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Chapter Five

For some reason over the next few days, Edward and I managed to avoid each other fantastically. I never ever saw him leave his house or go in, because I'd usually be gone myself.

I had meetings non stop, distant relatives to visit, and my friends to see, who lived quite far away, so I wasn't sure if Edward ever came calling, but I certainly didn't hear from him.

Despite the irony of having this amazing man as a neighbour, this was probably the reason I'd never met him before. We had completely opposite schedules.

My phone rang six o'clock one thursday morning, and I very tiredly swung my numb arm over to the phone and pulled it to my head, kicking the cat, completely by accident, causing her to lie on my belly and make me realise just how badly I needed to pee.

"Hello?" I croaked, hoping (though I should be rather angry for being up so early) that it was Edward.

"Hello Miss Swan! This is Principal Radcliffe," his voice said cheerfully. "I'm sorry I didn't call you the night before, but I was busy tracking down other substitutes. Mrs. Grint is away on a workshop, so we were wondering if you could come in today to fill in for her?"

"Sure," I mumbled, deciding in my head that I could get maybe another decent hour of sleep before I really needed to get up. "I'll see you there." He started prattling off about how happy he was but I hung up and snuggled further into the sheets.

I was so warm and completely relaxed in my coccoon of bed sheets, my legs felt like jell-o. I did not want to go to work today. This had been the perfect nights sleep, with perfect dreams of Edward, and it was just a perfect feeling to wake up to in the morning.

Unfortunately, my cat is pretty much a party pooper, so I was required to get up and feed her. I dressed in a burgundy tank top and a grey sweater, coupled with black pants and slip on shoes. I feasted on my favourite cereal, along with a glass of juice while listening to the news before loading up the dishwasher and grabbing my messenger bag, along with my favourite peacoat, scarf and gloves.

The walk to the Underground was quick for me. The brisk air put a spring in my step, hurrying me to the warmth of the tube.

My train arrived on time, my ride was short and crowded, but I managed to hold onto the pole with all my might, my eyes scanning the people for any familiar bronze hair. My search was in vain.

I left the Underground and walked up to the gates of the school, smiling at the kids who recognised me on my way in.

Mr. Radcliffe met me in the front hallway and began chattering happily as we walked to my classroom for the day, passing the gym and the music room on the way. My friend, Alice, the guidance counselor for the school peeked out of her office across the hallway and waved at me as I went over the notes Mrs. Grint had left for me. After shooing Mr. Radcliffe and his bad flirting away I picked up the planner and walked over to see Alice.

"How's it going?" I asked, sitting down on the overly comfy couch. The day looked pretty good, movies all morning, and library work all afternoon.

"Fairly good, just helping some students with their scheduling. Why are you in today?"

"Mrs. Grint is gone for a workshop," I mumbled, flicking through the pages of the planner.

"I can't wait for her to retire," Alice mumbled. "You fill in for her more than she's actually here. Though, I suppose this one is relevant, a couple of teachers are gone. I'll be happy to hear you talking across the hallway instead of her, though. She even puts me to sleep."

"How's Jasper doing?" I asked distractedly. Alice sighed happily.

"He's wonderful," she said dreamily. "He's been correcting so much work, it's really stressing him out, but I just find that makes him so much more attractive, you know?"

"No, I wouldn't," I mumbled. And, speak of the devil, Jasper swung himself into the room, kissed Alice full on the mouth, gave me a 'Hullo Bella' and left, right before the morning bell rang. I rolled my eyes at Alice who was giggling madly and stood up, managing to see the tail of Jasper's coast flick around the corner, heading for his History room.

Students were filing into my room and sitting down, greeting me happily as I set up the television and turned on the movie, occupying myself with typing up what I'd written of my novel on to my laptop.

My entire morning went in the same fashion, writing in the dark while the students nearly slept while watching the same film over and over. I got up to turn it off, rewind, and play. That was it.

At the lunch bell, I tiredly made my way to the staff room. When I passed the music room I heard a beautiful melody coming from a piano. I froze in the hallway, pivoted and looked inside.

There, sitting at the small piano was Edward, looking as gorgeous as the last time I saw him. The song he was playing was intricate and beautiful, enchanting me with it's gorgeous melody.

I stood there, stared and listened, watched as the muscles in his back moved with his arms undeneath his navy sweater. The melody was enchanting, and I was completely frozen in place until the last, lingering note sounded from his fingertips. Edward placed his hands in his lap and turned his head, smiling at the few students who were gaping at him.

"Hello, Miss Swan!" a young boy, Daniel I think, called. The other students looked up and waved, and I saw Edward's shoulders straighten as he started to turn around... and I ran.

I hopped past the door and pressed myself against the wall, trying to lower the pace of my heart. And, when I heard the chairs moving inside the music room, I ran down the hallway and around the corner, hurrying into the staff room for lunch.

I made my way over to my coat and bag, pulling out the lunch I'd brought with me and sat down on a couch next to Alice, and a frazzled Jasper looking over papers on the coffee table.

"Hey guys," I mumbled, chomping into my sandwich and hoping I was slouched down enough so that no one could see me over the couch.

"What's wrong with you," Jasper mumbled, flicking through sheets to find a certain part.

"Oh, nothing, just want to eat my lunch in silence." Alice quirked an eyebrow at me as she shoveled a fork full of salad into her mouth.

"Oh, Bella, dear!" Mr. Radcliffe called out. I shuddered and slunk down farther into the cushions. "I was wondering where you'd gone off to. How are you finding your day so far?"

"Good!" I said, before taking a drink from my tea. Mr. Radcliffe looked about ready to speak again when he froze.

"Bella?" I heard a velvety smooth voice say behind me. I froze as well, and Alice and Jasper glanced up behind me curiously. Slowly, I dropped my head back and was met with the very handsome image of Edward's upside down face.

"Hello," I said with a smile before turning around to face him properly. His smile widened into a toothy, crooked grin and he hurried around the side of the couch with his mug in hand sitting down next to me. I noticed Mr. Radcliffe very awkwardly making his way away towards the old secretary who was giving him the eyes.

"How are you! God, I've been meaning to see you, but we've done a great job of avoiding each other, haven't we?" I smiled and found myself laughing with him, my friends just staring and nudging me, wondering who the hell I was even talking to.

"Guys, this is Edward, I met him on the tube a few weeks ago. Edward, these are my best friends Alice, and Jasper." They all politely shook hands and the like and then I was allowed to direct my attention to Edward.

"Did you hear me playing the piano?" he asked softly. I blushed about as red as a tomato and nodded, looking down into my cup.

"Yeah I did. And, I'm sorry I took off, I got nervous," I said, offering an awkward laugh.

Edward's smile was warm, and his eyes smouldered. He took my hand and stood up with me.

"Come with me," he murmured. "I want to play you something." Since I didn't know what to say I put down my cup and nodded, completely ignoring my friends as I followed him out of the staff room and down the hallway.

In the music room, Edward sat me down next to him on the piano bench. He stared at me for a while, and I was trapped by his gaze before his fingers began to play a haunting melody, all from memory.

I was aware of Edward's eyes on my face the entire time, but kept my own eyes on his fingers flying over the keys. When he finished I was sitting there staring at the ivory keys, completely in awe at the beauty he had just played.

"That was the first piece I've written for your book," he whispered. My eyes flew up to him, and his face was so close. The room was so dark- we'd left the lights off.

"That was for me?" I mumbled, barely audible. Edward nodded.

So I kissed him.

It wasn't the same sweet kiss on the cheek he'd given me that had left me to my imagination for weeks. I'd dreamt about this guy every night I met him, so I leaned in, and immediately pressed my lips against his.

The feeling was phenomenal, and mutual it seemed, as Edward's arms immediately wrapped around my own and pulled me tight against him. Our lips moved feverishly around each other and we both let out small groans.

Then the light came on.

There were gasps, and we looked up through our mussed hair to see two students standing in the doorway, grinning madly before running off giggling. Edward and I both separated and looked at each other, breathing heavily. My hands had made his hair stick up on end in all sorts of places. I laughed lightly and fixed it, brushing my fingers through it until it was its usual mess.

I stood up and Edward tried to make my hair a bit neater but I shook it off, shrugging and looking at my reflection in the window to do it myself.

"I'm taking you out tonight," Edward stated confidently. I'm assuming it was because he wanted to make sure it happened now instead of when we couldn't even find each other.

"You are," I stated. "I'll see you after work," I said with a grin. Edward was grinning madly as well. He leaned in and gave me a much gentler, sweeter kiss before the bell rang and we went to tend to our classes.

I noticed, while working on my laptop during the library hours, that the students who had walked in on Edward and myself were sitting right here in my class, whispering to each other and occasionally looking up to me.

When the bell rang for the end of the day, I was making my way to the staff room, nonchalantly walking past the music room.

"Miss Swan!" a voice called out. I turned to see one of the students, hurrying towards me. My cheeks flushed. "I wanted to talk to you for a moment."

"Yes?" I asked him, hoping to God he wouldn't mention anything about Edward and I.

"I was wondering if you could read this yourself some time. I really enjoyed your first book, and it would mean the world to me if you could let me know what you thought," he explained, handing me a blue duo-tang, filled up with paper. I smiled at him. I knew exactly what this felt like.

"Sure thing, it's not a problem at all." I was about to say good bye when I noticed Edward leaving the music room, locking the door behind him. I couldn't help but stare.

"You really like Mr. Masen, don't you," he said, stating it, rather than questioning it.

I nodded, unable to help myself. The boy grinned. "Best of luck to you, then!" he cheered before running out to the parking lot. Edward saw me, standing there stunned and walked up to me, taking my hand in his.

"How was your afternoon?" he asked.

"Great," was my response. Alice came bustling around the corner, my coat and scarf in her hand.

"Here, go off with your guy and have a lovely evening," she said. "I've got to go have one with mine." She winked, just as Jasper grabbed onto her hand and dragged her away, and I was left there stunned.

Edward talked happily about his classes as I tied my scarf over my coat and we walked through the chilly streets. My hand was warm inside of Edward's and I felt completely comfortable, chatting with him, walking with him, smiling this much.

I laughed loudly when we reached the entrance to the Underground, and Edward offered me his breathtaking crooked smile.

"Seems like this is the only place we can ever be alone together," he offered as we went down the stairs.

"Well it's fitting, it's the first place we met. All of the big milestones should be here."

Edward nodded. "Meeting, going to the first date. I'll engage to you on the Picadilly Line, and we can get married on the Northern."

I nodded, hoping he'd believe my blush would be due to the cold. "We'll have our first child on the District Line, and then the next on the Circle."

"Ah, the tube," Edward mumbled, buying our tickets and pulling me through the turn style.

I grinned holding tightly on to him as we stood at the platform. I smiled warmly, as I watched his hair ruffle when the train pulled up. And, I kissed him when we walked into the crowded carriage. It was how it should always be.