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Charon was well aware of the fact that he was unloved.

As the head scientist of Team Galactic, and even its Boss (briefly), one would think he would get a bit of respect. But no, he got absolutely nothing and was basically treated like dirt by his fellow members.

Mars would snap at him, saying he paled in comparison to "Master Cyrus" and that no one except the real Boss could ever tell her what to do.

Saturn didn't think he was worthy as a new Commander, and that he had no right to comment on the Boss's ideas for a new world.

And Jupiter… Well she just flat-out hated everyone, especially Charon.

Even the lowly Grunts would either question his leadership abilities or mock him behind his back, oft referring to him as a "crusty, ancient creeper".

Yes, it was a hard life for Charon. Especially since he was currently locked up in a dank jail cell, where the only affection you would receive happened when you dropped the soap.

Charon sat on the edge of his rotted mattress forlornly. Sometimes, he missed having a friend… Sighing, he became lost in his own thoughts when he heard footsteps echoing through the hallway. A guard dressed in a blue uniform stopped at Charon's cell and clanged on the bars for attention.

"Hey you!" the guard barked. "You have a visitor!"

Confused, Charon slowly got to his feet, back and knees aching. 'A visitor? At this time? But visiting hours are over, so it must be someone important…'

Suddenly Charon was overwhelmed with hope. Maybe Cyrus had come to his senses and had arrived to set him free! Or maybe –

His thoughts were cut short as a young girl with long blue hair appeared on the other side of the cell. She wore a white knit cap atop her head, and a short pink dress.

Charon's eyes narrowed as he approached the bars, gripping them until his knuckles turned a stark white. "You," he growled, "This is all your fault!"

It was the girl who spoiled their places one too many times. The girl who caused the downfall of Team Galactic…twice.

"What are you doing here?!"

By this point, the guard had disappeared, leaving the two alone.

There was silence for a moment before the girl spoke up, her tone calm and even. "I still don't condone your actions, or the actions of Team Galactic as a whole," she began, "but everyone could use a friend." Her cold demeanor softened slightly as she passed Charon a Pokeball through the bars.

The scientist took it, puzzled. Pokemon were forbidden to own in the prison, as inmates would use their power to escape. But before Charon could question her, or even thank her, the girl had vanished down the hall from whence she came.

Hesitantly, Charon released the Pokemon trapped inside the sphere. His eyes widened in shock behind his rose-tinted lenses as a Rotom materialized from the Ball, floating happily in the air.

"But how…how did she know?"

…That Rotom…was his old friend.

The next thing Charon knew, he had discarded all fears he had as a child, and was taking great strides toward the plasma ghost before wrapping it in his arms. An electric shock coursed throughout his being, but despite this, Charon did not let go, at least not immediately.

He giggled to himself, releasing Rotom from his embrace. It surprised Charon greatly that he did not faint, much like when he first met the ghost Pokemon. In fact…it felt amazing. Rotom cheered, circling Charon's head. The scientist reached out to touch Rotom once more, savoring the shock produced by the contact.

It is unknown how long this occurred, the touching and the shocking, but judging by the duration of the "hyuck hyuck hyuck"'s resounding through the dark hallway, it was a very long time indeed.


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