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One Year Later

Angelus sensed Buffy coming to the door and opened it right after she knocked.

"I'm here to get Andy." She said.

"No shit." He replied.

Buffy gave him a look that screamed 'Go to hell' and then said, "How is she?"

"Better. She's really strong, maybe stronger than both of us. And she definitely has no respect for the rules."

"Remind you of anyone?" Buffy said.

"Or maybe two." He replied.

Buffy chuckled quietly to herself.

"What?" Angelus asked confused.

"Nothing. I just remembered that Xander is coming over today. And, well, Andy loves to play with and mess up his hair to annoy him. Last time she put it in a bunch of little pig tails and took thousands of photos."

Angels started to laugh a long with her. "That sounds like Andy. Always into mischief. She certainly seems to like that camera."

"Technology is new to her. I don't blame her. If I had never seen a TV before I would have been amazed, too."

"Remember when she first saw one?"

"Yeah. first she was startled, then frightened, then fascinated with it. She almost jumped it."

They both laughed at the memory. They assumed that in Andy's previous dimension technology was nonexistent.

"You know," Buffy began softly. "Having her back is really great."

"Yeah, who knew such a little ball of hell could carry so much life."

Buffy was about to say something else when Andy appeared at the door.

"Okay, I'm ready." She declared.

"Did you clean up the broken vase?" Angelus asked.

While Andy was running around that morning she had crashed into a vase that was almost a hundred years old. Angelus wasn't really mad about the vase, he said he was more mad that she was causing such a ruckus. But really, he was more worried that one day she would hurt herself from her careless attitude and ball of energy spirit.

"What vase?" Andy replied innocently

Angelus glared at her, but Andy merely shrugged. It continued to amaze Buffy how fearless Andy could be. Despite the fact that Angelus was a blood sucking, creature of the night Andy acted as if he was just another human. When she first arrived she created a facade of bravery and confidence, when really she was terrified of her knew surroundings. Everything was so different compared to what she was used to. But soon that facade became a reality. she got used to her surroundings and faced things head on.

Andy stepped out side and said bye to Angelus as she waved. Andy never called him dad and rarely ever referred to him as Angelus. She preferred to steer clear of names.

"Bye, my child." Angelus said as Andy walked towards Buff's car, another amazing creation of technology that fascinated her.

As Buffy turned to follow her, Angelus lightly grabbed her upper arm to turn her back to him. "Just to be clear," He said. "I still despise you, but... you're doing a good job with her." He said in almost of whisper.

Buffy smirked at him. "Same here." She said and then her face softened. "You're not so bad yourself." She added.

Buffy walked to her car with a feeling of mutual respect between her and the vampire of her once lost lover.

Well Buffy and Angelus still hate each other and I wouldn't have it any other way. Angel is awesome, Angelus is awesome... but he's not an okay guy.

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