenly landed on the green eyed teen he was looking for and casually headed towards said teen. The white haired teen was currently talking with some of the members from his crew. The blonde cleared his throat, turning the group's attention to him. "What tha fuck do you want?" demanded Tayuya, still pissed about what happened before. Deidara pointed to Kimimaro. "I want a word with him." The rest of the group looked at Kimimaro, who simply nodded and walked away with Deidara, leaving the group to wonder what the hell was going on.

The two teens walked a little distance outside until they reached at tree in the shade. Both remained standing silently. Kimimaro stared blankly at the blonde, who stared intently at him. After another minute or so of stillness, Deidara finally spoke up.

"So…did you tell them about what happened to Orochimaru?" he asked. Kimimaro shrugged. "They didn't bother to ask. Why? You worried that they'll start suspecting things?" Deidara looked down guiltily. Kimimaro smiled lightly. "Don't worry about it," started the white haired teen, "They'll never know. Also, if they begin to wonder, I'll simply tell thing some random thing. Like they'd actually go and investigate." The blue eyed teen nodded, but one more thing was on his mind. One more thing that he had to ask…to get an answer for. If he didn't, it might have haunted him the rest of his life.

Just as Kimimaro began to leave, Deidara grabbed the teen by the shoulder, forcing Kimimaro to look at him. "…How…how could you and Sasori so carelessly think about killing someone? Not to mention actually kill?" he finally asked. The jade eyed teen turned to fully stare at Deidara, his eyes calm but serious. "It's no different here than with any gangs in Iwa, Suna or any other place. When you seriously want something, you're determined to get what you want…no matter what the costs. Besides, 'a life for a live', I guess you could say."

Deidara blinked. "A life for a life? What are you talking about?" Kimimaro smirked. "Think about it, if you had truly died, Sasori would be out for Orochimaru. Since you were in danger of dying, it can be viewed one way or another as 'a life for a life'." Deidara stood immobile. He hadn't have thought of it that way. Sasori did look pretty crazy a few days back. If he was like that for a few scratches, imagine how he'd react to finding out Deidara was dead.

"Ill see you later Deidara. Enjoy your summer break." verbalized Kimimaro, bringing the blonde back to reality. Did the rest of Akatsuki feel the same way? Is this what they always did? It was about time Deidara asked and got some answers.

Time skip===

Sasori sat at the Akatsuki table (yes, they had their own table in case you forgot or didn't know) and kept worrying about Deidara. The blonde hasn't been acting himself lately and the redhead was concerned. At first he thought that Deidara was still pissed for waking him up late and almost making them late. However, he later dismissed the idea and thought it was of because him and the others trying to snap him out of it. Mainly Hidan nearly choking Deidara. The brown eyed teen sighed, his head in his hands. Hidan slid into his seat across from Sasori, box cutter in hand.

"Yo redhead, what's eatin' you?" asked the white haired teen, pushing box cutter to preferred height. Sasori didn't answer. "Ay, red! Ah, fuck it!" concluded Hidan. The rest of Akatsuki soon arrived, including Deidara. Sasori avoided Deidara's eyes, apprehensive about what he would see in them. The short teen sighed. When did I become such a fuckin' girl, he thought sadly.

Deidara was quiet, much like Sasori, making lunch very uncomfortable. Normally because of something Deidara said, Hidan would make a fuss and Kisame would give a smart remark, causing Hidan to try and pick a fight. Perhaps because it was the last day, everyone was just anxious to leave…everyone doubted that because then everyone would b loud and expressive.

"Something's on you mind." Itachi whispered in Deidara's ear. The blonde jumped nearly ten feet and clutched his chest, trying to catch his breath. Itachi simply stared at Deidara with slight amusement. "W…what are you talking about?" stammered the blue eyed teen. "Something's on your mind. If you keep things in like you are, they will only stress you more." inquired the red eyed teen. Deidara sighed…he was right. But then again, when wasn't he?

"Did Orochimaru being killed bother any of you?"

Everyone looked up at Deidara. "Not really," answered Pein for everyone, "Why? Did it bother you?" Deidara looked away momentarily. "A little. But it's not his actual death that bothered me," he paused for a minute, "it's why that does." Tobi tilted his head to the side. "What do you mean, Deidara-sempai?" he wondered. Deidara sighed again. "Did you plan to kill him for with an actual motive or did you just kill him to be killing him?"

The rest of Akatsuki stared slightly dumbfounded at Deidara. "Dammit blondie, our motive for killing him was just to kill him." responded Hidan. "Moreover, if we hadn't had done it, his subordinates or someone else might have. No one really liked him." added Sasori. "And," finalized Konan, "He had kidnapped you. We don't let that happen without some kind of payback."

Deidara nodded. "Since Iwa's gangs were much worse than most of the one's here, we thought you would've already seen something like that." Kisame proclaimed. "Like I said, the motive was what bothered me, not the actual killing." said Deidara. After that, it was fairly quiet…

"So…" started Tobi, trying to get someone to say something, "What is everyone doing for summer break?" Deidara's head shot up with a look of surprise on his face. "It's summer break?!" he questioned. Everyone nodded slowly. "But I just got here!" complained the blonde.

"You got here in October, right?" questioned Sasori.

Deidara nodded.

"October was seven months ago. It's June now"

"Dude…I so didn't know that." replied the blue eyed teen, laughing awkwardly. "…" was Akatsuki's retort. "…God, you're a dumb ass." sighed Hidan. "Don't you mean Jashin?" asked Kisame. The purple eyed teen slammed his fist onto the table. "Dammit, don't question my choice of words!" The blue haired teen shrugged his shoulders. "I just thought that, what with you being a heavy Jashin worshipper, you'd say something involving Jashin." Hidan shook his head disapprovingly.

"I'd never diss Jashin's good name like that. Seriously, only a bastard and true Jashin hater would pull that kind of bullshit."

Kisame rolled his eyes. "Only you would do that, I'm guessing?"

"You wanna take this outside, shark bait?!"

"We ARE outside…baka."

"Oh…then show me what you got, mother fucker!" exclaimed Hidan. Kisame, as easily as possible, reached over the table and ruffled Hidan's hair. "Why bother? I've already kicked your ass once. You'd just get your ass kicked again."

Deidara couldn't help but smirk at Hidan's face. The white haired teen then turned sharply to the snickering teen. "And just what tha fuck is so goddamn funny?!" he shouted. Deidara merely shook his head. "Nothing, nothing."

The PA system suddenly came on and Tsunade's slurred yet powerful voice came through the speakers.

"Listen brats because if you don't I can hold you after the bell, keeping you from your early release. Now, don't get too drunk and stupid to not be able to come back to school come next school year. Don't leave anything in your lockers or in the halls and so help me, if I find another smoke bomb in this school I am going to keep the perpetrators from graduating! And don't think I won't because I have that kind of power! Other than that…enjoy your summers and you're free to go as of…now." The bell then rang, causing most of the students to cheer with pure joy. Akatsuki was fairly calm, excluding Tobi, who was bouncing in his seat with delight. Despite the other's calmness, everyone in that group were just as excited as the others. Except for maybe Itachi…but Itachi's Itachi, what do you expect?

"Finally this fuckin' school year's over!" yelled Hidan, fist pumped in the air while standing on the table. "For once I agree with the dumb ass over there." concurred Kisame. Hidan nodded knowingly. "You can't help but fuckin' agree cuz' for two months we're done with damn teachers, damn school, and damn idiots! Actually, I can't say that cuz' I'm still gonna be around your dumb ass." Kisame snickered at the white haired teen.

"Ok, what's so fuckin' funny now?"

"Nothing…it's just that you've got it the otherway around." Hidan sighed. "Fuck ya'll! I'm going home and takin' a goddamn nap!" complained the white haired teen, stomping off campus.

"…Such a baby." claimed the blue haired teen. The lavender eyed teen quickly turned to face Kisame. "I heard that, damn you!" he screamed back before turning to leave once more.

Time Skip===

Deidara and Sasori quietly walked towards Sasori's home. Deidara was the acting like he did really pissed Sasori off. "What's the matter with you? You've been quiet nearly all day." he questioned. Deidara looked at Sasori, eyes filled with bewilderment. "What are you talking about?" Sasori sighed. "You know damn well what I mean. Something's on your mind and I want to know what." Deidara looked forward. Should he lie to Sasori or just tell the truth?

Deidara turned back to Sasori, who was staring at him intently. "I..." started the blonde. A red eyebrow rose. "Yes?" he insisted. Deidara then tried to put on the saddest face he could. "I...I...I was just worried about you and I having to break up because of things that might happen in the summer. I don't want that to happen." the blonde whimpered, sniffling. Sasori's glare softened greatly. Of course, the brown eyed teen didn't buy it one bit, but why not let Deidara think he did?

Sasori sighed sadly, then smiled, or tried to, at the blonde teen. "You don't have to worry about that, Dei-chan. I wouldn't let anything happen to you or our relationship." Deidara sighed heavily. "Thank god! Now I can sleep all summer!" he said joyously. Sasori continued to smile and nodded. When Sasori wasn't looking, Deidara's smile faultered a little.

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