This, is a story that I'm sure drew you in simply by the summary. Ha!

I can say that the storm in this story was based off of one that my island had at the beginning of winter, I think. The power went in some towns for days. Everyone came up to my place of employment to buy oil lamps, and things like that. So, I hope you find this believable, and I hope it's funny and enjoyable for you!

I came up with it, when I was thinking: What would be different.

So yeah. :B


Hour One


This story, simply, is about love, and how I was stuck finding it.

It started, maybe in junior high, when young Angela Weber and Ben Cheney were introduced to work on a class project.No, wait. To blame this all on Angela would be just mean. It actually started some 21 years ago, when young Alice Brandon was born. For you see, the celebration of her birth was the only reason I had to stop by Angela's place after Angela's bachelorette party.

I'd bought this gift for Alice a while ago. It was probably the only thing she'd seen that she liked but didn't bother to purchase, which is very unlike my best friend. It was a scarf and mitten set, our springs tended to be a little unruthless. I'd also coupled with it several new compacts of her favourite make-up, and a book I'd purchased with her in mind (though the many other bags of books for myself were there as well).I had to keep it at Angela's, as it was impossible to hide anything from Alice. If it wasn't for that fact, I could have gone home, maybe five minutes earlier, and I wouldn't be in this mess.

It was worth it.

I'd left the bachelorette party as the designated driver, bringing my friends home, though they didn't really drink much, but they had kept their cars at home. I dropped off Alice, then Angela who ran inside and brought me the bags I'd left weeks ago. It was close to three in the morning so I started driving back across town to my apartment building.

What's the issue.

There was none.

Simple job, all taken care of, go back to sleep until Alice called whenever she woke up.


The area all around was quiet. This was the coldest, most inactive time of day, or night. I sipped on the water left in my bottle and made my way inside, arms laden with bags.

"Hold the elevator!" I called out to the one person stupid enough to be out at this hour. A hand shot out, sending the doors flying back and I skipped inside.

"Thanks," I breathed, setting my bags down and rearranging the skirt of my rather small black dress. How Rosalie convinced me to wear it, I'll never know.

"No problem," the most heart-wrenching, body-melting, musical, velvety voice spoke. I looked up, and a face that matched all those adjectives and more was smiling back at me. My mouth was hanging open, drooling, I'm sure.

"Which floor?" he asked brightly as the doors closed.

"Ah, sixth," I whispered. We both glanced at the buttons, one of which, the sixth, was already lit. His floor.

"I guess that makes us neighbours," he said with a grin, looking over my face.I grinned and stuck out my hand.

"608, nice to meet you."

He laughed (GORGEOUS!). "610."

"Wow! Why have I never bumped into you before?!" He grinned at me and we looked up to the numbers over the door.

2... 3... 4...


Oh. Shit.

We stopped abruptly, sending myself and my water (empty, thank God) into the stranger. The lights went out immediately.

"Fuck," he muttered, holding on to me. A few back up lights came on, allowing us to see. He crouched down and opened a panel, taking out the emergency phone. "I can't believe this." He hit the receiver. "It's dead." My stomach plunged.

"So we can't call for help?" I whispered. He grimaced, but pulled out his cell phone.

"I'll ask my friends to come up and tell management." Before he could even dial, his phone was ringing. An mp3 version of The Yeah Yeah Yeah song."Emmett?" I was close enough to hear the deep voice coming from the ear piece.

"Dude, is the power gone at your place, too?" Ugh. This was probably a city-wide blackout. I started on a text to Alice and called Rosalie, who was more geographically available.

The man began explaining to his friend the details of where we were and that he wanted him to come up to find the management and get them to find some help, in case te power didn't start up again soon.

Meanwhile, I had sent this, and moved to the other side of the elevator to give him more privacy; ALICE! HELP I AM STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR WITH A REALLY HOTT GUY I DON'T KNOW!

Then, I called Rose, hoping she'd still be awake.

"Bella, what do you think you're doing, calling me at a time like-- oh, the power's after going out..."

"Rose, the power's gone everywhere. I'm trapped in the elevator between the fourth and fifth floors."

"God! Is anyone else there?"

"Yes," I sighed, trying to make sure she sounded quiet in the small space.

"Ooh, is he cute?" She was starting to sound more lively now...

"Yes." I sighed dramatically, rolling my eyes at my guest who just smiled, texting someone. "Rose, just get up here and find out how to save me. I'd rather not perish to death here. I also don't know how long the lights are going to last."

"Okay, I'm on my way but send me a picture of elevator-boy, and call Alice too. She'd probably know what to do better than me."

"SAVE ME!" I yelled, though she barely caught it, hanging up. I'd gotten a text back from Alice that was telling me the best ways to flirt with him before it was too late. I sighed, exasperated, which was when I heard a click and looked up to see the stranger aiming his camera phone at me. I'll admit, it was a bit flattering, but it was also a little bit creepy.

"Sorry," he said with an adorable grin. "I thought it might be nice to have a picture of the person I'm going to die in here with." I smiled, and before he could lose the cute look on his face, I snapped my own picture and sent it to Rosalie and Alice, with the title 'Room 610' on it.

He sat down on the floor next to me and rested his arms on his knees. "My name is Edward, by the way. Edward Masen."

What a cute name... "Bella Swan. Pleasure meeting you under such wonderful circumstances." We laughed and I checked my phone. Alice had sent a message between the three of us, saying that he was definitely hot enough for two t's. I wrote back with his name.

"My friends are on their way over," he said softly. We turned to look at each other, and for a second I completely forgot what the problem was. His hair was messy, falling a little in front of his eyes, but he ran his hands over it to push it back. I saw bright, emerald green eyes staring at my own. He was breathtaking, as proven by the fact that I had forgotten to breathe, again.

"My friends are coming too," I stammered. "Maybe they'll meet up downstairs and then we'll all know each other," I murmured, in a dead serious tone, that I am sure was due to my tiredness. Edward laughed, the beautiful crooked smile appearing over his lips again while he typed something in to one of his friends.

"JEEZ BELL. HE'S GORGEOUS. WHAT A WAY TO MEET." Was Rosalie's text playing across my screen. I sighed and let my head fall against the wall. Edward breathed out, blowing his hair from his forehead. I noticed, for the first time that he was dressed rather well. A blazer, ruffled dress shirt and a loose tie.

'Where are you coming from?" I asked, staring at the bit of chest visible from his shirt.

"Bachelor party. My friend's getting married tomorrow. Yourself?" He was, of course, talking about my fabulously tiny dress and shoes.

"Bachelorette party. Wedding's tomorrow, too."


"Pfft, no." I was getting tired now. "My friend Angela's."

"Small world," he mumbled. "She's marrying my friend, Ben."

"Aw, too bad we won't be able to go, dying in here and all." Edward nodded sadly and stared ahead. "Do you mind," I slurred, leaning closer to him. "If I slept on you for a little bit?" He smiled at me and shook his head, so I curled up next to him, and he rested his head on my own and I went to sleep.

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