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"Angel talk"

"Demon talk"

"Human talk"

"High Angels"

Caliginous- Dark, misty, and gloomy.

L seethed as he walked down the darkened halls. His target had gotten away, his Light. His evil aura darkened as he thought about it. Damn that angel! If it wasn't for that son-of-a-who-the-hell-knows-what Light would be here now.

"L-sama! L-sama!" called a little pill bug-like creature successfully bringing all of L's anger upon himself, "L-sama! We've found the location of the-"

L cut him off by yanking the paper from his hands. He scanned it once, twice, and then stopped. His eyes narrowed, "Dangol. Are you sure this is right."

The creature nodded.

L glared at the piece of paper wishing it would erupt into flames. Which it did but not because of L's will. The demon looked up to see the cause of the flames. When his eyes found the instigator, he felt annoyance build up.

"Belial, shouldn't you be in the House of Princes?"

Belial smirked, "Shouldn't you? Or are you too good for us low-ranking Princes? You shouldn't get cocky mister Beelzebuth."

L glared at the other prince, "Don't call me that. My name is L. I refuse to accept that Name."

Rage sparked in Belial's eyes, "The others would kill for your Name! What makes you so much better then me!? Better then all of us!"

L merely walked away from the demon and towards the Gate.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!!"

L glanced back, "I never asked for the rank or anything. In fact I'd give it all away in a second if I could be with-"

Belial never heard the rest of L's sentence. The Gate had already closed behind him. Belial cursed under his breath and pulled out a cell phone looking device, "Eurynomus we're going on an L hunt."

A snicker filtered through the 'phone', "I've already got his destination."

Dangol picked up a piece of the burnt paper that lay forgotten in the dust.

"We're going to Mu"

The paper read Mu.


Akakios paced fervently. What was he to do now? The target had been flung to Mu. That territory was off limits to everyone but Shinigami and the Justices, and no Shinigami would help an Angel, let alone one of his high status, and the twin Justices never associated with other heavenly beings.

"Akakios-san," called a voice effectively breaking Akakios' concentration, "if you keep pacing you'll make a hole in the ground."

The angel turned to glare at the newcomer, "Alister, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be down there with those filthy humans?"

Alister pouted, "Come on, it's just us you don't have to use those formal Names. Just call me Suzaku-"

"Idiot! We were given these names for a reason! We don't need any ties with the other realm!"

"You mean Earth-"

"Don't give It a name. We are better than It. It shouldn't even be spoken on heavenly tongues!"

Alister/Suzaku gave him an apathetic stare, "That boy was he not a human from Earth? Was not I or any other angel of heavenly being once born on Earth. Weren't you, although you can't remember, also born on-"

"Enough! I don't need to hear this from you-"

"But you DO need to hear it. Everyone has a past; everyone has a name, even you. Isn't that the reason you're looking for this boy? So he can tell you-"

"SHUT UP! Just…shut up."

Akakios looked down brokenly, completely missing the understanding look that crossed Suzaku's face.

"Well then," the Earth sympathizer spoke, "I s'pose with you looking so pitiful; I have to help you. After all, helping mankind for years gets you some connections."

Akakios looked up hopefully, "You can help?"

Alister smirked, "Do you count passage to Mu help?"

The albino angel was shocked to say the least, "B-but how?!"

"Lloyd…err…Xaphan-san is very good at creating passages between realms. We were…friends while I was alive, so he helps me from time to time." Suzaku began walking towards a factory like building, "In any case we should get going."

As they walked away neither noticed the smiling golden light, "He is alright. I am glad. I hope we can meet soon…Light."


Light blinked a couple but gave up once his vision didn't clear. Without his eyes he couldn't see, so he was surprised when he started to actually see.

At first it was a frightening feeling. Gone was looking and not really noticing anything, it was replaced with simply knowing. The first thing he saw was grey, everywhere. But whenever Light opened his eyes he saw nothing, just a void, and still in the back of his mind he knew grey. Grey was the color of this nothingness. Grey was the color of this perpetual nothingness. After he had accepted this new sight, the grey void decided to throw something else at him. A person.

When Light first sensed the other being, he was surprised. Never had he felt something so balanced, yet so off kilter; nothing so bright, yet shrouded in never ending darkness. It was the opposite of grey and at the same time completely synonymous. It was Light, but not Light at all.

This immensely contradicting being, Light decided, was silver.

Light wanted to greet the figure, but found he couldn't move. Before now Light hadn't even tried to lift a finger; he never needed to. He sighed mentally. All he could do now was wait, and pray to the god he didn't believe existed, that the person noticed him.


Light blinked at the unexpected voice. He was so used to the silence, sound surprised him. He tried to reply, only to find he couldn't find his own voice. He couldn't talk. That thought alone made Light panic.

The figure somehow knew this and continued to talk, "Don't worry, after not talking for so ling the body simply forgets. You'll be fine in awhile. 'Til then I have the floor

First off: Welcome to Mu, party of two"

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