She had to pick it up, she couldn't let it ring anymore.

"Hello?" the lump forming in her throat seemed to get bigger as she answered.

"Hello, Jazmine," a raspy voice on the other end responded.

His voice sent chills down her spine, "Who are you?" she tried to mask the quiver of fear in her voice by speaking sternly.

"Who am I?" he laughed in mock arrogance. "I'm everything. The world, you're life," he whispered to her.


"Just remember, when you sleep, I'll be there watching. When you go to work I'll be there watching. When you eat I'll be there watching. When you bathe I'll be there watching. When you have sex with that boyfriend of yours, I'll be there watching too. I'm even watching you right now as we speak," the man laughed maniacally as Jazmine hung up and chucked the phone away from her as if it had scalded her hand. She now wished she had never picked up.

"AHHHH!" the mulatto sprang up from her bed as beads of sweat flung from her overly heated body. She panted heavily and glanced over at the green glowing digits on her nightstand.

"2:00 a.m, right on time," she mumbled. She dragged her tired limbs from under the sheets, making sure not to wake the sleeping person next her and climbed out of bed making her way to the kitchen area.

She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a pulled out a chair and plopped down in it. She popped the cap off and took a long swig, sighing to herself. It was the 4th time that month Jazmine had the disturbing dream. The first time it happened she didn't think much of it. The second time she thought it was just a coincidence although the eerie feeling she had when she woke up stayed with her all day. The 3rd time it happened she got the feeling the whole thing was just too weird to pass off as just some freaky nightmare. Recurring dreams do happen for a reason. Whatever that reason was, she obviously didn't want to find out.

Sorry i just threw you guys in there like that. But i told ya i wouldn't be gone long :D The idea spark for this story was the freakish dream i had yesterday. Me and my friend were getting stalked. Yea pretty creepy dream but i guess it probably has something to do with me going to see Prom Night last Friday, which by the way isn't even scary. Don't waste your money seeing it.

Don't exactly know where i'm going with this, but if i get enough reviews i'll keep going :)