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Chapter XIII: Against the Odds


I shook my head as the Observants left the tower.

I could feel Danny's pain as he watched his sister's anguish, something I knew all to well. I experienced the feeling when I watched Chronos be devoured all those eons ago.

The memory still haunts my mind, I wish I could have done more to help him, but I know he watches over me now and I also know that there is still hope for Danny and Danielle.


"One million nine-hundred sixty seven, one mill….," I said as I collapsed in the park exhausted from the errand the mayor made me do.

I crawled up on a bench and sighed; while I was sitting there I saw Mr. Tully walk up to me, "Bob what are you doing here?" he asked confused, "your boss called he wants to know when you, Danni, and Miles are coming home?" he asks nervously.

"He couldn't have called, he's here in New York," I tell him exhausted and confused.

"Janine thinks that might have been a prank someone played on you," he tells as I roll my eyes and faint.


"MMMM," I screamed but I knew no one would hear me buried under all these tendrils.

I fought free myself but I couldn't move an inch with these tentacles wrapped around me. I knew thatmy time was running out and if I didn't act know I would die.

I closed my eyes and tried to go intangible but something was blocking my ghost powers, 'Remain calm Danielle, panic will make it worse' I told myself mentally as I tried to keep my hand.

I took a breath and tried to think, 'if I could just free my arm I could pull these tentacles off me,' I thought as I wiggled in my bonds, I could feel them tightening with each move but I was not to give up.

After several minutes I was able to free my left and pulled one of the tentacles from my mouth, "Finally," I said taking in as much air as I could.

If I was make out it alive I had to act fast, "There has to be a way break free," I said as I saw a tendril slither towards me and ensnare my wrist, "let me go!" I shout as I pull free but more tentacles pin my arm to the ground. While I was fighting it hit me, "That's it!" I say remembering that creature used a spell to make me go intangible maybe two can play this game, but what was that word, "come Danielle Alexis, you can solve…," I said as watched I felt something crawl up my face but before it could cover my mouth it vanished as did the other.

"Yes," I said as I fell to my knees gasping for breath. My legs wobbled weak from being tied up, exhausted from fighting, and pushed to their limits while still recovering from injury.

"YOU! I heard someone yell as I saw that goat monster stand in front me, "so you survived my creepers, but this will be as far as you'll go," he roared as he charged at me.

"Nice try," I said as I ducked behind a rock causing him hit his head against the stone.

"Insolent girl you are nothing compared to Baphomet," he said raising his hand and yelling, "Venenum!"

Suddenly, I noticed more tendrils coming from the ground only this time they ended in stingers, I managed to get out of their way and avoid the stingers, "I've had enough of this!" I spat at him as I go to punch him.

"So have I," Baphomet said closing his eyes and yelling, "Premo!" and making a fist.

Suddenly I felt like something had wrapped around me and squeeze me before throwing me against the floor. I tried to get up but something was weighing me down.

"Got…to…break…," I said as I managed to pull myself up just enough to look at the floor. On it was carved a picture with three words: Solve Exsilium Aeternus. Something told me this might be the key.

"What are you final words before you die?" he asked as I smiled at him.

"Just this: Solve Exsilium Aeternus!" I shouted as I was freed and stood up.

"NO!" he yelled as turned started to turn to dust and erupt in flames, "NOOOOO!" he screamed one last time before he vanished.

I had it done, I defeated that monster, "Hang on Danny," I told my brother as steadied myself as I went over to him and freed him.

"Danielle is that you?" he asked me looking at me confused.

"Yes, don't worry, everything will be fine," I said as I slung him over my shoulder and took to the air (which felt good).

"Danni, we need to help the Ghostbusters," Danny rasps as I look down at him.

I still had my misgivings about them, but they were really just doing their job and if Danny said they needed my help and Danni Phantom never ignores a plea for help (unless it's Stephanie!)


I don't know how long I was sleeping, when Bob came in the room saying, "Miles, Ms. Phantom it's time to go home."

I got up and stretched the kinks out of my muscles before going to over to Danni, "Danni, it's time to get up," I said as she got up and pulled the covers off.

"I feel like I slept for twenty years," she said as Bob looked at her strangely like there was something wrong with Danni (like a ghost impersonating her, but that's my little secret).

"Well, maybe a rest was all you needed," he said as we walked down the steps where Mr. Tully and Ms. Melnitz were waiting for us.

"It's nice to see that you're doing better," she said as I heard Bob's phone ring.

"Hello," he says as he swallows, "Yes, sir," he says holding the phone away from his hear, "Yes, sir. No sir, right away, see you then," he said turning off his phone and sighing, "come on we have to go, Mayor Knightly said he'll fire me if we don't get back soon," he said as I helped Danni outside and into the limo before we took off.

As we sped away, we waved goodbye to our new friends and headed home, which sounded beautiful right now.


Aleister Crowley wrote in Liber CVI that when a person passes away they become a 'Free-Man of the City of the Stars' and that 'Death is the crown of all', the reward for a life well lived.

Even though, Danny said that this might be fatal, the threat still stabbed me in the heart the thought of losing the boy I loved more than anything was too much for me to bear (maybe that is why Perdurabo 

wrote that Death and Love are twins or that to achieve the apex of the Divine's love we must leave this world for the next).

I looked at the picture of us that was taken a few a month and stared into his icy eyes, "Please, let Danny live. Please let him live," I prayed in between my sobs to Heaven hoping my prayer would be heard.


"Well, here are at the part where we face death," Peter said as we tried again to blast Choronzon but it had no affect on him.

"FOOLS YOU CAN'T…," he yelled until he was knocked to the ground, "WHO DARES TO PERPETRATE THIS SACRILEGE?" he cries out as a green beam hits him.

"Danni Phantom, that's who," I hear the ghost girl says as she comes flying in carrying Danny with her, "stay here Danny," she says as she sets him down and goes to fight the demon.

"Egon, did you leave the ECU unlocked again," Winston asks me as he looks at me.

"No, Janine must have freed her," I tell him turning my eyes back to the female Halfa.

"INFIDEL!" the entity shouts as he swats at her but she dodges it, "YOU WILL PAY!" he threatens as Danni hits him again.

"You'll have to do better than that," she taunts as she throws a rock at him causing his form to disrupt.

"That's it," I said as I snapped my fingers and took out the Disrupter, "Danni, I think I may have a way to stop him," I tell her as she flies down.

"I'm all ears," she says.

"If you can activate this device at his heart it should destroy Abramelin," I tell her as she nods, "However you have to go inside him to make sure it hits him in the center of his heart and there is a chance you could die," I warn her as she looks at her brother with a tear in her eye.

"If that happens, please let Danny know that I love him and I did this for him," she said as she took device and flew off.


"Here goes nothing," I told myself as I flew up to the demon clutch the device nervously in my hand, "Hey gruesome, bet you can't catch me?" I taunted him as I darted around blasting him hoping to make him made.

"YOU DARE ATTACK CHORONZON!" the monster screams as he raises hand and yells, "Necto!"

Suddenly a tentacle wrapped itself around my waist and hoisted me up until I was face to face with the demons.

"You shall pay for your arrogance," he hissed as the tendril tightened around me.

"I will make you an offer Chronotron, if you let me friends live I will let you devour me, think of all the power you could get from me," I told him trying to free myself.

"Your offer pleases Choronzon," he said as the tendril thrust into the beast's maw.

"Through the lips and past the gums, look out heart here I come," I said as I fell down the creatures throat. I found myself floating in some sort of aethyr. "Now to find the heart," I said trying to get my bearings and swam to where the organ would be, "I better hurry," I said as I could feel myself getting weaker.

I swam around for awhile until I saw glowing black orb, "That must be it," I said as floated up to it, "eat Neutralizer," I said activating the device.

"Ecto-Neutralizer to detonate in 10…9…8…7…," the device chimed as I trembled, I didn't want to die but if it meant saving my brother then so be it. "…6…5…4…3…2…1…zero, goodbye," it said as it began to glow bright green and hot before I felt a force push me back as everything went black.


"Now you will…," Choronzon yelled before a bright light began to break through his form, "What's happening, the girl she….NO!" he shrieked as a wave energy burst from spilling black ectoplasm all over the place, Choronzon was defeated.

Soon a bright light flooded the area and when it vanished we found ourselves back in Egypt. The gold walls of the temples were smeared with black ectoplasm. And the putrid smell of burnt flesh was in the air.

"She did it," Ray cheered but was silenced as he saw the ectoplasm collect into a puddle, "what's happening?" he asked as it began to reform into a human being.

"He's reverting back to Plasmius," I explain as the ectoplasm changes into a tall man with white hair and blue eyes.

However, my attention shifted to Plasmius to the two Dannies, Danielle was on her knees covered in head to foot in the black slime and soon collapsed face first in the ectoplasm. Her brother was slouched in the corner his body no longer aged and returned to normal but was limp.

"Egon, are they…," Winston asked scared as I raced over to their sides.

"It's not good for either of them," I said doing a PKE scan, their energy was dropping and a bioscan showed their vitals were weak.

"Is there anything you can do to save them?" Ray asks looking worried.

"There might be, " I told them looking at two ghost children, "If we can create an alternating polarity in the proton packs and bombard them with the rays, it should revive them," I told them as we took off our packs and I altered them so they would alternate polarity. "All right on my signal we fire," I said after modifying our equipment and giving back to others.

"Ready, Egon," Ray said after they put the packs on and aimed at the phantoms.

"Okay, now!" I told them as we blasted the kids. Energy washed over the bodies causing their muscle to spasm. After about 10 minutes we stopped.

"Did it work?" Peter asks as I walk over to them and do a PKE reading, "they're still weak but they're stable," I tell them as they all smile. "Winston, Ray; take Danni and Danny to the firehouse, it's better we are the ones looking after them, so their secret is not in danger," I tell them as they nod and carry the kids out of the slime. "Peter you and I are going to take Plasmius to St. Luke's Hospital," I tell him as he rolls his eyes.

"Not that Vatican Witch Doctor," Peter moans, "That guy should be in a straight jacket not a robe," he groans upset.

"He's a not a witch doctor, Fr. Machson, is the Vatican's top authority on possession. If anyone will know how to treat him," I correct him sternly.

"Fine whatever, come on, old timer you have a date with a priest," he said as a portal opened up.

"I think I know who sent this, come on, let's go home," I said as we walked through carrying the unconscious hybrids. We had won against the most deadly opponent we've ever went up against.


"Just like I planned," I said smiling as I saw the events unfold from my tower pleased with the outcome. I knew it would work out, like the proverb says life is like tapestry and only from the other does it look beautiful for while we are on the Earth we only the backside and the all loose threads and other things that don't add up.

While I was watching I heard my favorite group of ghosts shout, "Clockwork!"

"What is it this time, everything turned okay didn't it?" I asked as I felt myself change into an old and remembering the memories of a thousand years and beyond.

"There is another problem," they said showing a picture of three years into the future. The usual players in the drama were there full of hope and happiness as people their age should but soon the image changes to one of sadness and despair.

"This is bad, it cannot be allowed to happen that is why…," another Observant said pointing the image before I cut him off.

"Your solutions are always worse than the problem, your answer would not be beneficial to anyone," I told them turning to them, "Please, let me handle this I am the master of time remember and know everything," I told them as they sighed.

"Very well," they said as I left and I retired to my study to begin my plan.

"Let see," I said taking a pen out from my desk and a piece of paper from my cloak. "Name: Daniel Alexander Fenton; Age 15; address: 567 Spooky Lane Amity Park, Illinois 61052," I said as I wrote down the pertinent information and sealed in an envelope. "Now to send it on its way," I said opening a portal and threw it in smiling at my plan which will prevent that tragedy from occurring.


"Okay, so we're sure that the Mayor Knightly that Bob heard was a ghost," I asked Louis take a small ecto-pistol hoping to stop that ghost.

"I think so?" he said as we heard someone come in the building.

"Louis, go see who it is," I tell him as he shakes his head.

"I dealt with that ghost with the green Mohawk, I think you should go this time," he said as I sighed and snuck down the steps.

I peeked from behind the banister and saw Ray and Winston come in with two children slung over their shoulders.

"Janine, you here," Ray said as I come out of hiding.

"You guys scared me for a second, what's going on?" I asked them curiously.

"These two kids need medical attention now," Winston said as he and Ray ran up the steps and I glimpsed one of the kids, it was Danni.

"We just treated this one," I told them pointing to the girl.

"You might have seen a duplicate some ghosts are known to do that," he told me as I thought about it and went to help him still reeling from the events that took place.


"Wha…," I moaned as I opened my eyes and saw I was lying in bed. I looked down at my hands; they were no longer wrinkled and dried. "Could it be?" I said seeing a mirror near the bed and smiled as I saw that my youth had been restored. "YE…," I began to say until I saw Danni laying in the bed next to me. "Oh no, Danielle," I said as a feeling dread came over me.

"Don't worry, Danielle is alive, she just need to rest," I heard Dr. Spengler say as he walked in the room, "How are you feeling?" he asked as he walked to over and checked my vitals.

"Better, did we defeat Abramelin?" I asked wondering what happened, the whole battle was blur to me and seemed like a fantastic nightmare.

"Yes, Danny Abramelin is destroyed, Danielle risked her life to save us all," he said as I looked over Danielle and smiled, I couldn't be more proud of her.

"Can I ask what happened to Vlad?" I ask wondering what happened to the old Fruit Loop fearing that he died (even though Plasmius is my archenemy, I still don't wish for anyone to lose their lives).

"He's fine, he's incarcerated in a Jesuit hospital, the administrator is a friend of mine and a world renowned expert on demonic possession, he should be able to help Plasmius deal with the ordeal," he explained to me as I smiled. "I'll let you get some rest, try to take it easy," he said as he left and I got comfortable and went back to sleep.


"Bob, where have you been," Mayor Knightly said as we arrived back in Nod's Limbs, "Stephanie could have used you and miles support, she's taking a turn for the worse," he said upset as I walked up to the mansion.

"She has?" I ask him confused as I opened the door.

"Yes, she has, the doctors say he complains about a 'ghost in pajamas' asking her to be its friend," he explain to me. "They think she has a full blown psychosis," he tells me, "now go get the bags, you can't expect Miles to get them," he said pointing the door.

"But sir…," I said before cutting me off.

"No rebuttals Bob, now," he ordered opening the door.

"Yes sir," I said sighing, some things never change.


Months have passed since the battle with that creature. I still have nightmares from it, but I've learned to conquer my fears.

I had just got back from the doctors, he said I am getting stronger, but my legs still give me problems but I usually a long skirt so no one sees my trembling legs. I can walk further, and seem to have more energy (I had called Dr. Spengler and asked him about it, he thinks it might a result of me dealing with that monster but he wasn't 100 sure)

Stephanie's back from the Happy Home, but I still play pranks on her with Edgar and Ellen (the other day I hid in her room and played a CD of Napoleon XIV's They're Coming to Take Me Away.

"That was a good prank," I said laying on bed thinking about it and how Mayor Knightly threatened to put her back in the nut house.

While I was listening to my Notre Dame de Paris CD, I heard a knock on the door. "I'm coming," I said getting up and going downstairs. I open the door and see Miles outside.

"Are you ready," he asks me as he kisses me and I let him.

"Just let me brush my hair," I said getting a brush and straightening my hair (I grow my hair long now, I thought it was time for a change). "Okay, ready," I said as we go out the door and leave for the park for our date.

Yeah, I've had it hard, but things are getting better and wouldn't change it for the world, because it's only made me stronger.

The End.