Oh Captain My Captain

oh captain my captain

a victory we've won.

Through hardships we have struggled.

The battle's over, done.

Oh captain good captain,

you're injured I know.

The pain you're battling with,

will be gone in a stone's throw.

Oh captain my captain,

what I wish to say,

I keep in my mouth.

It's wouldn't matter anyway.

Oh captain good captain,

my call you don't return.

Why won't you answer?

I am now concerned.

You fall to the ground,

all prideful shields down.

Oh captain good captain,

get up from the ground.

Your scarf's getting dirty.

I'm sure you'll blame me.

Oh captain my captain,

in pain, breathing hard.

Your cold eyes looking at me,

like I'm some kind of retard.

What I never told you.

My heart fills with dread.

Oh captain my captain.

Fallen cold and dead.