Prank 1

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Prank 1

Naruto had considered his first target carefully, and had eventually decided that if he couldn't get into the shops, neither should anyone else. It seemed only fair, after all, as there was no real reason for them to single him out.

The problem then became how to make the doors stick closed. His first thought, naturally, was gluing them shut, but he didn't really think that he had enough glue, and there was no way he'd be able to buy more anyway. Then he thought about how some shopkeepers put something heavy in front of the door to keep it open during the summer before dismissing that idea as well. He wasn't stupid enough to think that he was stronger than an average adult. But not all of them use those big pots, he thought, an idea beginning to glimmer. He'd seen little wedges of wood jammed under the bottom of the door that seemed to work just as well. So I just have to put a bunch of little things under the door…

His grin grew into a wide smile that practically screamed out his pleasure in figuring out the prank. Now I just have to execute it.

Naruto hid in an alley just off the main marketplace, waiting to see the reactions his prank would cause. He could barely keep himself still with the anticipation and excitement wriggling through his small form.

His first victim, a man named Rouho-san who tended to wield a broom as he chased Naruto away, yawned as he unlocked the door, twisting the knob and walking forward into his store every morning, except this time, he walked into the door, knocking himself out of his stupor as he cursed loudly. He jiggled the doorknob, verifying that yes, the door was actually unlocked, and tried to push the door open, even going so far as to slam against it with his shoulder.

Naruto giggled quietly from his hiding place, watching the man work himself up. He was happy to note that Rouho was gaining a few confused looks, as if to wonder what was wrong with the man that he couldn't open a door, but a little disappointed that no one was actually laughing at him.

His disappointment vanished as more people started coming along and noticing Rouho's efforts, and turned away to hide their smiles, especially as the man's frustration grew even further.

Unfortunately, his fun ended when a jounin came along and in an attempt to be helpful, broke the door down completely, leaving him holding only the remains of the knob.

Still, Naruto decided as he slipped away, it wasn't a total loss.


A/N: A basic prank, but it's his first one. Please feel free to make suggestions for pranks!