Aear; Nan Aearon!
by Aranel Laerien


"Aragorn, I have reached Valinor and Gimli has come with me, as have Elladan and Elrohir. Arwen has passed, and may Eru have compassion on your love and allow you to be reunited once more.

I have seen the woods and though I did not think I would enjoy their beauty again, my heart has been much lightened and I feel young once more. It is hard not to be cheered in this land. I would sit by the shore with ada and nana, listen to the Sea's whispers, hear the trees speak, run through the woods with 'Dan and 'Ro and even Glorfindel, till Erestor or Elrond distract us.

If you were here, it would be perfect. How I long to shout, "Aragorn, gwador nîn! Arwen, gwathel nîn! Nach sí, nach sí nef aearon!" Aragorn, my brother! Arwen, my sister! You are here, here on this side of the great Sea!

O, Aragorn, may Eru have pity on all of us and grant us an eternity together! Till then I remain

Ever your brother, Legolas"

Legolas folded the letter carefully and slipped it in a drawer. Although he missed Aragorn sorely, and he was sure Elladan and Elrohir did too, there was never grief here in Valinor. Perhaps the Sea and trees here have truly revitalised him. It was ironic when he thought on how his fading love for the trees had driven him from Ennor.

"Leg'las!" Elrohir's excited voice called out.

He jerked back to reality.

"Legolas," Elrohir was actually panting, "you must come with me!"

Legolas dazedly followed as Elrohir grabbed his arm and ran through the woods. The last time anyone had grabbed him while running was when… Legolas shut out the thought.

Before long, they reached a grand hall deep in the forestry. Legolas was not sure how long he had been in this land, but he had yet to venture thus far. His eyes quickly scanned through the hall.

It was empty.

He turned questioningly to Elrohir who was still looking at the hallway along the side, eyes burning with expectation. Then Elladan came, his face a peaceful smile singing of immense relief.

"Come, Legolas," he beckoned him towards a room.

Legolas opened the ornate door cautiously, a hand habitually ready at his blade as he looked in.

And his tears fell – tears of joy, of pure happiness… Of hope restored.


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