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A human who uses the Death Note can go to neither Heaven nor Hell. But, I'm still here? So what happened? Shouldn't I be nothing now? Why do I still exist? If being dead is existing at all…

All these thoughts went through Yagami Light's mind as he sat on the stairs, looking at his dead body. Quite a freaky prospect, isn't it? Staring at yourself lying in your own blood, face twisted in pain. Ryuk flew slightly behind Light, staring at him in shock.

"Hmm…Human's are supposed to go there after using the Death Note, but it appears you're still here. Heh, Light, even when you die you're still interesting!"

Light just stared at Ryuk, his eye's hollow, like his heart. He hurt those closest to him and paid for it with his life. He didn't have anything left, not even a body. And now what was he going to do? Wander around Earth for the rest of his undead life? And what, haunt keyboards? Was this the punishment for using the Death Note? Utter purposeless? Or just insanity by boredom?

"You know," Ryuk started again, "Normally a person doesn't stay on the living plane after death, let alone after using a Death Note! You're either really special…or someone up there really hates you, but what ever happens…will be very interesting! It's times like these I'm glad you picked up my Death Note…!"

Ryuk kept going on about humans and how interesting they are, and after about 30 seconds Light tuned him out. After what seemed like forever, Ryuk stopped and flew back to watch the show about to take place. Light watched him leave. He was curious as to why he left, but like with most things he didn't really care. After a few seconds a thought struck him. He was alone now, as in he had absolutely no one. The sheer quietness of his new life scared Light. Finally some non-Ryuk words broke through the silence.

"Light, finally we meet. I've waited many years to come face to face with you. I'm glad to see you remain untouched. Do not fear me; I have come to take you to a better place!"

Said genius looked up at the unfamiliar words, only to be blinded by the glow of the figure hovering above him. After Light's eyes got used to the shine, he studied the person floating above him. He had snow white hair and sparkling pink eyes. The most notable thing, however, were the bright ivory wings protruding from his back. Like an angel from the Bible. But, what would he want with me? After all, I shouldn't even be allowed to set foot anywhere near Heaven. The figure descended to Light's level and held out his hand.

"Come, Light-"

A fierce crackling was heard. The figure had to jump back into the air to avoid a flash of red lightning aimed toward his head. Light turned toward the source of the attack and gasped. Ebony hair stood on end clashing against pearly pale skin. Soulless eyes of obsidian stared intently at Light while Light gazed in shock at the attacker's pitch-black wings. It was L. He was back! He was alive!

A red-black energy sparked around L as he flew up to the other's height. He fired more lightning attacks at the white haired stranger. "I didn't expect a high ranking angel such as yourself to be here. Really, so much trouble over a little boy?"

The angel smirked, "Well, I certainly expected them to send filth like you. And you, of all people, should know the worth he holds." He began to gather his own blue-white energy that hardened and broke sending shards of light at L.

The attacks collided with each other. Both side's attacks crashed into each other, each trying to break through and hit the ultimate target. Neither broke through, fusing together, fueling a giant explosion. Negative and positive after shocks pulsated through the structure throwing the warring figures back, each trying to brace themselves in the air. After skidding to a stop, they headed down.

L landed on the ground first, pissed that his attack hadn't hit. He threw a fierce look at the angel, "Leave Akakios (1), you're not welcome here," he spat, stalking towards Light.

Akakios glared at L with unbridled fury, "Not welcome! L, you bastard! What about you?! Surely you don't think you can have this boy! Honestly, something like you coming here for a stupid goal like that! A demon like you has no claim to him!" He, too, started towards Light.

L reached him first and hooked his arm around Light's waist, "He belongs to me more than a pretentious angel like you!"

The Angel grabbed Light around the chest. "You shouldn't hold on to things that no longer concern you. He is ours. I'm bringing him home where he belongs!"

Light's wide eyes looked between Akakios and L. What the hell were they saying and why were they clutching him like territorial teens after a girlfriend? Well, Light didn't dare ask fearing the icy glares would be directed towards him.

"Light-kun," L said while glowering at the angel, "we're leaving, hold on tight."

Light threw L a questioning glance. Leaving? Where would they go? Akakios' eyes bulged, knowing what L was planning and the destination, "Are you insane! You can't use that! You're putting him in danger. It's nearly impossible to control!"

L smirked, "Only for a novice. The only one in danger is you albino!"

As L spoke the ground shook and a black light erupted from underneath them. Akakios jumped out of the way, knowing if he was caught in the light he'd be as good as dead. But, he couldn't let that…demon take the boy. He began to chant, a pure white light building around him. With all his might he thrust the energy at Light.

The black and white clashed and fought for dominance. Eventually the power struggle faded into an opaque gray. The neutral force captured Light and pulled him away from the two spiritual beings. Both knew where he would end up and neither was happy at losing their target.

Ryuk chuckled in the background. "Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it seems like he went to Mu anyway."

1-Some Greek name I found…it means innocent, not evil. Or something along those lines…

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