This story I came up with the idea for when I was riding the tube early in the morning on my trip to London. My friend and I were sitting in one car, and looking at our tour director in the other car who was sitting next to a very attractive boy. So, I immediately wondered what would have happened if that came to pass with our favourite couple.

Of course... when we talked to our tour director after, we asked her if she noticed how beautiful he was and she said: Of course! Why do you think I moved to sit next to him?! Ahaha. those brits. (lupus!)

I'm thinking you should thank young Lupus in advance, for being my local reference. While I'll be googling the tube maps and trying my best, I don't actually know what's where in London, so heads up, I'm going to bug you for help! aha.


Chapter One

The busy streets of London do not lend to a fast commute by bus. This, is why many of us find ourselves in the Underground, the Tube network. The Tube gives us generally a faster connection to where we want to go. I found myself that fateful morning heading onto the Ravenscourt Park station after spending the night at a friends flat after a party.

Angela had asked me to stay late once everyone had left to help her clean up. It was early, now, around seven in the morning, and I was making my way back to my flat to start in on work for the day.

I was a substitute english teacher, substitute because I had published a book in my last year of university, and was actually doing fairly well for myself from it. I was working on the sequel, and maybe running a bit late, so I was anxious to get home and get back to work.

The station was completely empty when I arrived. The litter from last nights' party goers blew onto the tracks as the trains passed- empty, no surprise to me. I pulled out the notebook I kept in my large bag just for times like these, and a pen. I didn't bother to sit down, but stood where I approximated the door would stop. Then I began to write.

I had a few minutes of peace before I heard the familiar rumbling down the tracks. To my dismay, it stopped directly in between two cars, and I was left with a choice.

Left, or right.

So, being the right handed person I was, I chose left as that direction usually doesn't get much attention, even if I do drive on that side.

I should have picked right.

My car was almost completely empty. As I was on the right end, the far left was occupied by a gothic couple feverishly sucking each other's faces off. Towards the middle was a darling old lady reading the newspaper, a grocery bag by her feet, though I haven't a clue as to where she'd find groceries at seven in the morning on a sunday. Across from her, hastily typing on his blackberry was a young businessman, suit, briefcase, all fit. I, was by myself in my corner, writing in my notebook, my big bag in my lap.

I looked through the window into the next car, the one that had been to my right. It was slightly more crowded, but not too much. It was also then that I saw the reason why I should have gone to the right.

Sitting in a seat that would have been directly next to me had there not been space and walls between us, was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. Judging from his profile, at least.

He had tousled, auburn hair and a lovely plaid scarf tied tightly around his neck. There were black headphones covering his ears, and he was wearing a grey peacoat. From what I could tell he was reading a book. His gorgeous lips did not move with any lyrics to the music. But, I noticed that after turning a page his fingers ran through his hair and they began to move with what I guessed was the beat of the song. Dear Lord. If he was a musician I'd die from too much swooning.

I found myself staring for a little while before turning back to my page and writing. Of course, there were several times over the course of the next few stops that I looked up and stared at him. After that, the old womean and businessman had left, the couple had slowed their activity and were now speaking in hushed tones, seeming to grow louder and angrier as they went. More people had gotten on, thought none had come near me. I glanced up to the window, a break from work only to find the boy looking at me.

We both froze, eyes wide as we stared at each other. He really was beautiful. As the moments passed, I felt my cheeks heat up in a blush. I looked down, embarrassed and tied my own grey scarf tighter around me. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and when I looked up, he was grinning beautifully at me. It was so infectious, I couldn't help but smile back. His grin widened and he looked down for a moment then glanced back up. His eyes were a stunning green. He pressed a hand against the window, holding a piece of paper up to me with "Hi" written on it.

This one, like Stuck! will probably only be a short story. It shouldn't make it to ten chapters, kind of like Hey There Bella. I never meant it as anything more than a bit of fun. So, Review! Go read the others, vote, and let me know what you think!