"Shit, I hated this year."

"You hate everything about school, dude."

"Crap, man, but Junior year fuckin' sucked ass."

Kenny interjected, "Yeah, but after this summer we're gonna be seniors, then college!"

Cartman scoffed, "Fuck that, I'm not going to college. I'm gettin' rich and gettin' outta this hell-hole."

Kyle laughed, "Oh, that's 'rich', Cartman, 'rich'! …ha-ha, get it? Rich?...get it?"

Kenny blurted out into laughter as Stan shook his head; Kenny took Kyle's shoulder explaining,

"D-dude, just to clarify, I'm not laughing with you, I'm laughing at you."

Kyle glared, "I had a feeling."

They walked out onto the parking lot as Kyle mentioned, "Hey…Stan, Wendy wanted us to look into this play Mrs. Herit and Ms. Thrunton are doing over summer break."

Stan cocked a brow, "Oh really? You sound like you're hiding something, what's the catch?"

Kyle grinned cutely, "Uh…Adam's in it."

Stan shot him a dirty look, "You know I hate that kid."

"Yeah," Kyle's smile faded into a pout, "but I was hoping you'd look past that…"

"Look past my hatred?"

"Hey," Kenny began, "you never explained what happened with him, Stan. Last we saw that kid was in the parlor like…two years ago…why did you hate him so much?"

Stan flustered, but didn't look to Kenny, fearing his voice might crack,

"No reason. I just hate him."

Kenny looked to Cartman who was sending them suspicious looks. Cartman started,

"Bullshit. Why can't you tell us why you hate him?"

Kyle glanced to Stan, but the boy didn't look back at him, so he moved his gaze ahead like Stan's and replied,

"You probably just wouldn't understand, Cartman. Let's keep in mind your brain capacity, we don't wanna push it."

The brunette glared as Kenny chuckled, but the blonde still pressed,

"Come on, it feels like you guys have been hiding things! Spill it!"

"Hiding things?" Stan argued, "Hiding things about some gay kid who had a hard-on for Kyle?"

Kyle's face flooded with red, "D-did not! Shut up!"

"Oh, come on, Kyle!" Stan laughed, "His pants must've gotten so tight with you around."

Kyle pushed Stan's shoulder, "Shut up! I hate you!"

Kenny was eyeing them dangerously in the comfortable silence. The only sounds were their feet on the sidewalk, Cartman's were clearly a bit heavier than everyone else's, but looking at both of them Kenny found his answer…

"Dude, what are you looking at?" Stan asked in uneasy defense.

"Have you guys been fucking?"

The moment the question spat out, Kyle lost concentration on his footing and tripped, on his way down to fall on his face he grabbed Stan's book-bag as a last resort, but he still hit the ground, causing Stan to bend back awkwardly, his ebony hair falling around his face as they both stammered,


Kenny laughed as Cartman looked flabbergasted, Kyle stood up, snapping,


Stan regained his composure, straightening the sling on his backpack. He blushed as Kyle looked to his arm and brushed off some dirt that must have found its way there when the redhead fell. Kyle looked back at Kenny whose mouth was wide open in an outrageous smile. The Jew scowled at him,


"Stop what?" Kenny laughed.

"Stop imagining me and Stan doing it!"

"Aw, you know me so well!" Kenny chirped.

Kyle glared and walked ahead of the group. He looked back at them when he reached the corner and told them,

"Sorry, guys, but I took off work today. Ike's in the school-play at the middle-school and I promised to go see him. I'll see you guys later, though."

He waved them off, but his eyes last fell on Stan before he changed his route. Stan admired his backside the entire way, until he was positive Kenny was watching him. Cartman was falling behind Stan and 

Kenny, but neither were sympathetic for the large boy, so they didn't slow down. Kenny looked to Stan who still seemed flustered,

"…so…you didn't do it yet?"

"Not yet."

"Wow! I didn't think you'd come clean. How long have you guys been…you know…"

Stan smirked, "Freshman year."

"Shit, how did I miss that?" Kenny groaned.

Stan chuckled, "We've kept it a good secret, so I can't imagine you could've seen it. We're subtle."

"Very," Kenny began, "…dang…so when are you gonna do it?"

"Well," Stan started, "Kyle's…you know, new to dating and romance and stuff…even two years later and he still gets all red when I kiss him. I haven't done a thing to him. He makes it hard for me to stay away and control myself, but I'd do anything for him."

Kenny cocked a brow, "You still haven't specified when you're gonna do it."

Stan smiled, "I'm going to the show with him tonight. He didn't want to say anything cause…well, it's a secret. Ike knows, but he's pretty much the only one. So…saying that we were going together would surely…sound…suspicious, but anyway…"

"Tonight?" Kenny guessed.

"I hope." Stan laughed.

"So since when have you been gay?"

"I'm not gay. I'm just in love with Kyle."

"…and you find him sexually attractive…so I'm thinkin' your gay."

Stan smirked, "Whatever. I've been gay ever since I found out I loved Kyle."



"Like…like real love? Like…not…not like reality-TV real…like…SpikeTV's MOST SHOCKING real?"

Stan chuckled, "Kenny…I'll tell you how real it is." He paused, looking to his shoes before explaining,

"A couple days ago, we were on his bed sharing the plugs to his ipod and we conked out. When I woke up I was on my side, my head against his chest…he was facing me, but he was still asleep…and I 

realized…that was how I wanted live, and that's how I wanted to die. I wanna spend the rest of my life with him by my side…and I want to die right in his arms, right where I began actually living. That's where I belong, and nothing…I mean, nothing has ever felt so right before. Like…so right that…I feel like I'm following the path God set out for me."

Kenny blushed, wide-eyed, "That's…that's amazing, dude…"

Stan looked back at the blonde, "Yeah. Honestly, I know he's the only one for me. I know I'll love him like I love him now for the rest of my life and far, far beyond that."

"You know…the whole…issue with gays and God, right?" Kenny pressed.

"Yeah, but I don't mind if I'm punished. I'm strong enough to face anything God's got planned for me. As long as I have Kyle and all he taught me…" Stan grinned, "I'll be happy for every moment. Not one regret. And in the end, I think all God's wanted for me…was to feel this."

"So…you hated Adam cause he tried to get Kyle?"

Stan glared, "No, I hate him because…well…" He laughed, "Heh, I guess you're right. I hated him cause he wanted Kyle."

Kenny smirked, "Sheesh, a little possessive, no?"

Stan just smiled, looking back to see Kyle turning a different corner. He looked ahead of himself again, replying,

"It flatters him, anyway. No one's taking him away from me. And I'll never let Adam of all people get the chance. Kyle's mine." His smile spread, "Until the very end, I'll be by his side. No one and nothing could ever get in the way of that again."


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