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The exiting NCIS series regular will be tragically murdered in one of this season's five remaining episodes.

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There was a knock on Tony DiNozzo's door, he groaned into his pillow, lifting his head he read the time on the clock '3:37' on a Sunday morning. He groaned again and got up putting some track suit pants and a shirt on in the process and began walking to the door.

He got to the door and opened it. Saying he was shocked at what he saw would be a serious understatement.

Ziva stood at the door in grey track pants and a tight fitting dark green shirt, which Tony took note of, three teenagers standing behind her. One carrying a guitar case, another carrying a laptop bag and the third had a teddy. All four were carrying backpacks.

"Ziva! What are you doing here? Who are they?" He asked surprised.

"My house burned down. You were they first person I thought of coming to" She confessed.

"Oh. Come in" He said opening the door more and letting the four in. The three teenagers went over and sat on the couch while Ziva stood behind them. Tony was very confused.

"Who are they?" He asked Ziva referring to the teenagers as he walked to stand next to her.

"Tony, this is Collin, Andrew and Bonnie" Ziva said "They're my children" She said quietly.

"WHAT?!" Tony almost screamed. "Why have you never told us? How did you keep them a secret? Why did you keep it a secret? How old are they? Why didn't you ever tell me? Why?" Tony questioned her getting angrier by the second. The triplets just sighed. Ziva had warned them on the way over that he might react badly.

"Ok. I never told any of you because you'd treat me differently. I kept them a secret by not telling you about my personal life. They are 15. And I especially didn't tell you because I knew you would react the way you are now!" She yelled. She and Tony were glaring at each other the triplets could literally feel the tension in the air.

"Okay!" Bonnie announced standing up Tony and Ziva looked at her. "You two can either stand there like idiots and have a glaring match, or, you can sort this crap out and talk properly." She finished and sat back down, with her arms cross, with her brothers.

Tony was shocked at the girl's boldness. She looked exactly like Ziva except she was shorter and her hair was a bit longer and wavy.

Ziva looked at Tony again. "Can we stay for the rest of the night?" She asked looking him in the eyes begging him to say yes.

"Yeah, of course you can. I only have one spare room though." He said.

"They can have the room, I'll sleep on the couch." She said looking at her kids who were now standing.

"No Ziva, I'll have the couch." He told her.

"Where is the spare bedroom?" Bonnie asked. Her accent was less obvious as Ziva's but you could still tell it was there.

"Down the hall first to your right." He said. Collin, Andrew and Bonnie all walked down and disappeared through the door. Tony was still trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened in the last 20 minutes. There was a long awkward silence between the two.

"FINE!" Tony and Ziva heard being yelled from behind the spare room door.

"Probably deciding who gets the bed. Sit Tony" Ziva said as she sat on the couch patting the spot next to her. He sat and looked at her waiting for what she had to say.

"I'm guessing you'll want the full story, yes?" Ziva looked at him sighing. He nodded.

"Ok, when I was 15 I found out I was pregnant. My father was certainly not happy. When I found out I was having triplets my father was furious. I didn't hear from the kids father after I told him I was pregnant. I only recently found out he's dead. Anyway I managed to keep up with my education with a home tutor. When they were born I had a bit of help from my older brother whenever he was around, my little sister Tali helped as well, even though she was 8 at the time. My father hired people too help me. I still went to Mossad and did training while the nannies took care of the kids. The same happened when I went for undercover missions. My brother always came to help whenever he could, he loved the children. He bought them their first knifes" Ziva said that like someone would say 'bought them their first bike'

"When we came to America they were 13. That is when I started working at NCIS. Whenever we had to work all night or when you and I went undercover they would either stay by themselves or stay at the embassy. They know how to use a gun, throw knives and fight. Pretty much look after themselves" She explained.

She began to smile "They are very smart, Andrew is very good with computers and likes sport he always makes jokes at everything, he's the oldest of the three. His favorite colour is dark blue, he always wears button up shirts and has a girlfriend named Pippy. He also likes to write. Collin likes sport as well and loves to play guitar he is very laid back and is the youngest. His favorite colour is red. He loves medicine and reads a lot about surgeries, he normally wears hooded jumpers and t-shirts, things like that. He also has a girlfriend called Hilary. And Bonnie, she is stubborn, blunt and very sarcastic. She is very much a tomboy, refuses to wear anything remotely girly. She is bold and is the most like me, and like me, is the middle child. Her favorite colour is green, Always wears jeans, she skateboards and she doesn't have a boyfriend. I think it's because boys are intimidated by her, but she doesn't mind. She wants to join Mossad when she is older. They are all each others Best friends, they've been through so much together when I was not with them. I love them" She smiled looking at Tony. She began to frown.

"Andrew and Collin are very protective of Bonnie, there was an incident about a year ago when a boy raped her. She told Andrew and Collin what happened and they went looking for the boy. They found him and beat him up pretty badly, they got charged with assault but they didn't care. The boy got sent to juvie and that was the last we heard of him. So now if a boy asks her out Andrew and Collin interrogates them. But Bonnie has changed since the incident, it's harder for her to trust people, though when she does trust someone she would trust them with her life. She is a lot better now, she will never get over what happened to her, and I know that. I know what it's like. She loves life now and is just a lot happier."

"Tonight I got woken up by the fire alarms in the house going off. I looked down the stairs and saw the fire. I went into the kids rooms and they were already awake. I told them to quickly grab the things that were important to them. Collin got his guitar, Andrew got his laptop and Bonnie got her teddy that she has had since she was born, she couldn't find her skateboard though. They managed to grab a bag full of clothes, their weapons and photos before we really needed to get out. I managed to get things from my bedroom as well like clothes, my weapons and some other things. We had to jump out of the window in Andrew's room and climb down the tree to get out. I'm just glad they are all ok"

He was watching and listening intently at everything she was saying. He loved the way she looked when she was talking about the kids, she said things with pride and love. It was very un-Ziva like, but he thought it was very…cute. Though, he would never admit it to her.

"Tony?" Ziva said looking at him with a worried expression on her face. "Say something"

"They don't sound like Hebrew names" He said. She looked at him oddly.

"I know, I decided not to give them Hebrew names." She told him.

"They look like you. Especially Bonnie" He said. Ziva smiled.

"It's pretty late, we should get some sleep" She said.

"I'm sleeping on the couch" Tony said as he stood up.

"No Tony, it's fine I will" Ziva said as she stood up as well




"Yes!" They were raising their voices at each word.


"Will you two shut up!" Came Bonnie's voice from behind the closed door of the spare bedroom.

Tony and Ziva gave a small laugh.

"We've shared a bed before, we're adults, we can do it again" Ziva said.

"Fine" Tony said looking at her with a straight face.

"Fine" She said back with an equally straight face.

"So that's Tony" Andrew said as the three of them walked into the spare bedroom, he preferred to be called Andy, The only people who called him Andrew were Ziva and their Grandfather.

"I call the bed!" Bonnie said rushing past the boys and jumping onto the bed.

"Why do you get the bed?" Andy asked.

"For one, I'm the middle child. Two I'm the girl and three, because I called it." She said.

"See any other time if we said you were 'The girl' you'd hurt us!" Collin said putting down his backpack and guitar in the corner. He like Andrew preferred being called his abbreviated name which is Cole.

"So?" She said in her no arguing tone.

"FINE!" Cole and Andy both shouted. Both boys were very strong and just taller then Ziva, Cole had shaggy dark brown hair that finished just above his eyes. Andy's hair was the same as Cole's but a bit shorter. Even though Bonnie was a bit shorter than them, if they fought she normally won.

The boys sat down on the bed with Bonnie who was sitting cross legged at the head of the bed.

"It'll be okay right?" Cole asked.

"Yeah, at least we're ok" Andy said

"Do you think Ima likes Tony?" Bonnie asked. They boys looked at her weirdly "I mean, think about it! She talks about him all the time, she told us about that under cover mission she did with him, though we still don't know what that was all about. And, could you feel the tension in that room? You could cut it with a knife!"

"Gotta agree with you there" Andy said nodding.

"Yeah" Cole said.

They were silent for a while, they could hear the muffled voices from outside the door. Bonnie got under the covers on the bed.

"And where are we gonna sleep then?" Cole asked.

"Get in you morons" Bonnie laughed. Cole and Andy got in the bed either side of her. All of a sudden they heard voices rising.




Bonnie sat up a little and yelled out "Will you two shut up!" After that there was no noise. She lied back down and the triplets were quiet for a while when Andy yelled.

"Give me some damn blanket!"

"What are you talking about? You have all the blanket!" Cole yelled back. They both slowly sat up and looked between them. Bonnie had the blanket wrapped around her and was sleeping peacefully.

The boys sighed and lied back down and fell asleep.

Tony and Ziva walked in to his room when he realized something.

"I didn't give them any blankets or pillows"

"It's alright, they'll just share the bed" She said as she sat on the right side of his bed. He just stared at her.

"What?" She asked.

"I just never pictured you as a mum." He said.

"Believe it" She said.

"I still don't understand why you never said anything about them. I mean, I'm your partner! We don't keep secrets from each other!"

"What about the Jeanne thing?" Ziva said angrily, standing up and walking to right in front of him.

"That was different!"


"You hid kids!"

"I had to protect my children Tony! If any of you found out then other people would have find out! I didn't want to put them in danger!"

"Why did you come to me?" Tony asked his voice lowering slightly, but he still sounded angry.

"I had no-one else to go to! And like you said, we're partners, we shouldn't keep secrets from each other"

"Some secrets are best kept hidden" Tony said under his breath, but Ziva heard it.

"What secrets?" Ziva asked.

"Nothing" She gave him a look "Really, nothing" He insisted.

"Tell me" She said. She was so close now that her body was millimeters from his.



Instead of giving her an answer he leaned down and kissed her. She stood shocked when he kissed her, when he felt she wasn't responding he pulled away.

"Ziva…I'm sorry" He mumbled.

She looked up at him, her facial expression unreadable. Tony began to worry.

All of a sudden Ziva grabbed the front of his shirt and threw him down onto the bed; he looked up at her wide eyed. She straddled him grabbing the front of his shirt again and pulling him up to her. She looked him straight in the eyes before kissing him; they slowly lied down on the bed and deepening the kiss. She removed his shirt breaking the kiss for only a moment.

"Ziva…" Tony gasped as she began to kiss his neck "We shouldn't…not tonight…"

"Alright" She nodded crawling off him. She settled down next to him, he put one of his arms around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I really like you Ziva" Tony said kissing the top of her head.

"I really like you too Tony" She replied snuggling more into him.

"I'm sorry about your house."

"Don't apologize, it's a sign of weakness" She said. They both laughed.

"How long have you had feelings for me?" She asked. He rolled a bit wrapping both his arms around her.

"A while" He smiled "What about you?"

"A while" She smirked.

"We should get some sleep, you've been through a lot tonight" Tony said Ziva nodded slightly before falling asleep in his arms.

He watched her for a few minutes after she fell asleep I love her so much, he thought before finally falling asleep.

The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.


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