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The Monkey King and His Prince

Warm, male lips pressed against his, a gentle hand placed on his right hip. His eyes closed, his tongue ran gently on the bottom lip of his practice partners. The other one parted his lips just barely, allowing the pink worm to slide into his mouth. Ever so gently, he nipped the others tongue with his teeth, receiving a low moan.

Saliva dripped from his mouth, as his tongue played catch with his sempais. Just as they were getting into the mood, they heard someone calling their names. "Echizen-kun?! Atobe-sama?!" It was Kachiro. "Your match is starting."

Reluctantly, Ryoma and Atobe broke apart. The taller of the two leaned in, and pressed his forehead against Ryoma's and sighed. "Che. Damn. And we were just getting started, too." He kissed Ryoma lightly on the lips, one last time, before letting his hand drop, and turning away.

Ryoma blinked a few times and then shook his head. "Che. Whatever." Was all he said. The two of them had been secretly dating for more than a month now, and in Ryoma's mind, Atobe was the one who initiated it. He just followed. Personally, he had never cared what gender he was with. In fact, he was perfectly satisfied being alone.

"Ha, Echizen-kun, Atobe-sama! We need to go! Your practice match is beginning!"

"Hai," Echizen muttered, picking up his racket. Even though he always pretended not to care, he really did, and that was his reason for letting the back of his hand slide over Atobe's butt as he walked by.

Smiling to himself, Atobe flipped a piece of invisible hair from his face and followed the twelve year old to the court. Hyotei and the rest of Seishun Gakuen middle school stood behind the fence, watching the last of the match between Eiji and Kabaji. Letting his eyes wander a brief moment, Atobe searched for Echizen before returning to the head of his own team.

The other match ended quickly soon after, in a tie between the two already on the court. Next, the "king" and his "prince" were to play. On the court, Echizen prepped his racket, his eyes loved on Atobe Keigo. Strong, beautiful, great in bed... Ergh, Echizen though, going red, and shaking his head to clear his thoughts. Not now! Not while I'm on the court!! He scolded himself, mentally hitting his head against a wall.

"We will not begin matches five and six!" Oishi called from the sidelines, his arms crossed against his chest. "Atobe Keigo vs. Echizen Ryoma on court C!" Neither of them heard the other pair, as they both stared into each others lust filled eyes. Their make-out session had ended much too suddenly. They could feel the results of it.

"Remember our agreement."

Echizen nodded.

"Tie we tell, I lose I'm your bitch for three days. I win, and you're my precious baby boy for three days," Atobe said quietly, with a slight nod of the head, a serious look on his face.

Again, he nodded. Play with Atobe, there's bound to be consequences. Win OR lose.

With that said, Atobe placed his racket head down and spun it.



The handle landed upside down. "Your serve," Echizen said tonelessly.

"No. You serve."

Echizen shrugged, handing Atobe his racket. "Whatever."

"One set match, Echizen to serve!" Oishi called from the reffs chair as the two of them walked to position, each glaring lightly at the other. Neither wanted to lose, and most CERTAINLY didn't want to tie.

Smiling and even larger smile, Atobe snapped his finger to get pin-drop silence. "The winner will be-"


Echizen flashed his golden eyes at the other.

"We'll just have to see, now won't we?" His smile slid from his face. If he lost to this shrimp, he'd be the laughing stock of Japan. "And I do expect you to use your left hand. You'll be blown away if you don't."

"Hai hai," Echizen said sarcastically, placing his racket in his less dominant, right hand. "I could probably beat you with my eyes closed, sempai." Silently, he threw the ball up in the air, and hit it with pinpoint perfection.


What seemed like years later, Echizen sat on his hands and knees, sweat pouring from every fiber of his being. Atobe had beat him, and had beat him hard; relentlessly. If only he hadn't messed up. If only he had concentrated harder on the match, than what was bound to happen afterwards. Of course, because of being who he was, he was going to hide all his emotions inside.

Smiling triumphantly, Atobe stood on the other end of the court. Not a bead of sweat trickled down his face, despite the hot weather. "Weren't you boasting about how you were going to win, Echizen-kun?" Atobe taunted, smirking just a little bit wider.

"You BASTARD." Echizen muttered under his breath, hoping Atobe hadn't heard.

"Of course," a breathy laugh, "you know what this means, right?"

Echizens head snapped up, to stare at him in complete horror. "You've got to be kidding me! This is a joke, a fluke! You can't be seriously considering doing that, can you?!"

Atobe's face darkened. "Me? The great Atobe Keigo, kid? Not a chance! You lowly, thing." His words, nearly poison.

Echizen inched back, crawling in his skin. Atobe had never been so serious before. He'd never been so rude in choosing his words. "Yes sir, Atobe-sama. If you insist. When shall I be at your house?"

Atobes attitude softened, as soon as Echizen did. "You are to be there at twelve PM, sharp. No excuses for being late. Your punishment will be dealt with accordingly." At last. Someone who would hang on his every word.

Sighing, Echizen stood up on his noodly legs and said, "Well you know, as long as you're doing this, you may as well tell them what's going on. They're probably all wondering, what the hell you're talking about."

"Ha ha. You don't know me too well, do you? They've all suffered punishment. Some," his eyes gazed longingly at Tezuka, "more severe," his eyes wandered back to Echizens again, "than others."

The words seemed so cold, a shiver ran it's way down Echizens spine. What the hell? "I didn't exactly mean that. I mean tell them about us. I'll get punished by the bucho if I don't come to practice, and don't have a good reason for not showing." He was trying much too hard to feign nonchalance.

Atobe had made his way over to Echizen's side of the court as he had been talking, and now stood quite close to him. Echizen could smell the sweet scent of his cologne. It dazed him slightly, and lowered his guard. And because of this, Atobe took advantage to wrap his arm around Echizen, and pull him into a very passionate, very obvious tongued, kiss.

Surprised, Ryoma choked on the tongue that had been forced into his mouth for only an instant, before he found himself kissing just as passionately back. His arms wrapped around the small of Atobe's back, and he let his eyes flutter shut, captured by the kiss.

Neither of them heard the gasps of their teammates, from either shock, or disgust, and some from jealousy. One of the girls that always seemed to follow Ryoma as his shadow screamed, "Ryoma-sama! How could you do this?!"

The other girls hushed her. "T-Tomoka-chan, you shouldn't say that stuff!"

"But Sakano! That ruins our chances! He's GAAYY!!"

All of Seigaku's members nodded in mutual agreement. Their youngest member was gay. Momo laughed with a nervous air and send, "I always wondered why he got dreamy eyed around us. I just thought he was distant."

His arch enemy muttered sarcastically, "Why should it matter to you? Obviously you're not his type."

"What was that mamushi?!" The two of them turned to each other, fists raised.

"Momoshiro, Kaidoh. Stop or it's 20 laps around the courts." Oishi called from the referees chair. Kaidoh hissed, and turned away from the still fuming Momo.

Eiji stood smiling, unlike the rest. He'd always figured. Not that he'd ever say anything to embarrass the young tennis star. Except for now. "O-chibi! Nice catch!"

Echizens face flushed red, although he didn't notice it any. His mind belonged to Atobe and the kiss right now.

Taka-san and Fuji stood with their jaws open at the scene before them. Neither had suspected that the little shrimp would be gay. It just didn't seem his style. Of course, there were a lot of things that surprised them about Echizen Ryoma. Like the aura that drew everyone to him. It was so mysterious, yet, it wasn't.

Of course, the least surprised of everyone, was Tezuka, their ever-knowing captain, and the data-specialist Inui. "Hmm. I never thought they'd actually come out like this." Inui muttered, jotting something down in his notebook. "Very good data for their metal processes though." He continued to write things down, oblivious to the world outside his own.

Tezuka though, of course remained emotionless. His face stayed set in stone, although the inside of him broiled with emotion. He'd always known the younger "him" was different. But how could he have betrayed him, with his ex, the whore of all whore's? Of course, he didn't really care. It was all up to him who he was with. But Tezuka still felt a pang of guilt, regret, and hatred, in the very pit of his stomach.

As for the young captain's own team, they all just shrugged. They didn't care. Most of them, except for one or two, knew their captains love towards men. All of them though, had seen him making out with Tezuka in the back of the clubroom. That had been their first time seeing something like that. How many of the had suspected something like that was unknown, but of course, as lower class members of them team, they just let it slide.

Slowly, and most reluctantly, when they needed to breathe, they broke apart, and were greeted with hoots and whistles from the other boys that surrounded the courts. Immediately, Ryoma blushed scarlet, pulling his cap down to hide it.

"We didn't really just...? Did we...?"

Atobe, who was beaming proudly at his choice, said, "Of course. Why? Were you so surprised by my kiss you thought you'd fallen into a dream?"

"Not a chance." Ryoma muttered, going even darker.

Laughing slightly, Atobe turned and called, "Tezuka, come here." Sighing, Tezuka uncrossed his arms and pushed open the gates to the tennis courts, and made his way over to the two that stood amidst it. "Now Tezuka, you know the rules of when you play against me and lose right?"

"You've never gone without punishing anyone, Atobe. I won't assume Echizen is any different. But, although I know your game, I fully expect to know what you have planned. And, if Echizen," he glanced at his younger teammate for a split second, and then looked back to Atobe, "is completely okay with it."

"We agreed to the rules long before we played, bucho. I think I'm alright with it." Echizen lifted his eyes and looked at the captain from under his cap. "If I wasn't, I wouldn't have agreed." An invisible shiver ran down the captains back, as the golden orbs seemed to pierce him like needles.

"As he said, bucho," Atobe purred, "we'd already long ago decided on the rules of our little game. Now, so not to embarrass him, I'm going to whisper my intentions to you. I think he's suffered humiliation enough today." He cupped his hand around Tezuka's ear and began to whisper his intentions. He must have done so in great detail, because on such a rare occasion, did anything make they young captain blush as he did now.

When Atobe finally backed away, a flushed Tezuka turned to Echizen and asked, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" The punishment he was being dealt was far worse than what he had ever suffered. No one deserved what he was getting.

"Bucho, I think I already clarified that I'm just fine with this. Now if you'll excuse me." Echizen bowed, and turned, walking away from the two still on the green.

"Don't forget Echizen-kun, noon tomorrow! You'll regret it if you're late!" Atobe jeered, smirking. The next three days were going to be fun.

As he walked out of the courts, he was nearly toppled over when his over-eccentric sempai decided to glomp him. "O-chibi! Why didn't you tell us you had a boyfriend?!" The words flowed so naturally out of his mouth, it was almost embarrassing. "How come you didn't tell us you were gay?"

"I'm not gay." Echizen protested, trying to pull the cat like person off of him. "Sempai, you're heavy. Please get off of me."

"Oh? If you're not gay, then was that just a random public display of male on male affection?" Momo asked sarcastically, grinning like a moron.


"Then what was it?" Kaidoh hissed, crossing his arms.

Echizen shrugged. "A kiss."

"Oh, just be careful Echizen! When you have sex between two men, your chances of getting AIDS is a lot higher!" (True fact) Kawamura said, his face scrunched up in worry. Lines of concerned creased the power-houses forehead.

"I know."

"Ryoma-sama," The girl in pigtails sobbed, "how could you not tell us you were gaaaay?!"

"I'm not gay." Echizen said defensively.

"W-well, u-um, you two look nice together, Echizen-kun." Sakano said timidly, her face glowing pink. That was her first, and hopefully last, time seeing two people of the same sex kissing. Of course, she didn't realize how much it really excited her. She was far too young to understand it.


While the others stood and interrogated him, Inui and Fuji stood by, silently watching. "It's interesting data, indeed." Inui said, scrawling notes into his book.

"It is." Fuji answered quietly, studying Ryoma. He was slim, but muscular. His perfect hair, and golden eyes enticed him. Made Fuji want him more than anything in the world. But no. He'd never show it. He refused to. So for now, he sat and watched him contently, from the shadows.

Growing more and more irritated, Echizen finally huffed at all of them, "If you'll please move."His eyes closed as he glowered at all of his teammates. The lot of them moved so he could pass through, a few of them thinking it fine to swat their hands across his ass.

Echizen walked back home by himself, fuming at both himself, and those he considered friends. So what that he had a boyfriend? It shouldn't matter that he was experimenting. That didn't mean he was gay. Did it?


"I'm glad you could join me for dinner this evening, Tezuka," Atobe breathed into his neck, pressing Tezuka's wrists even harder against the wall. His knee pushed between the other boys legs, brushing against the slowly hardening cock. Atobe deliberately placed small butterfly kisses along the sensitive part of Tezuka's neck. "It's been so long," Atobe breathed into Tezuka's hair, "since I've breathed this smell. Since it haunted me in my dreams."

Tezuka looked straight ahead, refusing to succumb to this man. "Echizen would be upset to know you're cheating, Atobe. You whore." His head tilted back, as Atobe placed kisses along his neckline.

"I'm sure he would. And I'm offended, Tezuka. Calling moi, a whore?" His hand moved up Tezuka's shirt, grabbing hold of the firm stomach muscles. Gently, he began to rub along the rock hard abs, paying special attention the the raised nipples. "You were the one who lost to me, Tezuka. Not," he grabbed his nipple, twisting it, "the other way around." Just the tiniest bit did Tezuka's face tinge pink. Not enough to be noticed though.

"That was one time, Atobe. That gives you no right to cheat on your boyfriend just because he lost to you. And because his captain, you ex, had also lost to you." Tezuka said, digging into just healing wounds.

Atobe refused to be bother by it, as he yanked off Tezuka's shirt with his free hand, to reveal the almost overly toned muscles beneath the shirt. "Whatever you may say, makes no difference to me. You're just trying to get yourself out of this situation." Atobe ran a single finger down Tezuka's bare chest, stopping right above the hem of his pants.

"Think as you will," Tezuka replied, glaring at him. He could feel his pants growing tighter with each moment, but he refused to show it to Atobe. He would hold strong until the last possible moment.

"I will." Atobe slipped his hand under the hem of Tezuka's pants and grabbed the ever hardening member. "You know," he gripped it a little tighter, "you're allowed to moan a little. Show me that hot passion you used to have."

Tezuka bit his lip a little, refusing to let any sound escape his lips. "You shouldn't be doing this. You have a boyfriend. You love him. He loves you." Tezuka said through clenched teeth.

Atobe looked at him with his gray eyes. With poison on each word he replied, "I don't care."

Tezuka went rigid. Had he heard right? "If you ever do anything to hurt him, I swear to God it'll be the last thing you ever do." He nearly hissed at Atobe. He could do whatever the hell he wanted to him, but if he ever hurt the young star, there would be hell to pay.

"Hai hai. Hurt him? No. Maybe taunt him a bit, yes." Atobe slid his hand from under Tezuka's pants and made to unbutton them.

Tezuka yanked down, jerking Atobe's arms as he tried to get away from him. "No. Not that."

"Why not? It'll be pleasurable for the both of us."


He smirked. "There's not much you can do about that now is there?" He finished unbuttoning them, and began to draw them off. With a soft thud they landed at their feet, so he only stood in his skivvies. "Your body. It's beautiful." He again ran a single finger down Tezuka's body. This time, Tezuka couldn't help but to shiver. Not from the sensual touch, but from the draft coming in through the window.

"Hmm... Perhaps you are giving into pleasure," Atobe said aloud to himself, pleased.

"Not in the slightest."

"Well, none the matter. I may want to finish removing these..." He ripped Tezuka's boxers from his body to fully reveal the throbbing length. "Ah. It's nearly as beautiful as I am..."

"Vain." Tezuka muttered under his breath, finishing the already finished sentence.

His words were gone unheard, seeing as the other man was staring at the large, throbbing cock. He knelt down, forcing Tezuka's arms with him. With little hesitation, he leaned in, and began to lick the head of it, waiting to hear Tezuka's moans.

Being as he wasn't prepared for what was coming, Tezuka let out a sharp breath of air. It'd been so long since anyway had touched him in this way. It was almost like reliving his first time again.

His lips curled into a smile, as he continued to play with it, until he finally engulfed the whole thing in his mouth. It tasted like sweet candy. Something he desired for, but could never have until now. His grip loosened on his captive, but to his surprise, his captive didn't try to escape. In fact, he was writhing with pleasure. He'd on for so long.

Serves him well. Atobe thought, opening eye to watch Tezuka.

Dammit. Why did this have to happen? I was trying not to. How in the bloody hell am I supposed to face him on Monday now? Tezuka mentally beat himself against a brick wall for loosing his composure. It had never happened before. So why was it happening now, at the worse possible time?

Atobe pumped with his mouth, going faster and faster, feeling the friction between him and Tezuka. He tasted oh so sweet! Soon he felt precum in his mouth, so he stopped, pulling his mouth away. Tezuka's eyes were closed, and he was sweating. Atobe realized it had been a long time for him since he'd last done this.

He slithered up body, whispering in his ear. "Turn around."

"No." Tezuka hissed. He was still going to fight.

"I said," Atobe's hand wrapped hard around the cock, "turn around." Tezuka grimanced in pain. Reluctantly, he turned, pressing himself to the wall. He breathed in short, quick breaths. Hell was going through his mind right now, and he was letting his teammates boyfriend cheat on him, with him. The only possible way it could get any worse was if Ryoma walked in through that door to see them like this.

"You're such a well behaved boy. I thought you would have had more pride. Thought you could stand the pain." Atobe's lips pressed lightly against Tezuka's ear. "You're worthless Tezuka. And I will destroy you and your team." He threatened.

Pain shot through Tezuka's body, his eyes widening as Atobe pushed himself inside. Tezuka writhed in pain. It hurt. It hurt so much he could cry. But no. He couldn't. He wouldn't. His pride was already shattered into thousands of pieces.

Tezuka's entire body trembled as Atobe pumped ferociously back and forth. His cocked hardened more, and seeped. Soon, he could hold it no longer, bit his lip hard and released.

The wall splattered with white come, like it was paint. Atobe came soon after, and a lot less quietly into him. He slid out, and once more leaned into Tezuka. "Let's keep this our little secret. okay?"

Chapter 2 coming soon I swear!