Danny Phantom: Who You Going to Call?

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny (I will one day) or Ghostbusters.

Author's Notes: After listening to the Ghostbusters theme song set to DP Ghostwriter has planted a plot bunny for another crossover. I would also like to dedicate this fic to a good friend of mine, Miriam1, who requested this, think of it as a Passover gift.

Chapter I: The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand


"Are you sure it is happening?" the Observants asked me worriedly as I turned to face them. I can understand why they would be concerned. The last time it happened, the Ghost Zone was almost devastated, but I knew that wasn't its target this time but the earth.

"I am certain, but I will deal with it," I told them as I looked into my mirror, this was indeed bad but it was not the end. I was about to continue speaking when a quake racked the tower and we fell to the floor.

"It is happening Clockwork," one of the Observants said as they got up and left while I went out to the balcony and saw the changes beginning, our only hope is that Danny will be able to deal with it.


I was in the lab working on my latest device, the Ecto-Nullifier, which if it works will be able neutralize ghosts.

I think it will come in handy, especially since the PKE meter has been going off the charts lately, a massive Ectoplasmic signature has been spotted and it is growing larger. It's unlike anything I've ever seen and requires further study.

Suddenly, I felt the earth shake as I worked, "This is getting worse," I said as I caught my invention before it fell on the floor.

"Hey Egon, what's with the shake and bake?" Peter said as he ran into the room, "You know I was building a house of cards until you decided to make milkshakes," he says holding up a card in his hand while Slimer came in acting like a chicken.

"Sorry spud, no food," Peter told him as I turned to face him.

"I'm not the one causing this," I explained to him, "all my calculations show that some…," I began to see as Ray and Winston came in the room, "Hey Egon, is the Ecto-Neutralizer done yet?" he asks eager to see it in action.

"No, why?" I ask him curiously.

"Because, Janine said we got a call of a ghost seen terrorizing the Garou concert in Madison Square garden," he explained to me as Peter chuckled.

"Garou, didn't he play the Phantom of the Opera?" he asks as Winston shakes his head.

"No that's Michael Crawford; Garou played Quasimodo in Notre Dame de Paris. My girlfriend took me to see it once," he tells him.

"So what, they're both creepy ugly guys who haunt big buildings in France. Anyway, I say we go toast this ghost and end these earthquakes," Venkman says as he and others go to the lockers to get their packs.

"I guess science will have to wait," I sighed as I followed to take on this ghost.


"Excellent," I said smiling as I looked at the book I was reading, "The most powerful entity ever to exist and the key to calling it is in my hands," I laughed as Skulker came in through the portal.

"Here is the artifact that you wanted," he said as he took out a large sword with a symbol carved on the blade. "Are you sure this is wise, there is word all over…," he said before I stopped him.

"I am paying you to retrieve the lost items, not to advise me," I said as he placed the sword on the ground.

"As you wish, but still legend says this is…," he says before I blasted him.

"The key to untold power, the very forces of creation and destruction at my finger tips," I told him running my fingers against the cover the book before handing a scrap of paper, "Here is the next target," I told him as he looked at it.

"This better be worth it," he said as he disappeared to do his job while I went back to my studies, soon Daniel and Maddie will be mine.


"Look over there," Winston said as I aimed the PKE meter where he was pointing.

"There is definitely a ghost there, 5.5 in magnitude," I told them looking at the reading, "That can't be right," I said as I looked again.

"What?" Ray asked curiously.

"Take a look at the screen," I told him as he gasped in shock.

"That ghost is generating its own heat signature how is that possible," he asked confused.

"I don't know," I told him, "Just get ready, who knows what this ghost is capable of," I told them as I took out the Electromagnetic Particle Stabilizer and aimed at the ghost. If this works it will force the ghost to show itself and we can catch it without causing a scene.


"Are you okay dude?" Tucker asked as he ran past the Mushu Warlords of level three in Doomed. I find for some reason that playing the game relaxes me and helps me think clearer.

"No, something weird's going on and I don't know what it is," I told him as I dodged a shuriken in the nick of time. "My ghost sense has been going crazy," I told him as I blasted a warlord to dust.

"Like when Walker framed you," Tucker asked before he was 'killed'. We have been having trouble winning since Sam is in Scotland visiting Boleskine House. She is the one who has the most skill and until she left, we didn't realized how terrible at this game we are sometimes.

"Sorry about that," Tucker said as he came back with a full array of lives and ready to fight.

"As I was going to say, this is worse than that," I told him, "I've never seen this before, I'm thinking of paying a visit to the Ghost Zone to see what's going on," I tell him as I get hit and power down. "Ah Man!" I whine as we continue playing, trying to forget the strange events that have been taking place.


"Everyone ready," I asked as everyone nodded and we approached the ghost.

"All right creepy, we have a trap with your name on it," Peter said as he threw an ecto stunner at the ghost causing it to materialize into a young girl no older than thirteen.

"Hey what's the idea," she asked as she started to get and up and walk behind the tree.

"Egon, does this ghost seem different to you?" Winston asked as he noticed her move, "It's almost like she's injured," he continued as I observed her.

"I can't believe you're falling for that trick man," Peter said aiming his proton gun at her as she started flee as fast as she could.

"Peter! Wait!" I shouted but it was too late as he running after the specter, something tells me this is going to end badly.