Red Stained Rain

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Summery: After being beaten nearly to death,finding out that he holds the Kyuubi no kitsune he leaves Konoha. Years later the Doll master,a person said to have puppet master skills far greater then even Sasori of the red sands appears as an assassin for hire and is said to despise Konoha with his very being. Not only that they say his power is far greater than any of the Kages and rival the Kyuubi no kitsunes.

Warning: Blood,Yaoi, Sakura bashing.

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A/N: Naruto is six in the beginning, Itachi is 13 when the Uchiha Massacre happened and The rookie nine plus Naruto were eight.

Saykuya Haruno--Sakura's mom Pronounced-(Sai-ku-ya)


Six year old Naruto Uzumaki, holder of the Kyuubi no Kitsune strongest of the demons and scape goat to Konoha's anger and grief, currently sat on top of the hospitals roof eyes staring intently at the full moon.

You would think that someone his age would be asleep at such an hour, 11:30, but he couldn't sleep. Ever. When he slept he was pledged with nightmares, and not the kind that your average six year old had either.

When he slept he saw people die, he saw blood and heard each plea and scream,if it's not enough that he heard voices in his head: they were vacant like if being filtered through a screen,but they were still there. They tormented him all throughout the day, and the nightmares tormented him at night,so he finally decided to give up sleeping. If only to get away from the stench, the sight, and the pleas.

He clutched his puppet (it was given to him by a villager who wished to intimidate him,it did the opposite and now he cherishes it despite the person who gave it to him) to his chest. he was dressed in a black shirt with a fox on the back and baggy black pants,with bandages covering him underneath the cloths. The doll was an exact replica of him,but with the eyes,and mouth sowed shut.

He had amazing cerulean eyes that matched the sky in color, white-blond hair that was pulled in a low braid that reached down to his mid back and porcelain colored skin,the effect of spending most of his time avoiding the sun, and all the people outside.

Naruto looked up from his favorite spot when he heard a twig snap,the next thing he knew he was falling of the 18th story building he landed on his back,he hit the concrete with a sicking crack .Dark circles clouded his vision. He felt something warm trickle down his spin and his forehead. His lungs constricted painfully, he whimpered softly.

A harsh laughter erupted from above him and he looked up, his vision was still blurred, but he could see dark shapes looming over him.

"Aww, did the wittle demon take a fall?"

A sickly sweat fake baby voice broke through the filter, Naruto looked up to see a bunch of sickly pink hair,he groaned turning his eyes away from the to bright color. Saykuya Haruno laughed cruelly along with the mob consisting of both Konoha shinobi and Konoha citizens.

Naruto sat up, a sharp pain shooting up his back, before he was roughly shoved back onto his back by a smirking Saykuya. The mob drew closer to the blond. He attempted to get up again, managing to to get to his knees before he was roughly kicked in the back, landing on his front this time.

"Where do you think you're going, Kyuubi brat?"

A voice growled picking Naruto up from the back of his shirt, he squirmed in the man's grip,but stopped when he was punched in the gut. He was then slammed roughly into the wall, he heard the slam and crack as his head hit the wall. The laughter only grew. He opened his eyes again, his vision was better, he could make out the shapes but not the faces of his tormentors.

"Tonight we'll finish what the fourth started!"

A voice shouted from the back of the crowd, shouts of agreements filled the ally way. Naruto gasped when something cold and hard slid into his gut before let out a scream as it was twisted ripped out and plunged back in before repeating the process again. A blood curdling scream erupted from him before a rag was stuffed in his mouth, muffing his cries of pain.

He was terrified, his gorgeous blue eyes wide with fear,and confusion which only fueled their desire to see him in pain. He whimpered when the knife was pulled out, only to scream again when it was plunged into his chest, piercing his lung. Laughter erupted from the crowd at his obvious pain. The leader,a shinobi obviously from the head band, slammed him into the wall before kicking him in the head.

Black spots littered his vision, and he was lifted into the air and thrown out into the middle of the crowd, the second he landed he was assaulted by broken glass, clubs, bats, iron pips and anything they could get their hands on. His screams were muffled by the cloth stuffed in his mouth. He was bleeding heavily, and breathing came harder, the crowd backed away and someone stepped forward.

" Monster."

He snickered coldly before kicking the blond so he faced him. Naruto came face to face with Uchiha Fugaku. The head of the Uchiha Clan grinned evilly at Naruto before lifting his foot and stomping on his face. Naruto felt his nose break and blood gush done his face. He finally got out out of his vice like pull only to meet with a kunai that lodged itself in his right eye. He screamed,this time it wasn't muffled the cloth having been removed. Before he blacked out he felt a burning on his right arm and leg.

Naruto woke to find himself in a sewer. He shot up,glancing nervously at himself to find everything fine: no injuries, no pain. He blinked.

"Was it just a dream?"

He murmured out load. His eyes darted from checking for injuries to taking in his surroundings. He frowned,the only way out was an open door leading down a dark hallway.

"This can't be Konoha. There isn't a sewer that looks like this anywhere in Konoha. So,where am I?"

He frowned, before making his decision. He followed the hallway. A few minutes of walking and he found himself in front of a giant cage with a paper seal with the kanji for seal. A dark chuckle brought him out of his musings.

"So you finally came to visit, Kit?"

Naruto's head snapped up to see a gigantic fox. Naruto blinked in confusion before realization dawned. Kyuubi grinned.

"Your pretty smart for a human."

He chuckled and Naruto looked at him with out fear. He looked curiously from Kyuubi to the cage before focusing his attention back on Kyuubi.

"Your Kyuubi, right?"

Naruto asked calmly. Kyuubi scoffed but nodded.

"Tell me how did you know, anyway?"

Naruto looked up and shrugged. His hands fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

"I guessed. Everyones always calling me Kyuubi brat, or demon. And from all the book I've read, I found out you can't kill a demon, cause it's basically impossible to kill a demon. And then I saw the cage and the seal and figured we're in my mind. And your Kyuubi."

He conclude without a thought. Kyuubi looked impressed.


He asked this time generally curious. It's not every day a six year old shows up in front of The Kyuubi no Kitsune, show no fear. In fact be calm and then solve an SS-class secret. Naruto looked up.

"I read a lot."

He stated simply. Kyuubi huffed.

"So how come your not scarred?"

"Cause if you wanted me dead, I'm guessing I'd already be dead."

He guessed." Hey Kyuubi,I have a question.

"Let me guess you want me to tell you why I attacked your pathetic village?"

Naruto shook his head.

"How'd I get here,why now and not before?"

Kyuubi blinked honestly thinking he would have asked the reason for him attacking the village. Kyuubi glanced at the cage before shrugging.

"Like hell I'd know. "

Naruto glanced at him again.

"So you gonna tell me why you attacked?"

Kyuubi blinked. Once. Twice. Before grinning down at the blond.

"So you remembered." Naruto grinned back, sliding down so he could sit.

"Well I do have a photographic memory." He smiled. Kyuubi nodded.

"First off as you have been told demons are mostly known, to humans, for killing and being cold hearted monsters. Well that's wrong. Demons feel emotions like humans do, in fact I'd say we feel more due to living so long. The reason we get these reps are because of our tendency to hunt humans. All I have to say for that though is, don't you humans kill animals? You eat them too and yet you don't call yourselves monsters or demons."

He stated calmly. Naruto nodded following his every word,and burning them to his memory.

" Now with everything I've told you so far I bet you to expect me to say I came to hunt: for food right? Wrong. I attacked because I was tricked."


"Yes, yes now let me continue. I had gone out hunting, I had gone out hunting, my mate having just had our kits, and when I came back my kits and mate lay dead, with a man smelling of snakes above them. Before he left he told me this was Konoha's wish. I went into a demonic rage and attacked Konoha without thinking." He explained. Naruto nodded.

"That makes sense. Now when you say smelled of snakes what do you mean?"

Kyuubi looked thoughtful.

"He recked of the smell of snakes,I guess he had the snake summoning. He had black hair and extremely pale skin,like paper."

He added,Naruto suddenly shot to his feet,snapping his fingers.

"I read about him! He's Orochimaru,one of the famous three Sennin,and he has the snake contract. It also said he betrayed Konoha, the reason wasn't stated but I read in his file he was looking for immortality, and something about being jealous against the Yondaime since he wanted to be the Hokage. " Naruto Stated, Kyuubi growled at the name.

"Even if it wasn't Konoha's fault my kits and mate are dead, I still hate that reached place. After what they did to you.....we demons take great care of our kits! No one should have to go through that." He muttered. Naruto looked up.

"I hate them too. I know that it's wrong, at least that's what I'm told but I can't help it. I've tried my whole life to make up for something I didn't know about, and was no part of , and they don't care! If they can just stand by and watch as I'm sacrificed then I don't wanna be Hokage, and I couldn't care less about them." Naruto stated calmly. Kyuubi looked up.

"Tell ya what , kit, I'll help you leave this reached human village , and teach you so you can defend yourself."

"Okay,what do you want in exchange?" Naruto finally asked, Kyuubi grinned.

"Not much, so far I can honestly say that I'm at least glad your my container, and I generally enjoy your company. Theres also the fact if you die I die. So what I ask is: one you train so you can avenge my mate and kits by killing Orochimaru." He waited for Naruto to agree.


"--Two, you listen to what I tell you, and train hard. I don't train slackers--" He paused again for Naruto's okay.


"--third and last we fuse so that I can get some freedom, I can train you, and you become Half-demon." Naruto hesitated.

"Half-demon?" He questioned.

"Yes, you will gain tails,for how much chakra you have, and fox ears. You will also gain the demon strength, senses and demonic chakra. You won't be full demon, but you won't be full human." Naruto blinked,and took a moment to think it over.

"Okay,I agree." He stated slowly.

"How are we gonna do this?" Kyuubi grinned.

" Well first of all we need to get you out of the Hospital. Two there are somethings I need you to get before we leave--"


Naruto ran as fast as he could, in one hand a scroll filled with all his precious possessions and his clothes, in his other hand was a bag filled with scrolls and weapons he snatched from the Hokage's tower and weapon store and on his back was the Forbidden Scroll.


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