Echizen woke up the morning sore and tired. After he'd fallen asleep the night before, he'd dreamt of Atobe and his captain together and had made his sleep restless. He didn't understand why. Why had Atobe betrayed him? Wasn't he good enough? It took him a moment to realize that the diaper he wore was wet. What the hell? That moron didn't even give me anything last night. Shit. Maybe I'm regressing...

The door swung open and Atobe entered, smiling like always. "Good morning young one. Did you sleep well?" Echizen glared, sitting up.


"Aww. What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?" Atobe stopped in front of the crib and leaned against the latch. Echizen shook his head, looking away from his soon to be ex-lover.

"Humph. Like I'd lose sleep because of something like that. What I wanna know, is what the hell you were doing with my captain in bed last night." Atobe opened his mouth to protest. "Don't even try to deny it. I saw you with my own two eyes last night, Atobe. And don't even try to tell me I was dreaming. It was kind of hard going to sleep last night because you wouldn't tell me what you were doing. Come to find out you fucking cheated on me with your ex. How does that make you feel, huh?"

Atobe stood speechless. How had he found out? "What do you mean, Ryoma?"

"Don't call me that. I don't want your excuses, I want your reason." He stood up and stared Atobe directly in the eyes.

Atobe stared back, not having a thing to say for himself.

"You know what? Just forget it. Since you're here just change me and then I'm leaving. Maybe you'll be able to tell me later."

"You don't have to wear diapers any more, Echizen. It was your last day today." Atobe rasped, clearing his throat.

Echizen reached down and unlatched the side bar, letting it slide to the ground. "Just do it, would you? I want to get out of here." Still slightly speechless, and mouth agape, Atobe lifted him and brought him over to the changing table. Slowly he peeled away the onesee, and then undid the tapes to the diaper. He himself was surprised that it was wet. He hadn't even given him anything last night for a reason. "What you saw last night..." He started. "It wasn't what you thought it was."

Looking away Echizen humphed and said nothing. There wasn't any need for excuses. What he saw was exactly as it was. Atobe was still in love with Tezuka and he knew it. He'd never been that passionate with him. It had always been so forced. So fake. He felt wet wipes and powder on his bottom and then another diaper was taped around him. When a hand was offered to him he hit it away and sat up on his own. He walked over to his duffel bag and grabbed his shorts and t-shirt, quickly pulling them on. Turning to Atobe he said icily, "If you don't need the rest of those I'll take them. Thanks to you I can't even make it to the toilet any more." Nodding Atobe threw the mostly full package to him. He caught it and shoved it into his bag. "Oh, and by the way," he turned to glare at him, "we're over." With that he walked, well waddled, out the door and away from Atobe.

Watching him go, Atobe had to bite his lip to keep from crying. How was he to know he was going to get caught? Or that Echizen would regress? It's not like it was common knowledge or anything. Finally, after a single tear slid down his cheek, Atobe collapsed to his knees. How uncharacteristic of me. He thought bitterly. Crying like a... Like a baby!


Echizen walked home quietly, fuming to himself. That lying bastard had cheated him. Treated him like a baby to boot and he had agreed. Like a fool. Well Echizen was no fool. Not to him, not to anyone. When he arrived home he walked up to his room and shut the door. Then he fell onto his bed and stared blankly at his wall, letting his thoughts run circles in his head. After awhile, only God knows how long, he forced himself up from the bed and then downstairs. His father, and his cousin, were both in the kitchen. His dad was reading the paper and his cousin was at the stove, whistling quietly to herself. Echizen flopped lifelessly into a chair.

"Oi, what's wrong Ryoma?" His dad asked, turning the page to his newspaper.

"Nothing." He lied, perfect nonchalance in his voice.

His dad sniffed. "I smell a lie." He sniffed again. "And.... Crap?" Ryoma half shrugged. What did he care what his dad smelled? He began to shift in his seat but stopped short. There was warmth, and a squishy feeling. No way. Not a chance. Right? Wrong. "Don't you even tell me you...? Ugh what did you do at his house?"

He shrugged again, his face more red than a tomato. His cousin turned to him. "Let me guess, you had something planned but it went a little of course?" She smiled and laughed. "You boys."

Groaning his dad muttered, "I was done with diapers years ago. I am not getting back into dealing with them." Nanako laughed again, turning off the stove. She held her hand out to Echizen.

"Come on. Let's change you. I suppose we should repotty train you as soon as possible." Hopping of the chair he shook his head. "What? Why not?" She gave him a surprised look.

"Show him what an ass he is." He replied quietly, walking back upstairs again. "God I hate him." Nanako followed, baffled at Echizen's uncharacteristic moves. He'd never gotten revenge on anyone. For anything. Usually he got depressed and quiet after he lost a match and he'd never dated before so he'd never had a bitter end.... Or had that time finally come?

Once back in his room Echizen dropped to nothing and laid down on his bed. Nanako closed the door, and sat down beside him, placing a hand in his hair, "Ryoma-kun, what's wrong? Did you two... You know, break-up?" He nodded. "And is this your revenge? Refusing to use the bathroom like normal twelve year olds?" He nodded again. Sighing she ruffled his hair and stood up. "Well whatever floats your boat. Where are the extra diapers?"

"Bag." He muttered. She went to the bag and grabbed a new one then came back again. Quickly she changed him and then she left him to himself. It was going to be a long couple of months, unbeknownst to them.


Weeks later Echizen walked hand in hand down the street with Sakano, a surprise to all of his teammates. Sakano had never expected this either. She'd thought all was lost when she found out that Atobe-san and Echizen were dating. But only a few days after finding this out Ryoma asked her on a date. And as one could guess, it led them to where they were now. Of course she'd found out the hard way about Echizen's little predicament but she grew used to it. It was kind of like having her own child to take care of. "Um, Echizen-kun, where would you like to eat?" She asked timidly. Although they'd been together for weeks, Sakano just couldn't get over his cold attitude towards not only her but the world.

He shrugged. "I don't care. What do you want?"

"Um, why don't we go to Taka-san's sushi place?" He shrugged again. "Alright. This way." She tugged him lightly and he obeyed without a complaint. The walk there was silent and made Sakano sigh to herself. Although he'd changed, he hadn't changed much. He was still a quiet recluse that made her wonder what was going on in his head. They reached the sushi place quickly and walked inside. Taka-san was at the counter quietly practicing sushi making hand motions. He looked up when they came in.

"Ah, welcome Echizen-kun, Sakano-chan. What can I get for you?" The two of them sat down at the counter seats.

"Two orders of sushi, please." Sakano replied quietly.

"Sure. Coming right up." Taka-san went around busying himself. After a moment of hesitation Sakano reached out and grabbed Echizen's behind. If he'd been surprised he didn't show it. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. He nodded ever so slightly.

"Ano, Taka-sempai, do you have a bathroom we can borrow for a few minutes?"

"Sure. It's back there." He pointed to a far corner, a surprised look on his face. What was going through his mind when she said that nobody knew. What did he expect two twelve year olds to do in a bathroom? They disappeared, reappearing a few minutes later, stopping dead in their tracks. Tezuka and Atobe sat side by side at a far table, hands held underneath the table. Echizen swallowed, a lump in his throat. He hadn't seen that betrayer since they broke up over a month ago. And seeing Tezuka every day was bad enough, knowing what he did and all.

"Echizen-kun, daijobu desu ka?" Sakano asked, worried. She'd never heard the full story of why they broke up. Actually, she never even got the gist of it. He hadn't told anyone. Not even his team. Or closest family members.

"Fine." He muttered, turning and heading back to his seat. Sakano looked between Tezuka and Echizen a few times before following. They sat down and began eating, hardly saying anything to one another. It surprised them both when Atobe came over and took a seat next to Echizen. He didn't look over.

"So," Atobe cleared his throat. "Are you still in...? You know..."

Echizen ignored him. There was no way he was going to have the satisfaction of pretend forgiveness. If he talked to him that meant he forgave him and he didn't. To his surprise Sakano answered, her voice ice, "Yes. He's still in diapers no thanks to you." Echizen saw his face tinge pink. He never knew Sakano could be so... Strong... And not ditsy.

Flustered now he said, "Oh. Well.. Um.. I was going to ask you if maybe you'd like to hang out sometime. See a movie or something." This time Echizen answered and you could tell he was furious.

"Atobe you had your chance and you blew it. You think that I've worn these stupid things for so long because I like them? Think again. This was all because of you sleeping with Tezuka while we were still dating. And then you thought you could lie through your teeth like the moron you are. When I broke up with you I was serious. Your time is over. We're through. Completely through. So don't even try crawling back. You're a captain. You were once my king, and I your prince, but that time is over. You reign is done, Atobe. You've gone soft and it's killing you." He took a deep breath before grabbing Sakano by the wrist. "We're leaving." He left cash on the counter for their meals and stormed out of the shop.

After being dragged for about half a mile, Sakano finally said, "Echizen-kun, stop! Please!" And he did but he wouldn't turn to look at her. After some gentle tugging she managed to turn him around... And she gasped. Tears were streaming down his face like a child's. Like the child he was. "Echizen-kun.... What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He wiped away his tears quickly and then did something he never imagined he would. He grabbed his girlfriend around the waist and brought her into a breath-stopping kiss. Slowly, intoxicated, her eyes drifted closed and she fell deeper into the kiss. It was the best damn thing she'd ever felt.


And every knows this is a cheesy ending but things changed after that. Unable to bear it anymore Atobe left tennis, and Tezuka, forever. He was done with relationships. Done with men, done with boys. Life was a bitch but he continued to bear it, simply because he couldn't end it.

Tezuka continued to be captain of his team, leading them with an iron fist, but he could never look Echizen in the eyes again. There was so much pain there that he had caused it would be like tearing open an ancient wound.

And Echizen. He never repotty trained himself. He continued to wear diapers and for a long time dated Sakano, until they were old enough to have sex. He realized that being with a woman couldn't make him happy. Sakano and he stayed friends though, for a long, long time.


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