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Chapter 60

-Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response-

"Come on morons! We are leaving in two minutes" Bonnie yelled through the apartment she, Andy, Cole and Brendan now shared close to the college. The triplets were all 18 and Brendan was turning 19 in a few months.

"Is it just me or has she gotten grumpier?" Andy mumbled to Cole as they walked into the lounge room from their rooms with bags in their hands. Cole laughed.

A week after Pippy had left Andy had packed a bag and gotten on a plane to Australia and spent two and a half months with her before they decided to end things.

"We have to be home in two hours! Get moving!" She said as she walked into the kitchen where Brendan was standing. He put his arms around her waist from behind her.

"You want to tell them?" He whispered in her ear. She smirked.

"Hmm…Tell them at Christmas. Great idea" She said as Andy and Cole walked in.

"Gonna spring it on them are ya?" Andy said grabbing an apple from the bowl on the bench.

Bonnie looked at the clock "Ok, we are officially late. Let's go."

And with that, they were out the door, ready to go celebrate Christmas with their family.

Jenny walked up behind Gibbs wrapping her arms around him as she did, he was trying to Riley ready so they could go to Tony and Ziva's for Christmas eve.

"What's wrong Jen?" He asked. She sighed happily.

"Nothing" She answered.

"Come on, we have to leave" He said turning around so he was facing her. She had a grin on her face. Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

She leaned forward to whisper in his ear "I'm pregnant Jethro"

"They're here!" Abby said excitedly when she saw Bonnie's car pull up in the driveway.

Tony and Ziva walked in from the conservatory where all the under 2's were. Bonnie smashed open the door and stared around the room.

"I'm guessing Abby decorated" She said looking around of what she could see of the house that was decorated roof to floor with red and green. Brendan walked in after her and went over to Jenny and Gibbs. The boys walked in carrying all the bags.

"How did we get stuck carrying the bags?" Cole asked.

After an hour everyone was settled down and sitting around the lounge room. Cole stood up.

"I'm gonna go out for a while" He said. Andy stood up looking at Bonnie and Brendan quickly before looking at the others.

"I'm going too. We'll be back later"

"We have something to tell you guys" Bonnie said sitting next to Brendan on the couch after having left the room quickly just after Andy and Cole left.

"Are you pregnant?" McGee asked her. Bonnie smiled and shook her head.

The adults looked at them worriedly. Bonnie took a deep breath and held her left hand up. An engagement ring sat on her ring finger, as well as a gold band. Ziva, Tony, Jenny and Gibbs' eyes widened and Abby squealed:


Cole was sitting at the bar drinking a coke (He wasn't in the mood for alcohol) while Andy was chatting up a girl a few feet away, which he had been doing a lot since he had returned from Australia.

"Is this seat taken?" A female voice asked. Cole turned his head to see a girl around his age sit next to him.

"You look familiar, have we met before?" A girl asked. Cole looked at her.

"I think we might have. I'm Cole" He smiled.

"Faith" She replied.

"Would you like a drink?" Cole asked.

"I'll have a coke" She said. When she got her drink she smiled slightly.

"I think I met you a few years ago at the cemetery" She said "It was raining. You were crying"

"I remember you now" He said "You told me to get out of the rain"

Faith smiled.

"When did you get married?" Jenny asked them.

"About two months ago…we went to Vegas" Bonnie said "All four of us. It was a spur of the moment thing" She said.

Everyone sat in shock looking at Bonnie and Brendan.

Ziva stood and hugged Bonnie "Congratulations" She whispered in her ear.

"Thanks Ima" Bonnie whispered back with a smile.

Andy walked up behind Cole and Faith.

"Hey. I'm heading out" Andy said. Cole turned to face him.

"With the girl?" He asked.

Andy smirked.

"Fine. You better be back at the house by 1am or Ima's going to kill you" Cole said. Andy turned to Faith.

"Hi I'm Andy DiNozzo. I'm his brother. Cya"

When Andy walked out of sight Cole turned back to Faith, who smiled at him while pushing her long light brown hair behind her ear.

"So do you just have a brother?" She asked him. Cole smirked.

"Well, I'm a triplet, Andy's the oldest then my sister Bonnie is in the middle. About a year and a half ago my Mother had quintuplets, but one of them died" He said. Faith put a hand on his arm.

"I'm sorry" She said. Cole smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I have a pretty…unusual family" He said.

"How so?" She asked.

"It's a long story" He said.

Faith smiled. "We have time"

The next day two women and two men walked off a small plane at Washington Airport.

"Why are we spending Christmas in Washington?" The older of the two women asked.

"We haven't been back here since Tony and Ziva's wedding. I wanna see how they are!" The younger woman said. The younger of the two men put his arms around her.

"You do know they are not allowed to see us" He said.

"Yeah, we've been doing this for like ten years. I think I got that" She said rolling her eyes.

"Every time we're here we hide our identities" The older of the woman said.

"Well, you do, if you were not here with us we would not have to be so discreet" The older of the men said. She glared at him.

"Why did I marry you?" She asked him. He grinned.

"Because I am irresistible" he said smugly. She punched him in the chest.

"Come on. I wanna go see how they are…from a distance" The younger of the woman said as she looked at the younger man.

"We are becoming stalkers. I just want to see them all again. Properly" The older of the women said. The older of the men put an arm around her waist and kissed the side of her head.

"This is the only way. You know that. We cannot get caught"

The woman sighed "I know"

"Hey! Are you two coming or not!" The younger of the woman called out.

Later that night Bonnie and Brendan lay on the bed in her old bedroom watching the tv in front of the bed. She jumped up and put a DVD on before snuggling back up with Brendan.

"What episode are we watching?" Brendan asked as the Grey's Anatomy theme song filled the room. Bonnie smirked.

"Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"

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