I do not own any of these characters except for Andy. Enjoy!

Andy walked aimlessly around Sunnydale. She has no idea where she was. She jumped every time a car passed by her. As she continued walking down the sidewalk she turned into an ally. Finally some silence. Deeper she walked into the ally. Andy felt like someone was watching her. She slowly turned around. No one was there. Andy breathed in a sigh of relief. She turned around but jumped back and screamed. A man in his twenties with black hair and brown eyes stood before her. He gave her and evil smile as she said, "Hey there."

Andy stumbled backwards but the strange man grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her towards him. He smelled like blood. Andy could practically taste the iron in her mouth just thinking about it.

"Leave me alone." She said feebly.

"Now, why would I do that?" he asked as he put his hand against the back of her neck. His face turned into the face of a hungry vampire.

"Oh lord." Andy mumbled.

"Oh yes." He replied with a sick smile. He leaned in closer to her neck. Without hesitation Andy kicked him in the …. She then punched him in the face. The man stumbled back. "B…." He growled surprised at her strength. He came at her again. They continued to fight. And got in some good punches and kicks, but every once in a while he would throw her a hard one and knock her down. She swung her arm at him, but instead of it hitting him he grabbed her arm and flipped her. Harshly her head hit the concrete ground.

"Ow." She moaned.

The guy got up in her face and laughed. "Sorry sweetie, bit I always get my way." He leaned forward in for her neck.

"Not tonight you don't." Someone said behind him. A young blonde girl staked him in the heart as he turned around in shock. Within seconds he was dust. Andy breathed in deeply.

"You okay?" The blonde asked as she helped Andy up.

"I'm fine." She growled.

The blonde was startled when she properly saw what Andy looked like. She looked so familiar. She couldn't ignore it.

"Listen, my name is Buffy. I think you should some with me."

"No." Andy said.

"I can protect you."

"I can protect myself thank you very much." Andy turned to leave.

"Wait." Buffy called out.

"No!" Andy said walking away stubbornly.