Case 1: Assassin

Case 1: Assassin

Case: A girl was stabbed in the heart with a butcher knife. High heel footprints were found next to her body. The location was 50 meters from the IPC headquarters.

Story: It was a cold and chilly night, where even the owls fluttered softly from roof to roof. A lone girl stepped timidly towards the IPC headquarters where the infamous Enzan Ijuin worked. Maybe, if she could sneak in she may put this on his table. Who knows maybe he will give her a call or… she nearly fainted at the thought. Herself, Enzan Ijuin's girlfriend. She nearly fainted onto the cold, dark streets but slapped herself just in time. As she stepped, a voice from the shadow stopped her. "What do you think your doing?"

She quickly spun around. An eerie silhouette in the moonlight caught her gaze. "Same to you,"

"I asked first."

"It's none of your business."

The figure stepped out of the shadows to reveal a girl wearing skin-tight clothes. She was short, real short. There was a light sneer on her pale face.

"Coming for Enzan huh?"

She clutched her bag harder. She wasn't going to give up on Enzan now. A knife glimmered it the pale moonlight. She gasped. The girl gave way to a bone-chilling crackle. She stepped back only to meet a wall. She turned to distinguish the reflection of moon on the blade before feeling immerse pain in her chest.

Verdict: Murder. Murderer unknown.

After: Detective Calvin looked over the evidence.

"No witnesses?" He asked his companion, Miss Yuka Kamio.

"Absolutely none. It was in the dead of the night."

Calvin stared at the knife. How strange is it to use a butcher knife for murder.

"It is a wonder how there wasn't a single trace of evidence anywhere." He marveled

"True, I fear it has only begun." Added Kamio.

Author's note: Guess who it is! Sorry for all the fangirls out there