I don't own SVU or anything related to it. Contains SPOILERS for UNDERCOVER.

"I just don't want Olivia to get hurt," Elliot muttered to the Captain.

"And why would that happen?" A sharp voice asked.

Elliot, Munch, and Cragen whirled around to looked at the door. There stood their ex-ADA Alexandra Cabot.

"What are you doing here?" Elliot asked.

"I'm back for good," Alex stated, "Where's Liv?"

"She went undercover at Sealview," Elliot explained, "She's looking for a CO that rapes inmates at Sealview."

Alex's eyes widened, "And you let her?"

"We couldn't have stopped her if we tried," Cragen stated.

Elliot's phone rang, "Stabler…they're what?…you're where?…okay." He hung up, "There's TB outbreak. The whole prison is on lockdown."

Alex snatched something off of Elliot's desk.

"Those are the keys to my cruiser," Elliot reached fro them.

"I'm going to Sealview," Alex stated and walked toward the stairwell. Elliot ran after her, "The second I'm in there, I'm quarantined too."

"You can't just take my cruiser," Elliot followed Alex down the stairs.

Alex was jumping down the stairs two and three at a time, "Are you gonna stop me?"

"You're risking your life," Elliot stated following her with no apparent attempt to stop her.

"Let me give you a scenario," Alex stated bursting through the doors and unlocking the car. Once they were both in and moving she finished, "You have to go away for five years. When you come back Kathy's in prison. You can't tell me you wouldn't go see her no matter what."

"Then you're risking her life," Elliot stated, "She can't be seen talking to you."

"I'm just the Bexar County DA, looking for information and offering leniency to an inmate," Alex replied.

"You're a DA?" Elliot asked.

"Until four fifteen today when Gary's sworn in," Alex stated.

Alex badged her way in with Elliot right on her tail. When they got to the desk next to where the bars started Alex stated, "I'm DA Alexandra Cabot. We need to see…" She looked to Elliot to finish.

"Katrina Rea Lewis," Elliot stated.

"We're in lockdown," the woman behind the desk stated.

"Yeah, TB outbreak," Alex huffed, "I'm already in so if I'm going to get it I already have it."

The woman typed on the computer for a few second then looked at her, "The inmate you're looking for is in transit. She's on her way to solitary." The woman looked confused at the screen, "This can't be right. It says she's been in transit for twenty minutes."

Alex went pale and looked at Elliot, "It's a two minute walk from here to solitary. I know where to go. We have to get in there now."

The woman looked scared of Alex and buzzed them in. They took off running. Alex sprinted down the cell blocks and lost Elliot a few rows back. When she got to the door she heard Olivia scream, "No! Stop! Help!"

She jumped down the last flight of stairs and burst through the door. "Get away form her you sick son of a bitch!" As she approached him, she grabbed a chair sitting by the door.

"Who are you? Get out of here!" he yelled.

Alex swung the chair and hit him, sending him tumbling to the ground. As he started to get up, Alex put the back of the chair on his neck and pressed down, "Give we one good reason I shouldn't kill you right here!"

Fin and Elliot came running up and pulled Alex away from him. Elliot had to use all his muscle to hold her back.

"I'm gonna make sure you get the needle!" Alex yelled, "You fucking son of a bitch!"

"Alex, Alex," Elliot tried to calm her down as Fin cuffed the CO, "Calm down. Go see if Liv is alright."

He let go of Alex and she immediately dropped to her knees next to Olivia. She looked her over to see if she was physically okay. Then she finally asked, "Are you okay?" She gently took Olivia's face in her hands and wiped away the tears.

Olivia slowly nodded, "What are you doing here?"

Alex ignored the question for the moment and asked, "Did he do anything to you?"

"I'm fine," Olivia stated.

"That's no what I asked," Alex replied, her concern growing.

"You go here just in time," She wrapped her arms around Alex and clung to her, "Thank you."

Alex stroked Olivia's hair, "Anytime sweetheart."

When Alex pulled away, she stood and held out her hands to help Olivia up. Olivia started to stand, but her right leg gave out. Alex caught her and put Olivia's arm around her neck. "C'mon let's get you to the hospital."

This is another one of my million and one ways to bring Alex back. For some reason I really like Alex to be the Heroine in my stories. This just sort of came to me and wrote itself. I just wish it wouldn't have written itself in the middle of my Philosophy class.