NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR on March 14, 2012

Hello everyone!

I am first, very grateful to those of you who have faved, watched, and reviewed this story. Second, I have not been updating this story as much due to; writer's block, school, college searches, life issues, and so on.

Yet, I have recently heard about a new Lupin III series that is going to come out next month. This has given me new inspiration.

Which is why I am writing to tell you all that this story will be getting a MAJOR upgrade. I won't delete this version so I can try and remember where I was at with the story and to try and see what I did wrong with the character's personalities and growth. And for those of you who may like this version, you can revisit it as much as you like!

As this story was one of my very first stories on this site I feel that it's only right to show my progress. It was first anime, or show in that matter, that I actually loved and have fond memories of.

Thank you for understanding and look out for the new series soon!