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"Damn. What a mess" Bonnie shook her head as she through the gun to the side and stepped over Jeanne's body. Bonnie's eye was hurting from the punch and her stomach hurt from the kicks and punches Jeanne did to her in the process of trying to get the gun "Well, I'm not going to clean it up"

Bonnie limped around for a bit, it was painful to walk so she sat down on top of Jeanne's dead body. She new that was a bit weird, but weird was her thing. So she sat, and waited.

10 minutes later she heard the door at the other end of the room fling open.

"BONNIE?!" She heard Cole and Andy yell.

"Took your time!" Bonnie said turning on the body to face them.

"You killed her?!" Cole said coming up to her and hugging her. Andy did the same.

"The Kalba put up a fight. But hey! Look on the bright side. Comfy seat" Bonnie said bouncing on Jeanne's body slightly to prove her point. Cole and Andy laughed.

"Man your weird" Andy said.

"Where's Ima?" She asked.

"She's coming. They're checking the other rooms" Cole said.

"Bonnie?!" They heard Ziva yell.

"In here!" All three yelled. The next thing they new Ziva ran into the room collapsing next to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

"You're alright?" She asked. The others ran in behind her.

"Other then a stab wound to my leg. Ok" She chuckled. Ziva then realized what Bonnie was sitting on.

"You killed her…and you're sitting on her body…"

"Yep." Bonnie said.

"Alright then" She said.

"Bonnie. I'm so glad your ok" Tony said standing next to her.

Bonnie went to stand up but fell back from the pain in her leg. Andy and Cole went on either side of her and helped her up. Gibbs and Jenny were standing next to Tony.

"McGee! Call Ducky" Gibbs said. McGee, who was standing a few feet away, got out his phone to call Ducky.

"Come on, we've got to go to the hospital" Ziva said. Bonnie groaned.

"I hate hospitals…"

"Everyone does" Tony said.

"You five go. We'll wait for Ducky" Gibbs said. They all nodded and began to walk out the door.

"You didn't release Drew did you?" Bonnie asked as they limped to the car.

"No! We did get to interrogate him though" Andy said from her left side.

"Bet you loved that" Bonnie chuckled "How much blood was spilled?"

"Oh you know us too well!" Cole laughed from her right "He was bleeding from 5 different places"

They all laughed.

Tony and Ziva were walking behind them.

"They're so close aren't they" Tony said putting an arm around her shoulders. She put an arm around his waist.

"Hmm…I'm so glad she's ok"

"I am too"

"I love you Tony, you've been so good the past few days" Ziva said.

"You expected different?"

"Well, I thought you would react differently too all this"

"Well I'm just full of surprises" Tony smirked. He leaned down and kissed her.

"IMA!" A yell interrupted them. Cole and Andy were in the process of laying Bonnie down on the ground. "She's unconscious!"

"Bonnie!" She said kneeling next to her. "Andy call 911" Andy got out his cell and dialed.

"Her wound's bleeding!" Cole said. Tony began to apply pressure on the wound. Bonnie had made a bandage from a torn part of Jeanne's jacket. It had become loose and the moving around made it bleed more. The pain of it had made her collapse.

"They said it'll be 5 minutes" Andy said as he got off the phone.

"The bleeding is slowing down" Tony said. He took his hands off the wound; it started to bleed even more. "Never mind"

"Bonnie. Bonnie! Wake up!" Ziva yelled. Bonnie slowly opened her eyes.

"Damn it hurts" She mumbled.

"I know Bon" Ziva said. Cole and Andy were standing beside them not knowing what to do. Then they heard the sirens of the ambulance coming closer.

"I'm gonna miss Grey's…" Bonnie mumbled. Cole and Andy laughed.

"We'll tape it for you" Andy said. Both boy's kneeled down and held onto her hand. The ambulance pulled up and two EMT's got out.

"Ok so what happened here?" One of them asked.

"She was stabbed in the leg and lost consciousness." Ziva said.

"What's your name?" The EMT asked Bonnie.

"I'm Bonnie" She mumbled.

"Ok Bonnie, I'm Hannah"

Bonnie laughed drowsily. "Like the EMT on Grey's…"

Andy and Cole laughed slightly. "She loves Grey's Anatomy" Cole said. Hannah nodded.

They were loading Bonnie into the ambulance when Hannah said. "What hospital do you want us to take her too?"

"Bethesda" Ziva and Tony said.

"You know that's a naval hospital?"

Tony and Ziva showed her there badges

"Alright Bethesda it is" She turned and looked at the EMT that was driving. "Eddie. Bethesda"


"Who's coming in the ambulance?"

"Ziva will" Tony said. He kissed her quickly and she jumped in the back with Bonnie. The ambulance sped away and left Tony with the boys. Gibbs and Jenny came out.

"I thought you were driving her to the hospital" Gibbs said coming up next to Tony.

"She collapsed" Tony said.

"Is she alright?" Jenny asked.

"They're taking her to Bethesda" Cole said.

"Maybe her doctor will be Brad Pitt" Tony laughed. Gibbs shook his head with a smirk on his face. Jenny and the boys looked confused.

"When I had the plague, my doctor was called Brad Pitt. Great guy. Still see him every now and then"

"You had the plague?" Andy asked. Tony nodded. "Dude…how the hell did you get the plague?"

"In a letter" Tony said.

"Alright then…"

"Come on you two, I'll take you to the hospital" Tony said. Cole and Andy nodded and they walked towards the car. Tony's phone rang.

"Hey Ziva"

"They've taken her into surgery…"

Bonnie is refuring to Hannah the EMT on the episodes of Grey's Anatomy called 'It's The End Of The World' (Part 1) and 'As We Know It' (Part 2). It is the episodes with the bomb in the body.

Also, Kalba is Hebrew for Bitch.

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