Marital Bliss - Or Maybe Not… by justme_jane.

Summary: In order to protect their son from a worse fate, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy marry their son off to the Potter's child six months after Harry's birth, in order to protect them both. Neither Harry nor Draco were told of this, however. Now, seventeen years later, Harry and Draco are having dreams of each other, and get so fed up with them that they go and tell Dumbledore about them. Finding out that they have been married practically since birth, they must now get married once again in order to reaffirm their bond. Now they must get along with each other… since they're going to be married for the rest of their lives. Short-chaptered fic. HPDM Slash. MPreg. Read and review! XD

Pairing: Draco/Harry, obviously.

Rating: M, for sex and swearing.

Warning: Graphic sex between two boys - TWO, count 'em, TWO - meaning that this is SLASH. If that ain't your cup of tea, then I suggest you leave right now and don't even think about flaming me, because I WILL get very, very mad at you and rant about you in the next chapter/fic I write. Thank, you, carry on.

Timing: Seventh year, but disregards HBP and DH. But yes, Harry and Draco are seventeen, for all intents and purposes of my story.

A/N: Here's the sixth chapter! Hope you like! Mind you, this story is going to be moving along fairly quickly within the next few chapters, as in month (s), just to forewarn you here, because of the fact that this isn't really going to be a detailed mpreg story, so… yeah. Lol. :D Other than that, I think that's it! XD *loves all her reviewers* Have fun, and enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter. If I did, Harry would have ended up with a certain blond Slytherin named Draco Malfoy, rather than the Ginger Shrew Ginny Weasley. Slut! .


Harry lay on his bed, running a hand over his still-flat stomach. "Y'know, I still refuse to admit that I'm really as submissive as you seem to believe." Draco sat at the vanity, inspecting every single hair on his head and checking to make sure that he didn't have any split ends. He turned at the sound of Harry's voice, grinned widely, stalked over to the small brunet with a predatory look on his face, and kneeled on the bed next to his husband.

"You're kidding me, right? If I remember correctly, your exact words that night were" – at this, Draco threw his head back, closing his eyes tightly, in what he thought was an imitation of Harry – "'Oh… yes, Draco, give it to me, baby! Oh yeah, yeah, give it to me!!! Need you so bad, Draco, so bad!'" he said, and promptly burst out in a laughing fit, clutching at his sides.

Harry threw a pillow at the blond, hitting him smack dab in the face. "I did not say that, you little liar!" he huffed, pouting.

"Oi! You're going to pay for that, you tiny demon!" Draco yelled indignantly, immediately stopping his cackling when Harry had thrown the pillow at him, and began tickling his husband mercilessly instead. Harry immediately burst into a fit of giggles, trying (and failing) to push the other boy off of him, especially since he was considerably larger than Harry himself, so instead of continuing on like this, he threw up his hands in a sign of surrender.

"Alright, I give, I give…!" Harry yelled, letting a few strained giggles escape.

Draco smiled down at him, lifting a hand to gently caress Harry's cheek as he looked on in admiration at the smaller boy. "I… I really like you, Harry."

Harry scrutinized Draco's face, searching it for any hesitation in the blond's mannerisms, but found none. "I like you, too, Draco." Harry brought his hands around the back of Draco's neck, clasping his fingers together, to pull him down for a sweet, gentle kiss.

I love you, Draco…


Their legs were still touching. Draco, on a whim just to see how Harry would react, rubbed his leg slowly against the other boy's. Harry gasped, as a new wave of lust suddenly washed over him, and looked up sharply at his husband. Draco raised an eyebrow suggestively, rubbing their legs together again, creating more friction. Harry whimpered, the feeling sending more blood rushing to his cock as he tried to not make too much noise. Draco just smirked at him some more.

Scribbling down quickly on a piece of spare parchment on the desk in front of them, he pushed the paper over to Harry.

Quick romp in the prefect's bathrom?

Harry read it quickly, glanced up sharply at Draco, and wrote down something quickly, before shoving it back over to the blond.

You are absolutely insane. But sure. Just a quick one, you horny bastard.

Draco only smirked to himself, before making a quick excuse to the professor, saying that he needed to take Harry to the nurse before he fell to the floor in a dead faint.

"Me, a horny bastard? Excuse me, but you're the one who was getting off on an innocent leg rub."

"You're a complete git, I hope you are aware of that."

Draco smirked. "So I've been told," he said, one eyebrow raised in utter amusement.

The finally made it to the bathroom, Draco locking the door behind him immediately and pushing Harry up against the wall and beginning to thoroughly ravish him as soon as he knew they were completely alone. Draco swooped down to attach his lips to Harry's, loving the feel of his body on the other's, as he felt the growing erection against Harry's own. Harry opened his mouth to allow Draco entrance, letting their tongues battle in a fight for dominance, which Draco, again, won.

Harry sighed into the kiss, as Draco slowed it down, giving him one last lingering kiss, and pressed his forehead to Harry's as they each tried to even out their breathing.

"Damn," Harry said, letting out a laugh at how good just kissing the blond could really be.

"Yeah," Draco said in agreement, smiling at him before placing one more kiss on Harry's lips. "Me, too."


A/N: Aghh! I am SOOOO extremely sorry, you guys don't know HOW seriously sorry I am here, that it has taken me this long to write another chapter of this story, but… here it is. Short, but nonetheless, I finally wrote something of (semi) importance to this story. In case you were wondering, the reasons that I have in the author's note chapter are pretty much all long gone now, and it's mostly now only been that I've had a serious case of writer's block, so. Either way, though, I'm just glad that I've gotten something written out and on here so that maybe (hopefully) the next chapters can be coming along more quickly now.

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