No one has ever done this. So I'm going to. It will most likely be terrible. Welcome to the World's First (and last) JLU/Final Fantasy X Crossover! What a terrible idea. I am convinced that this will never work. Ever. I'm writing it as an intellectual exercise, and because my inspiration for Teen Titans is at an all time low. Sorry. I'll get back to them soon, I hope.

Oh, this is post X-2, so no Auron. Sorry. Tidus is back, by the way. I will endeavour to defend him from his own douchebagginess.


Chapter One: Another Place

"Superman, everyone! Flash is still alive!"

The Martian's words had an instantaneous effect. Superman dropped the naked Luthor, who clutched at his throat, feeling the bruises Superman had given him. The rest of the group just stared at the alien.

"I'm in telepathic contact with him. His spirit is weak, and growing weaker. But he's still here." The stoic J'onn's voice had been tinged with desperation, and he reached blindly around him. The rest of the League began to imitate him, and Shayera suddenly stumbled across the soft point.

A whirling maelstrom of light blue energy appeared in midair, and Shayera plunged her hand into it desperately.


"Shayera?" Wally's voice seemed dazed, unconcerned. "It's so beautiful here." Not unconcerned. In awe. "There's a force. A Speed Force. It's calling me home." He sounded like he was smiling. "I have to go now…"

"NO, WALLY!" Shayera screamed, and reached blindly, grabbing a limp arm by luck more than anything else. "TAKE MY HAND!" His arm remained unresponsive, and she found herself being dragged along with him.

Suddenly a powerful arm grabbed her left wrist, and she was pulled back from oblivion. Green Lantern had taken hold of her.

"I'm here too, Wally!" The ex-marine grunted.

"We're all here!" Superman added, as the remainder of the Seven formed a (mostly) human chain.

"You've gotta come back to us!" John shouted, as they struggled against the vortex.

It was no use. Soon, all of the members began to find themselves losing ground against the wormhole. As Shayera felt her right wing completely enter the tunnel, she felt a hand wrest Wally's wrist from her grip, and she fell back as the hole closed itself.

"No…" Shayera stared at the hole in space where her almost brother had vanished, barely noticing John's arms around her.

A heavy, shocked silence descended upon the street, punctuated by the subdued and slightly disbelieving chuckles issuing from Lex Luthor.


When the Flash came to, he was floating in water. He spluttered, and his eyes roved around the tropical lagoon he had somehow found himself in.

Okay. Heaven, Flash-style. All I need now are some hot ladies and an iced mocha.

With that in mind, he slowly swam for the shore. Truth be told, he never was any good at swimming. He'd never needed to be, what with his abilities allowing him to run on water. But he didn't feel like tapping into the Speed Force just yet. Not after…

Wait. He'd died. Hadn't he? If so, where had the Black Flash been? He'd never seen the grisly spectre. So he couldn't have died.

With that mystery solved, he began to ponder where he was. The Caribbean? He dragged himself up the surf and kneeled in the sand, getting his breath back.

"Hey! Heeey! You alright?"

Wally turned his head, and almost started.

So not fair. Instead of hot babes I get Quiff Man.

"Wo ho ho, what's wit' your threads, man?"

You're one to talk, Captain Plus-Fours.

"'S a suit. Keeps m' 'dentity secret." He mumbled, as he realised just how tired he was.

"What's your name, man?"

Wally finally recognised the accent. The man was Jamaican.

"'S Flash."

The figure scratched his rough beard. "Weird name, man. I'm Wakka."

Flash stared blearily at him. "You're called Wakka and you say I have a weird name? What, were your parents big Pacman fans or something? You got a brother Mario?"

For some reason Wakka flinched at that, but seemed to wave it away a moment later.

"Never mind. Just point me in the direction of Metropolis, would ya?" Wally struggled to his feet, and shook the tiredness from his legs. Plenty of juice left to jog to his apartment and sleep for a week.

Wakka didn't react as Flash had hoped. "Metropolis? Whaddaya mean?"

"Okay, never mind. Just point me in the general direction of America. Hell, I'll even settle for Mexico."

Wakka scowled. "You…hit your head or something?"

Why, oh, why did I have to get the Village idiot? "Okay. Where's Kingston?"

Wakka looked nonplussed. Wally rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You know, capital of Jamaica? I think?"

Comprehension dawned, and for an instant Wally dared to hope the man had a map on him.

"Oh! You're another crazy from the sea! S'been a while since we had one of dem."

The Flash's patience was wearing thin. "Look, pal, where am I?"

Wakka waved his arms around expansively. "Welcome to Besaid Island!"

"What part of the Caribbean is that, then? One of the smaller islands?" Flash asked hopefully.

Wakka shook his head slowly and gave him that special smile reserved for use on potentially dangerous people whose sanity is not a given.

"Look, ya, we'll get you to the village. See if we can get you fixed up."

Flash snorted angrily. "Look. Where. Am. I."

"I told ya. Besaid."

"A little more general than that, please."

"…Okay, Spira."

Flash was still holding out for the world to throw him a bone. "A little more general?"

Wakka laughed. "How much more general you wanna get? That's the name of the world!"

Aw crud. Another world. Well, it's not like I haven't dealt with those before. Course, Supes has always been there too. And GL. And Shayera. And Bats. And…

I'm so fucked.

Wakka noticed the strange man staring into space. "Hey, hey, don' look so down. Let's get you to the village."