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"Upstairs, now, the both of you! Without dinner." Mr. Robinson said angrily to the twin girls standing, cowering, before him.


"No buts. Upstairs, now!"

Upset, and still hungry, the identical twins trudged up the stairs into the bedroom that they shared. The younger twin, by two minutes, Elizabeth, slammed the door beyond him. Once enclosed in the soundproof walls, she shrieked with rage, kicking the plain white wall angrily.

"Lizzie, calm down." The older twin, Cynthia, said nervously. She pushed aside dirty clothes and books that were splayed across the bottom bunk of the bunk bed that the girls shared.

"It's so unfair!"

"I know, Lizzie."

"I hate it here! Let's run away, please!" Elizabeth turned pleading emerald eyes on her sister.

"Lizzie, we can't. Where would we go?"

"Forks!" Elizabeth said, sitting swiftly down next to her sister. "These people can't be the family friends that mom wanted us to stay with! First off, who would want to be friends with them? You couldn't pay me, Cyn!"

"Mom died nine years ago. Who knows who's there who would still take us in?"

"Well what are we going to do, then? Wait for our father to show up on our doorstep and whisk us away in a white horse drawn carriage? That only happens in fairy tales, and even then, the carriage turns into a pumpkin!"

Cynthia bit her lip so that she didn't laugh. Laughing when her sister was mad set her off, and her temper rose quickly. "Look," she said. "We're sixteen. We've got two more years before we can get out of here. In a month we'll be back in school again, and we won't be spending so much time here. We'll graduate, and we'll move to some big city together. We'll get jobs, make enough money to go to college, and start our lives far, far away from here."

"Cyn, we've never even met our father. Don't you want to meet him?"

"Of course I do! But running away isn't going to help anything."

"I don't want to run away. I want to go home."

"To Forks."

"To Forks! I hate this place, I hate this town," she swept her hands in a wide motion. "I hate these people! I miss La Push, I miss Uncle Jacob… I miss Mom."

"We can't do anything about that, Lizzie." Cynthia bent beneath the bunk bed, reaching far back, and pulled out a worn, creased, paper bag.

"We have some left?!"

"Of course we do." Cynthia dumped out the contents – however diminished they might be – onto the bedspread, and handed a pile of the animal crackers to her sister.

"Tiger." Elizabeth said, biting the head off one.

"Grizzly." Cynthia said. It was a game that they played whenever they we're sent up to their room by their foster parents, family friends of their moms, without dinner. It passed the time, and amused them to where they forgot about their troubles.




"Be-headed giraffe."


"Leg-less zebra."

"Lion cub."

"What's the last one?" Cynthia asked as her sister picked up the last off the pile.


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