Edward POV

"I cannot believe this," I muttered while Jasper coughed, trying to hide his laughter.

"Oh calm down, you won't kill your new roommate. I would've seen something if you were going to." Alice said, annoyed. She was probably getting fed up with me for complaining nonstop since I figured out that I would have to spend the next couple of years of my existence with an annoying college kid that probably had hormones off the charts, would drink and party every night, and be a future drug addict. Or worse, he could be a peace loving annoying hippie who believes he was born in the wrong decade and will paint our room like a rainbow and smoke pot every day so he can have hallucinations and the-

"Edward calm down! You're giving off some really strong emotions. If you weren't a vampire I'd be scared you were going to have a heart attack." Jasper said, putting a hand on my shoulder, causing calmness to immediately radiate through me.

Carlisle had no idea why, but it seemed as though I was more susceptible to a vampire's power than others. Usually when I'm feeling very angry, jealous, mad or a variety of other emotions Jasper can easily calm me down. I guess I was really working myself up since Jasper had to physically touch me to calm me down; usually he could calm me without touching me.

"Stop being such a Drama Queen Edward, and open the door already." Alice said pointing at the door we had come to a stop at.

"I am appalled, at least have the decency to call me a Drama King," I said whiningly.

Alice simply stared pointedly at the door so I finally unlocked it to see the hellhole I'd be living in.

There was a very small kitchen that had top of the line appliances already hooked up and there was a door that led into the room I would be sharing with my new roommate. In the room there was a flat screen TV mounted on one of the walls right in front of a twin size bed, if the room was bigger there would've probably been a king size bed instead. The other side of the room was left empty, for me to decorate. Oh, I guess it would be okay if I had to deal with a rich kid, even if he was an utter snob, but the things that made me repulsed to have to live in the same room with this boy was his choice of decorations. Next to the flat screen was a picture of a voluptuous blonde with a shirt that had the hooters logo on it. The picture even had a girl's signature on it. On the opposite side of the TV was a very provocative picture of a girl who couldn't have been older than 19.

"You know what I think I'll just get an apartment near here and ride my car to school." I said, turning towards the door.

"Oh, no you don't Edward!" Alice said, grabbing my arm to prevent me from leaving.

"Aaaaliiiicccceeeeeeeeee, it's easy for you to dorm, because you get to stay with Jasper. You don't have to spend the next couple of years dealing with a horny, rich snob who probably uses his money to get girls."

"First of all, it's not my fault you don't have an incredible hot significant other who will pretend to be gay and seduce Mr. Kipp (the dean of admissions) into getting him to let you dorm with said significant other. Secondly, you have no idea what this kid is like! You can't just judge him like that. There is no way I am allowing you to get an apartment. You have to get the full college experience and thirdly, stop acting like your roommate is some 5 year old child. He's the same age as you."

"Alice in case you haven't noticed, I have an eternity to get the 'full college experience.' And you aren't my mother, you can't tell me what to do."

Alice simply gave me a look that said try me. Now I'm not a wimp, but I knew when to back down…and I was pretty sure Alice would go to any length to get me to live on campus…so it looked like I was going to dorm with an annoying horny college student.


Bella POV

"Thank god, we are finally done." Jacob said dropping onto the couch we had just finished putting in our room.

"Oh shut up, it didn't take that long to get this room to be homier." I said, from my perch on the only bed in the room.

"It took foorreevvverrrrrrrrr AND I broke a nail." He said jokingly.

"Jacob we both know you trim your nails every Saturday at exactly that same time…you obsessive freak."

"Just because I like to have order in my life you think I'm a freak," he said before pouting. "And anyway stop making fun of me. We can't waste time we have to go out," he added, practically springing off of the couch and grabbing my arm, intending to drag me to the door.

"Woah, Jake slow down, what are you talking about? Aren't you tired? I know that I want to sleep," I said, looking longingly at the full size bed that looked very inviting.

"Bella," he said in a chiding tone, "we have to go cruising for guys, before all of them get taken by bitchy girls and guys."

"Eewww Jake, if you are going to be bringing guys home we are not sharing a bed. I do not want to sleep at the same place that you…you know…"

"Bella, we HAVE to share a bed. This room is way too small for two beds. And I am not sleeping in a twin."

"Well, if we are sharing you can't have sex in our bed."

"Aww Bella, I'm so proud. You actually said I can't have sex instead of I can'tdo it."

"Jake, I'm serious."

"Oh alright, I won't bring any guys home and defile our bed, but that doesn't mean we can't look around for new meat."

"Jacob….there is no helping you. And aren't you still dating Adam? Or was it Collin…maybe Sean?" I said trailing off. I didn't even feel bad for not remembering his latest boyfriend's name, he never had one for longer than a month.

"It was Cedric." He said, looking a little appalled.

"Oh Jake, don't give me that look. You have way too many boyfriends." I said, rolling my eyes.

"I don't have that many."

"Jake," I said putting a hand on his shoulder, "you have a problem."

"Well this is a fresh start. From now on I will not treat men as my toys. Are you happy now?"

"I don't believe you." I said simply, crossing my arms over one another.


"I. Don't. Believe. You. Should I make myself clearer?"

"What? You don't trust me?"

"Nope, I don't. I bet you couldn't go one month without sex." I said

"I am not some horn dog! I just have a healthy sex appetite."

"Mhm, sure."

"Fine than, I will get a boyfriend and not have sex with them until at least one month passes, but in turn you have to get a boyfriend and actually show some type of affection for them within two weeks." He said. Of course he wouldn't ask for me to have sex within a month, he knew I was still a virgin, one of the very few from our high school. I guess that's how we ended up being best friends. I was the prude who wouldn't give it up for any guy, and he was the one who actually came out of the closet in freshmen year instead of keeping it a secret that he was gay. I knew at least 3 guys in our high school that were gay, but they were too worried about their image to say that they were.

"So what do you say? Are you actually willing to kiss a guy without knowing them for a year?" He said, laughing.

"You've got a deal and the winner gets anything they want from the other, but it can't be more expensive than a hundred dollars." I said, shaking his hand.

"Now let's go out and find us some men." He said, before looping his arm through mine and skipping towards the door."

Edward POV

I was really going to have to talk to this new roommate of mine. I had finished fixing my side of the room and you could tell that we were complete opposites. His side of the room was completely decorated with pictures of practically naked girls and expensive electronics, such as an I pod docking station that had an itouch in it and a flat screen TV, while mine had pictures of my real parents, my new family, and the picture of Bella and I safely stashed between my bed and the headboard. I also had various CDs stacked precariously on a shelf.

The sound of the door unlocking interrupted my thoughts on how I was going to survive college. I quickly walked out of the room and into the kitchen, so I could greet my roommate.

"Hey man, I'm Mike, Mike Newton." I hazily remembered seeing him somewhere, but I couldn't place where I had.

"My name's Anthony, Anthony Cullen." I replied. I had decided to use my middle name instead of Edward, in case I came across someone who recognized me.

"You look kind of familiar. Have we met before? Did you go to High School in Forks, Washington?" That explained it, I probably saw him in the couple of years I spent in Forks.

"No, I've never even been to Washington." I said, showing utter confusion on my face, meanwhile inside I was worried. This was the first person I had met that had seen me in my human lifetime and saw me on a daily basis. If he recognized me there was no chance that Bella wouldn't.

"Oh, my bad. So do you wanna go out? There's supposed to be this amazing club like 5 minutes from campus. We could check out the ladies." He said with a grin.

Wanna?! How much longer would it take to say want to? I thought, trying to not look repulsed by his horrible grammar.

"I think I'm good. I'll just hang out around here."

"Aww, c'mon man. We don't even have classes until Wednesday and it's only Saturday. You'll have enough time to just 'hang out.' It's only 8 right now, think about it and if you decide to go tell me. I'm leaving around 10.

I quickly agreed so he would stop bothering me and then I left the room, telling him I'd be back soon to tell him if I was going with him.

I walked towards Alice's room once I got outside. She had said she wanted all of us to meet at her room around 8. Of course, she didn't say why she wanted us all at her room. Once I got to the door, I quickly entered and saw everyone sitting on chairs in a type of sitting room.

"How did you get such a big dorm?" I asked in disbelief, the sitting area wasn't very big, but most dorms didn't have it at all.

"I owe it all to Jasper," she said before grinning at him.

"Great, another reason why you have it easier living here."

"Oh stop complaining and try this on," she said, shoving a red shirt and black jeans at me.

"Why do I need these?" I said while she pushed me towards the bathroom.

"Do I even have a bathroom in my dorm?!" I said, getting annoyed.

"Yes you do, Captain Oblivious. Now hurry up and try the clothes on, we are going to a new club that's really close to campus. It's called Club S."

"Wow, first my roommate and now you. I am only going to say this once and you WILL listen. I am NOT going to Club S."

2 hours later

"Aren't you glad you decided to come Anthony? We aren't even inside yet and already there are so many hot girls." Mika said practically drooling.

"I'm sure he's ecstatic, aren't you Anthony?" Emmett asked, grinning.

"Sure I am, emmie bear" I said in return. Emmett simply glared while opening the door. Since I wasn't using my real name Emmett couldn't annoy me by using any weird nicknames he made up. I planned to get back at him for every time he called Eddie by calling him various odd names. I was surprised he didn't change his name; Emmett was a more uncommon name than Edward was. I had only ever heard the name once, when Alice made us all watch Legally Blonde. Emmett said that he probably wouldn't ever run into Bella, but I swear he wanted Bella to recognize him.

We entered the club without having to wait online since we were accompanied by Alice and Rosalie. Immediately after stepping into the club I was assaulted with the disgusting scent of sweat mixed with alcohol and horny teenagers (yes they had a specific sent.)

"Damn, this club is amazing." Mike said looking around in amazement. He was cut off from ogling the half naked girls when two people bumped into him. They were a guy and a girl. The guy just kept walking, but the girl turned her head a little bit to say she was sorry. My heart stopped when I caught a glimpse of her face.


Bella POV

"I'm sorry," I quickly said after I bumped into a blonde college student.

"Jacob slow down," I said, since Jacob just continued to fast walk to an unknown destination.

"C'mon Bella! I see the bar, just a little bit farther." Jacob said while dragging me in the direction of said bar.

"Jacob! You put me into this short dress so you have to deal with the consequences." I said trying to pull at his arm to slow him down.

"Do you want me to flash everyone?" I exclaimed, while trying to keep the dress from showing my butt.

"Oh all right, calm down" Jacob said, finally slowing down a little bit.

At last we reached the bar and I sat down on one of the few empty stools, immediately ordering a martini. I didn't usually drink, but I would need a couple of martini's to get through tonight. The bartender made a martini in record time and then moved on to the next customer. It was crazy how packed this club was. Before we had come Jacob said I would have to flirt with the bouncers in order to get in, or I would have to wait on line for a couple of hours. In response I had told him there was no way I would ever flirt with a bouncer, but once I saw the size of the line I quickly agreed that we couldn't wait on a line that size. It probably would've taken more than 3 hours to wait on line. The club was pretty new, but it had excellent business. Thank god Jacob had made me wear a dress that I would never have worn if I wasn't forced. If I had worn the jeans I was originally planning to wear, the bouncers would've probably laughed in my face.

By my second drink I had decided to stop, seeing as how I didn't want to spend the next morning barfing my guts out. I could hold alcohol very well for someone my size, but I couldn't drink more than two glasses without being smashed. I had loosened up considerably and Jacob and I were dancing to Low by Flo Rida…or at least trying to when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Yes?" I said turning around to face the guy I had bumped into before.

"Can I cut in?" he said to Jacob and me. I glanced at Jacob and he stared pointedly at the guy that tapped me. Before we came to the club we had made a deal that I would choose the guy Jacob would date and vice versa. I guess this was his pick.

"Sure." I said. I started laughing when the Spanish version of Whine Up by Kat Deluna came on.

"I like this version better than the English one…even though I can't understand it," he said smiling.

"Same" I said while turning my back and grinding against him. Once I realized what I was doing I almost stopped, but then I threw caution out the window and continued. Jacob thought I was such a big prude that I wouldn't kiss a guy within two weeks unless I was dared to. I knew the bet was just a joke, but I wanted to prove him wrong. Also, I had grieved the loss of Edward and Emmett so long that I didn't really have fun. It was time for me to actually live my life, not just get through it.

I saw Jacob at the bar and he gave me the thumbs up sign, and mouthed the word HOT while pointing at me.

"My name's Mike by the way."

"I'm Bella."

"Bella Swan?"

"Yea," I said surprised.

"I'm Mike Newton, I saw you in Forks at a football game."

"Oh, wow! You look really different," I said in surprise. Now that I knew who he was I didn't understand how I didn't recognize him when I bumped into him. He had lost a lot of his boyish roundness and he had grown out his hair. Instead of it being spiky and short, it was a little longer and shaggier. Even though he had a lot of differences he still had the exact same shade of dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Is that a good thing?" He said, teasingly.

"Hmm maybe," I said. I couldn't believe I was actually flirting, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

He grinned at me in response.

By the time we finished dancing I had given him my number and Mike had promised to call me tomorrow to set up a date.

Once again I sat next to Jake at the bar and gulped down a drink. Instead of a martini this time it was a bottle of water.

"Woah there, slow down Bella." He said when I drank the bottle and ordered another. As I ordered my second bottle I realized that there was a different bartender working. He looked kind of like the bartender from The Perfect Man, but cuter. I quickly poked Jacob and glanced towards the bartender and back to him.

"Belllaaa are you kidding?! He's too hot to not have sex with!" Jacob whined.

"Fine, do you want me to pick an ugly guy?"I questioned, pretending to look around the club for ugly guys.

"NO! I have a reputation to protect."

"Than what do you want me to do?" I said, exasperated.

"Choose a really hot girl, and I'll date her."

"Jacob, you're gay! You can't date a girl." I said a little too loudly. The bartender somehow heard us over the obnoxiously loud music and he turned towards us. He quickly looked Jacob up and down and then looked away, going back to work. Well at least we knew he was gay.

"I changed my mind, I'm Bi not gay. So it's perfectly all right to date a girl."

"Jacob," I said, pausing to make sure Jacob heard me clearly, "No."

"Bellaa, you can't do this to me."

"Do you want to give up already?" I said smirking. This was way too easy.

"Ugh, fine." He said turning towards the bar, waving frantically to get the bartenders attention.

"What can I get you?" He said, smiling at Jacob's antics.

"You." Jacob stated looking him directly in the eye.

Well…Jacob sure was blunt.

Edward POV

"She is so beyond hot." Mike said from next to me. If he wasn't so busy staring at Bella's legs he would've realized the two pairs of glares he was receiving from Emmett and I. Rose had to take Emmett onto the dancing floor so he wouldn't kill Mike on the spot, but that didn't stop him from constantly glaring at Mike.

When I had noticed Bella, I was sure that I was mistaken. Would Bella wear such a short dress? Would she come to a club and drink and dance with a practical stranger? Would she be such an amazing dancer? The answers were yes, yes, and yes. I had no idea what to think. Was this the girl I had fallen in love with? The same shy girl who enjoyed classical music and books? The girl who blushed at every little thing?

I was probably being unfair and judging Bella. I wanted Bella to have changed a lot. If she had completely changed than I couldn't continue to be in love with her. But of course she had barely changed. I could hear Jacob's thoughts as Bella danced and as they had entered the room. When they had first walked in Jacob was so happy that Bella finally agreed to wear the dress he chose out for her instead of a pair of jeans and a random top, showing me that her clothing choice for the night wasn't really her choice. She was still the same laid back Bella I had first come across. He was shocked when Bella started dancing provocatively, showing me that she wasn't usually that outgoing and promiscuous. When Mike had asked Bella for her number she had blushed, showing me that she was still the same blushing beauty that I had first met. When she had started ordering water instead of more drinks, she showed me that she was still the same mature person that I had first met; she knew when to not go overboard. Lastly, because I had noticed all of these things about her, had thought of about a million ways to kill Mike, and had gotten uncomfortably hard every time I looked at her I realized that I was still unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her.

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