This is a story that I am absolutely freaking excited to write. It's my favourite. I think once I'm done I'm going to revise it, so that it's my own story. I really, really like it.

It's another summer story, and Edward may be a little bit based off of Dexter from This Lullaby, since the idea of him being rejected by Bella was what inspired this.

Anyway. It's a feelgood romance, all about our favourite characters, and everyone's human!


Chapter one

My father, Charlie, died before I was even born. They'd married young, my parents, and my mother was completely devastated when he passed. She chose to stay in the little town he was from, Forks, and raised me in the tiny house they'd bought after getting married.

Mom had a lot of help from her friends while she was pregnant, and those friends gave birth to two of my best friends, Angela Weber and Ben Cheney. The three of us grew up together, always as a trio. As you can imagine, when Ben and Ang started dating sophomore year I felt a little left out. But, as I pobserved throughout my junior year, Angela and Benjamin proved to be the sweetest couple I'd ever know. They actually seemed to be meant for each other.

As my confidence in this relationship grew, any faith I had for one of my own began to die.

My track record included: Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, and Ryan; a kiss on the playground in second grade. Those boys have made me lose faith in humans of the male persuasion, which is why I was also thankful that every date of my mother's for the past years have been disasters. I want her to be happy, but she has little faith in them as well.

My mother became an independant woman. She opened her own book store, Les Petits Livres. The name made me laugh. It sounded good, but when you knew french it didn't really make sense. It was an impressive store. She'd had rooms for the different genre's, she had boks in different languages, local writers, and all the new books.

She had a wall of GOOD CD's behind the cash. It was mostly easy listening, indy, instrumental stuff, the sort of thing you'd read a book with. But there were also a few rock CD's. No bad genre's, though.

I'd been emplyed at Les Petits Livres since I was 14. This was my fourth summer working. It was the summer of my senior year. I'd be 18 when school started again in September. We were in our last week of exams, as my friend Jasper Whitlock loved to point out.

Renee (mom) and I had met Jasper and his mom at a cooking class after they'd moved to town when we were 12. Renee had many strange hobbies that usually only lasted a month, at most. Meeting Jasper was the best thing that ever came from one.

Jasper had introduced me to Emmett McCarthy in 7th grade. Now, Emmett was the big brother I'd never had. Those two were my very best friends, as Angela and Ben had begun to get a little closer.

Rosalie moved to Forks in 8th grade, I'd met her in a home economics class when we were partnered together. We were immediately Friends. Rosalie came with me to the table at lunch and wit hher we finally evened out the girl:boy ratio.

Of course, Emmett apparantly liked her better than most. They've been together since freshman year, now.

Jasper and I were the lonely ones. He'd similarly lost faith after Jessica and Katie. I didn't know why he didn't ask out more girls, he was quite an attractive young man. I guess hanging out with that-girl-in-the-bookstore lost him a couple marks in their books.

The last person in my 'colourful' life in Forks was a young man by the name of Carlisle Cullen. He was a med student who came home for the summer's and christmasses and worked in mom's bookstore.

Carlisle was by far the most attractive man I'd ever seen. Blonde hair, blue eyes, lovely. He was the sweetest, nicest guy I'd ever known. I have no idea why he was single. If I was older, I'd have something to say about it.

It was the night before my Biology final, my last one before I was free for the summer. I was given the last shift for the night. We closed at nine, and it was currently five.

"Well, Bella," Carlisle said, pulling his sweater over his head. "Good luck on your test tomorrow!" He patted me on the head before flipping shut the cover of my ancient text. "If you need any help you should call me. I kind of know this stuff." He grinned and gave me a wink before leaving, the door jingling behind him.

I didn't have a single customer the entire night. It only took me a couple of hours to finish my work. Pricing new books, putting the stock back on shelves, cleaning the store. It was eight pm, the sun was just starting to set, and I was free to study all I wanted.

I was nearly finished chapter three when I heard a car pulling up. I moved my books and notes to the shelf underneath the counter and stood up, trying to look like I was working.

I grabbed the last pile of books to be returned, ones I was saving for the end of the night.

The bell over the door jingled as the most gorgeous guy in the world stepped inside. Carlisle was now second place to this guy in a grey t-shirt, dark jeans and converse sneakers. His hair was tossed all over the place, but it glittered in the orange twilight. I caught myself staring and his emerald green eyes flickered up to me. We both stopped and stared. He was just looking at me while I looked at him, mountains of books in my arms.

Finally, he smiled and turned into the classics room, while I walked into fiction to catch my breath. I breathed in deep and reached up to the shelf to place the book where it belonged when I heard "Excuse me," spoken in the most amazing voice.

I spun around quickly, losing my balance and falling into the arms of the hottie superbomb.

"Are you alright?" he asked while still holding me tightly. I'm not sure if he noticed, but my feet were working frantically to get me back up. He wouldn't let go, and as he was holding on to me from behind, I had no idea what expression was on his face.

"Um, you can let me go now," I mumbled. "If you like. I'm okay. this is an everday occurance for me."

"Oh! Sorry, of course." He jumped and righted me. I turned around and he was smiling beautifully at me.

"You know," he began with a sly expression. "I've heard that in 98 percent cases of clumsiness, helping the new boy in town find a book in the classics section has been an effective cure." I watched the corners of his lips curl into a grin as I found myself involuntarily smiling back at him.

"All right then," I said, heading out of the main area. "Let's see what we can do." He followed me out to the classics room and we stood in the middle. It was circular, floor to ceiling books all around us.

"What were you looking for?" I asked, avoiding looking at his face, for fear that I would stare and not stop.

"Dracula. And I can't tell how you have this room organized..." God, his voice was like music.

"Neither can I, most days. Good thing for you I'm a big fan of classics and I know exactly where everything is in here." I climbed onto the ladder closest to the door and moved about halfway up, where my eyes immediately landed on Mr. Bram Stoker and I pulled it out, passing it down to the boy before starting my climb down.

"My name is Edward, by the way," he added, standing behind my ladder to make sure I didn't fall. "Edward Masen."

"Pleasure meeting you, I'm Bella Swan." I stuck out my hand for him to shake, and when our skin touched there was an almost electric current that passed between us. He held on to my hand and didn't let go, just stared into my eyes, and I stared back, completely mesmerised by him.

"I think you and I have a connection," he said suddenly after moments of silence. I froze and just looked at him.

"Excuse me?"I finally whispered. He grinned and just nodded, still holding on to me.

"I really think you and i could have something ,don't you feel it?" he asked, leaning over the counter to get closer to me.

"That's 11.39, please," I said, holding our my hand for his payment. The door jingled. A short, black haired girl came almost dancing inside.

"Edward, hurry it up. Mom and Dad are waiting." she came right up to the counter and glared at him but smiled brightly at me.

"Go out with me sometime," he said to me, ignoring his sister, I was assuming.

"Um, no?" I said nervously, taking the visa he offered me and swiping it.

"Come now,' he persisted. "I really think we have something here!"

"You got that from the classic section?" I asked, passing him the book.

Edward smiled. "You say no now, but I think it's a good idea."

"I don't even know you!" I cried. his sister was watching us wide eyed.

"Then we'll be friends, first. You'll know what I mean soon enough, though." He was still smiling while my face was beet red.

"Come on, Edward," his sister grabbed his arm and led him out. "I'm sorry," she said to me. "He doesn't usually act like this." I nodded, a frown set on my lips.

Edward didn't know what he was talking about. He'd been in Forks for 5 minutes! When he saw the girls at shcool he'd surely change his mind. I'd never be good enough for someone like him.

"Bye Bella!" he called from the door. I waved meekly and pulled out my biology book, just as I heard them pull away.

Who does that? Seriously, how can he just come up to me and say something like that? I shrugged it off. I'd probably wouldn't see him again, and if I did it'd just be in school, and he'd have moved on to the preppier girls by then, no doubt.

The last half an hour flew as I crammed my brain with as much knowledge as possible. Before I knew it I was locking up and pulling out of the parking lot in the Volkswagon van Renee had bought for me when I turned 16.

this was the time when everyone was settling in for the night. It was quiet on the streets and there were hardly any cars out, the sun had almost completely set. I pulled onto my street, the one I had had since the day I was born. The same leafy trees bordering the sidewalks, though they grew, the same patch of forest at the dead end. It wasn't even a cul de sac. It just stopped.

The only thing that had changed since this morning was the house next door to mine. There was a moving van parked outside, blankets laid on the lawn with boxes sitting on top. The 'For Sale' sign that had been sold for a long time had disappeared, and I realised, when my heart skipped a beat, that I recognized the girl with short black hair.

Please, God. No.

I had to park closer to their house, next to my mother's beat up Saturn. I hopped out, but found myself staring at the family moving around their luminated white house.

They were painting, I gathered from the brushes in their hands. Just as the girl was heading for the front steps, there he was. Edward. He walked out, a splotch of red paint on his cheek and he said something to the girl, laughing, and she went inside.

I found myself staring.

He just stopped. His shoulders slumped and he twisted the brush in his hand, looking down. It was like he was really thinking about something, but when his eyes turned up to the night sky and he gazed at the stars, it was too private a moment. I felt like an intruder on his revelation.

I tried my best to sneak away quietly, but as soon as Edward had turned his head upwards, my mother stuck hers out of her bedroom window.

"Bella?" she called loudly, though I was only standing underneath her. "Come inside, it's getting late." I cringed - caught.

"Hey, Bella!" I heard his lovely voice call. I turned slowly, tensed. Don't make him go crazy like at the store, PLEASE.

"Hello," I mumbled. Edward was moving closer to me. I tried my best to smile, but it came out like a grimace, I'm pretty sure.

"Looks like we're neighbours!" he said happily, now very close to me. "We'll be seeing a lot more of each other, then!"

I sighed, disappointed. I think he may have taken it the wrong way, however.

"Once we finish moving in, I'll have time to go out with you," he smiled. "We do have the whole summer ahead of us. Heck, we've got another year of school!"

My eyes had widened, and I didn't know what to say. "I'm not going out with you," I told him. And before he could protest from his opened mouth I added "My mother's calling," and walked inside, shutting and locking the door on the strangest night of my life.

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