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This is bullshit.

Jazmine rested her neck against the cold surface of the porcelain bathtub and wiped away another angry tear. She hadn't stopped crying since she got home last night, or morning she should say because it was almost daybreak before she got in. She drove around the city most of the night after she got tired of getting strange looks from the stragglers that were out at the park at that time of night (which was ALOT more than Jazmine thought) She didn't know exactly where she was going to, she just drove. Which probably wasn't one of her better ideas, but between that and going home the wreck that she was, and trying to explain all that, this took the punch. Once she finally did get home all she did was kick her shoes off and curl into bed putting a pillow over her head. She didn't even take her clothes off, didn't care if she woke Huey up in the process of flopping in the bed as she did. She just was not there at the moment, her mind was somewhere else. On memories of going through medical school and everything she sacrificed for it. She felt hot tears spring to her eyes suddenly at the thought and didn't even bother wiping didn't remember dozing off, but she woke up still feeling like shit and decided to get in the bathtub and just sit in there and cry some more. Which was her predicament now. She had refilled the tub a total of three times from the water going cold, and didn't really give a damn she was turning into a prune. Her life was over, she might as well shrivel as she was about to start crying again she heard an abrupt knock on the door.

Great, company she thought sarcastically.

Another knock, louder this time, followed by an irritated baritone "Jazmine you've been in the bathroom all morning and I REFUSE to use Juanita's," it stated.

Jazmine glanced blearily at the clock hung up on the wall and saw it was almost 11:00. So she had soaked in the tub all morning, not that she cared. When she woke up it was about 8:00 and she didn't wonder until now why Huey was not at work until it dawned on her that it was his off day, which meant he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Knowing this and the fact that she didn't feel like talking, she decided to humor him.

"GO AWAY!" she shouted back.

"Jazmine whatever is bothering you, you cannot sit in the bathroom all day doing God knows what," she heard his muffled reply through the door.

"Says who?" she questioned defiantly.

She heard him suck his teeth "Jazmine just open the damn door!" he tried again, this time the reasoning in his voice was completely gone.

"Nope," she said simply, examining the chipping nail polish on her big toe. It was quiet for a few moments and Jazmine had almost forgotten Huey was still there, her mind going back to the bigger issue at hand until BAM! WHOOSH! The door flung open revealing a none to amused Huey Freeman.

Jazmine sat up sharply, startled half to death, and scowled at him "Huey what the hell? Juanita is gonna kill you once she finds out what you did to her door." Jazmine pointed out.

Huey stepped inside, ignoring her comment and closed the door behind him, or at least tried to, but since he kicked it in it refused to stay closed anymore.

Jazmine turned away from his approaching figure and pulled the flower covered shower curtain in front of her to hide herself. She REALLY did not want to have this conversation at the moment.

She saw his distorted figure through the shower curtain lean against the sink. She didn't have to be psychic to know what type of look he had on his face. His voice said it all.

"Jazmine what's going on with you?" He said bluntly.

"Nothing, just leave me alone," she mumbled.

Huey sighed, sometimes he just really didn't understand her. Just yesterday she was happy, and now today she was moping in the bathtub. Who does this? He thought, then he rolled his eyes at the obvious answer. That's right, Jazmine does this. He sighed shifting some on the edge of the counter. "Alright, so are you gonna tell me or am I going to have to drag it out of you?" he asked staring at her shadow behind the curtain.

All he got was a sniff.

And then…

"I GOT FIIIRREEED!" she wailed. And then the sound of splashing water.

Huey's eyes widened at her sudden out burst.

"Wait, WHAT?" he exclaimed.

"'!" Jazmine blubbered all in one breath.

"Wait, WHAT?" Huey asked again not catching a thing she said.

"What part of I GOT FIRED do you not understand?" He heard her voice breaking again…and then more sobs.

Huey lifted himself off the counter and sat on the edge of the bathtub and pulled the shower curtain back a bit to look at her. He frowned at the bedraggle appearance of her face. So not like Jazmine at all. He shook his head.

"So what happened?" he asked gently.

"I don't know" she shrugged and pouted like a little kid.

"C'mon Jazmine you have to know something," he urged.

"All I know is I thought I was doing the right thing, and then suddenly everything just goes to hell!" she threw her arms up in exasperation.

Huey was gonna ask her to go into detail but she beat him to it.

"Next thing I know I'm getting called into Dr. Sheen's office, and getting accused of killing a patient by giving her the wrong medicine, which by the way was marked in the bottle her regular stuff was in. Not to mention all my other patients decided to just DIE on me. But either way they're probably about to battle a lawsuit, and it's supposedly all thanks to me," she sighed and wiped some more tears.

Huey gave her a sympathetic look "Jazmine you can't stay in the bathtub all day and cry about it," he reasoned.

"Don't you think I know that!" She snapped. Startling the both of them. "Do you think I like being a big ass cry baby about everything? Do you think I like feeling vulnerable all the time? Because I don't!" she stood up in all her naked glory and glared at him. "I don't like feeling like I have to run to someone about my problems all the time because I'm too weak to handle it myself. I hate feeling like I ALWAYS have to depend on someone!" she shouted in a hoarse voice, planting her hands on her hips. "And stop staring at my boobs!"

Huey stared at her with a ridiculous look on his face. One because she had just yelled at him like she was crazy, and all he asked was what the hell was wrong with her. And two she had accused him of admiring her assets (which he kinda was but he wasn't gonna tell her that)

Well damn what a way to shoot someone down from caring.

Her words probably would've done some damage if she hadn't been standing there shivering miserably.

Huey sighed and grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped it around her. "Jazmine please get out of the tub," he tired again. He watched as her shoulders visibly slumped under the fluffy yellow towel. She tiptoed out of the tub and gave him an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry," she said in the smallest possible voice ever.

He nodded and steered her out of the bathroom "Yea, well, try not to let it happen again," he didn't sound angry, sure as hell didn't look it. Maybe slightly irritated, but the important thing was he wasn't mad. The last thing she needed was him mad at her too.

She walked back to the room they shared and left him in the bathroom to his own devices. She threw some sweats and a dopey ass T-shirt on that she stole from Riley that said "I got 5 on it" and pinned her hair up in a bun. She walked out to the living room and flopped down on the couch and clutched the nearest pillow.

She was done crying (for now anyways) That little outburst she had was not supposed to happen. She didn't even know where it came from honestly. She was so caught up in the moment, so sick of being asked questions, so sick of things not making any damn sense anymore, she was just fed up. And Huey just happened to be there so he took the brunt of it, which looking back probably was not the wisest or nicest thing to do. But he had understood, to her surprise, and she realized that she doesn't give him enough credit at all sometimes.

But even after that, there was still so much she felt she had to get off her chest. It was harboring a permanent place in her heart and mind and if she didn't spill her guts soon she'd really go nuts.

And then she wouldn't have to worry about her job or a stupid lawsuit.

Not even hearing the half- broken bathroom door open, Jazmine almost jumped out of her sweats when Huey came and sat next to her on the couch.

"Jazmine calm down it's just me," he assured blandly.

"I know that," she said in fake smugness while leaning back to lie on his chest. "Did I mention I was sorry? She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Yes. You did. So you can stop apologizing now," he stated slightly irritated (just as she suspected).

"Alright just making sure," she said before letting the room fall in complete but comfortable silence.

She had missed this. She had missed being able to sit together and just enjoy being in each other's presence. She couldn't remember the last time they had did this. It had to have been months ago. Mostly because work took up most if not all her time, not to mention his too. She at the hospital with 12 hour shifts and him teaching classes over at a community college. With their schedules so conflicting it was a wonder they barely got to say hi to each other. Jazmine felt like there was so much she needed to tell him, to catch up on, so much she left him in the dark about (if that was even possible). Not purposely, but she never had the chance to actually talk to him anymore. It was like she was living another life without him, and she felt horrible for it.

Downright horrible.

She knew the type of person he was. He had a short temper, or what he personally called "a low tolerance for bullshit", but she also knew he could be patient when he wanted to. He wouldn't be patient forever though. He knew she was overworked. That she didn't purposely neglect most if not all the things important to her. Jazmine had always feared one day he would just up and leave her goofy ass for someone more intelligent. More pretty. More something. And while in the back of her head she knew he wouldn't do that, her insecure teenage mind would reach her rational adult mind and wreak havoc on the relationship it took them years to build. She hated it. It would only happen though when she was feeling heavily guilty about something she had done. In this case had not done which was a lot more then what she wished to put into words.

Finally after what had seemed like forever the silence was broken.

"I worked so hard for that job. At that job," Jazmine found herself talking, smirking a bit. "I was dedicated. I actually cared. And then the minute something goes wrong they give me the boot. Huey I don't understand," she lowered herself to lying on his lap facing away from him. "I don't understand how you spend your whole life trying to reach success, trying to do something that you really want, something you just don't feel right without being able to do it, only to be knocked back so far you're not even sure if you know how to get up. If you even wanna get up anymore," her voice was quiet but even, and a far cry from the mess in the bathroom.

She felt him tuck a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. "Jazmine listen to yourself. You know that this is what you want. Don't try to tell yourself otherwise," he said knowingly. "This is your passion. For as long as I can remember you've been fixing and taking care of people. You probably didn't even notice because it came so natural to you. You were in your element. And I'm sorry but despite what your boss may think, no one can take that from you except death itself," he ended almost stubbornly.

Of course Huey knew all about being in your element, he was in his all the time. Lecturing to people who actually wanted to hear what he had to say for once. Wanting to learn, and if they didn't he could simply fail their ass and call it a day. It was a win- win situation. Although that part of his life was more or less (a lot less) dangerous from his usual revolutionary escapades he still chased after, he knew he'd never stop trying to expose the truth for what it was. Whether he was kicking somebody's ass or failing them. He was just being him. Just like Jazmine would not stop caring and helping people, and that was that. An unwritten law it seemed.

She tuned over to face him and buried her face into his torso. "I hate feeling not needed," she admitted.

"How so?" he questioned his voice soothing to her ears.

"Well you said it yourself, I'm in my element there, I feel like I'm doin something worthwhile and now that that's gone I just feel lost," she finished.

"So who says that hospital is the only place you can utilize that?" he responded rubbing her back a bit.

She shrugged.

"Jazmine you're talented enough, there is so much more you can do with what you know," he stated.

"Like what?" she scoffed.

"Well first off," he emphasized by pointing a finger into her back "You can start on yourself,"

"What? Why?"

"Because you need to. Plus I still don't think you healed thoroughly from your head injury," he pointed out.

"Yes I have!" Jazmine screeched in disbelief, grabbing her head.

"Nah," he looked her over shaking his head "I don't think so,"

"Yes I have," she insisted still clutching her head.

"No you haven't," Huey argued.

"Yes… I have," she nodded slowly.

"NO… you haven't," he retorted.

"What proof do you have?" she queried.

"I can't really explain it, it's just something off with you," he put his finger and thumb on his chin. "I mean you're not even excited for Christmas, and you love that stupid holiday,"

Jazmine just scowled up at him.

Well something was off alright, but it wasn't from a head injury.

"I think someone is trying to sabotage me," she breathed quietly. Almost to herself

Huey's eyes hardened as he took in her words, but before he could respond Jazmine continued anyways.

"I mean first the dreams, my wallet, the fire, this. Even Juanita's mom mentioned something,"

"Her mom? You mean that crazy lady who claims she's psychic?" he asked skeptically.

Jazmine sucked her teeth and sat up "She is not crazy! She's a very wise woman who gave me valuable information," she huffed crossing her arms.

"Like what?" he crossed his own arms and scowled at her.

"Like something bad was gonna happen, and it did! So ha!" she retorted triumphantly.

Huey pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Jazmine that is NOT something to be gloating about. You could've died being in that fire," he said seriously.

"So what am I supposed to do about it? Go out and look for the guy who's trying and succeeding in ruining my life?" she threw her hands up in exasperation.

"Well yeah, either that or just let whoever it is continue and eventually get you locked up or killed," he looked her squarely in the eye and gave her that look that said "either my way or the highway," she knew exactly where this was going.

"Huey there's no way you're getting involved," she said shaking her head.

"To late, the minute you told me, which by the way I'm still wondering why it took you so long, you automatically put me in the situation," he explained matter-of-factly.

"Huey what exactly are you gonna do? Shoot them?" Jazmine gave him a look of disbelief.

"If it comes to that, yea," he said in all seriousness. Jazmine gaped at him.

Huey rolled his eyes and sighed, "Look Jazmine it's obvious this problem is not going away anytime soon, and it's obvious you need help and the police already don't believe you," he furrowed his eyebrows at her, "Sometimes you just gotta do what you have to,"

Jazmine sat quietly and pondered his words. There was no use in arguing with him cause he was gonna do what he wanted anyways. She really didn't want him involved (not to mention his track record was not the best) but he was right when he said it was too late for that.

Jazmine sighed, "So what do you suppose we do?"

Jazmine sat on the edge of the bed and scowled at her phone. To call or not to call? She bit her lip and stared down at the two phone numbers lighting up the screen.

It had been a while since the last time she called and had a real conversation with her parents. Her relationship with them was fragile, almost non-existent (especially with her mom). She didn't expect their divorce to effect her the way it did. And for a long time she didn't know she held so much resentment for both of them until her mother went and re-married some black guy named Dwayne. She couldn't even bring herself to make it to the wedding. Instead she had to go over her dad's place and convince a sobbing Tom her mother wasn't re-marrying just to spite him (but she couldn't be so sure herself). After that the only time she talked to them, let alone visited was on holidays. Any other time she couldn't stomach them.

But right now she was really considering breaking that tradition. She wasn't exactly over loosing her job so spontaneously and had half a mind to tell one of them what was going on, and half a mind not to.

And although she was angry with her mother, she knew her dad would probably have an acute heart attack if she told him. But really she knew that at the end of the day no matter how mad she was at her, sometimes she just needed to talk to her mother.

Jazmine made up her mind and pressed the green button. One…two...three rings, she was considering hanging up until she heard her pick up.


Jazmine's voice hitched as she bit out one word "Mom,"

There was thick pause, and then "Jazmine?" Sarah's voice questioned in disbelief.

"Yea it's me," she answered quietly.

Another pause "Is everything alright?" her voice filled with concern.

If there was one thing she liked about her mom it was how she could tell something was wrong with her. And then it could've been the fact that she never calls or visits and when she does it's only for holidays. Either way her mom acknowledged the fact she wasn't alright and it gave her a little bit of hope for the future.

"No it's not," Jazmine said lowly. Her stomach crawled with butterflies and she realized she had never been this nervous before talking to her mom. "I lost my job, and now I may have a lawsuit on my hands," she urged out closing her eyes as she felt familiar tears spring to them.

Jazmine heard her mom gasp. "What happened? Everything was fine the last time we talked?" her tone rose in surprise.

"I don't know. They think I intentionally killed this woman by giving her the wrong medicine which I didn't know was wrong at the time because it was in the right bottle. So now I'm suspended with no pay and will probably never work again," Jazmine explained solemnly.

And then the question came, "Do you want me to defend you?" she asked patiently.

Jazmine's mind stopped wheeling dead in its tracks as her eyes got bigger. She had forgotten all about her mom being a lawyer. It was actually the last thing on her mind ironically enough, seeing as how she was gonna need one soon.

And then it dawned on Jazmine her mom probably thought she only called so she could use her…

"Mom, that's not…" she started but Sarah interrupted.

"Jazmine I understand that you haven't been very happy with me or your dad ever since the divorce. Especially after the wedding," Jazmine winced a little "But hearing my only daughter's voice every couple of times a year hurts me to no end," she heard her sniffle which thoroughly surprised Jazmine because her mom never cried. That was her dad's job. "You never look me in the eyes anymore, when you do come over that is. You talk to me like I'm another stranger on the bus stop. Everyday. Everyday I regret how things went so sour between us sweetheart. And I'm so sorry. I never thought you would despise me so much the way you do," Jazmine swallowed the big knot that formed in her throat at her mother's words and then the sharp stab of guilt panged in her chest. She literally felt her mother's heartbreaking.

"And then out of the blue…you call," she gave a watery laugh, "You actually called me," Jazmine stayed silent.

"And I know you probably didn't call to talk about me or your father's relationship, or to make amends, and I'm ok with that," she sighed "But I know we have to start somewhere," Sarah said desperately almost pleadingly. "But really I'm just happy you called me again," she finished.

Jazmine wiped away a tear she hadn't known she cried off of her face. "I'm glad I called," she replied softly.

She didn't want to stay mad at her mom anymore, but she wasn't exactly past the marriage, or the divorce. But she figured they had enough time to work on it. All she knew was that she missed her mom.

"Mom I hope you know I didn't just call to use you," Jazmine furrowed her eyebrows hoping she understood that.

"I know. I just figured you'd want my help, or in this case maybe not," she explained.

"Well…I hadn't really thought about it until you brought it up," And she really hadn't, but now the idea was starting to look pretty good. Her mom was a good attorney, not to mention she wouldn't have to use the one the hospital provided.

"You can help… I just wasn't expecting you to volunteer," Jazmine rubbed her neck in embarrassment.

"I'm a mother it's my job to volunteer when not needed," Sarah joked lightly.

Jazmine felt herself laugh, it had literally been years since she had done that with her.

Jazmine spent the rest of the afternoon talking to her again, mostly about the lawsuit, but also other things too. Like Dwayne and their inevitable divorce.

"You're divorcing him!" Jazmine asked almost giddily.

"Jazmine please, do you have to sound so happy?" Sarah answered tiredly.

"Sorry it's just… really? It was so wrong to begin with. Did you really think it would last?" Jazmine asked in disbelief. She heard Sarah sigh.

"Well I would've liked it to last," Jazmine scowled at that and almost blurted out "why?" "But I just couldn't keep living a lie. I shouldn't have rushed into it but I felt, I don't know, happy again. He made me feel things I hadn't felt in such a long time Jazmine," Sarah said dreamily.

Jazmine gave her phone a disgusted look "UGGGHH MOM! PLEASE!" It was bad enough she had to deal with their divorce and now she had to listen to her mom fantasize about her new sex life.

"Oh Jazmine please, I wasn't even talking about that," she informed her. "But yes it was a mistake that I'm in the process of fixing now," she let out a sigh of relief.

"Well I guess I should let you go now mom," Jazmine started.

"Wait. You and Huey are coming over for Christmas aren't you?" It was more of a statement then a question.

Jazmine decided to tease her "Will Dwayne be there?" she asked.

"Jazmine, really?"

"Well," she twirled her hair around her index finger "You know how I felt about him,"

"Well if it makes you feel any better no he probably won't be there. But even if he is you should still come," Sarah urged.

"Ok mom ok I'll be there," Jazmine smiled a little bit.

"Ok. I love you,"

"Love you too mom," Jazmine broke out into a full smile.

"And don't be late!" she added quickly.

"I won't. GOODBYE mom," Jazmine hurriedly hung up the phone before she could say anything else and let out a sigh. She hadn't told her mother everything but she did feel a whole lot better.

Huey's whole plan on her situation was to narrow down the suspicious people, watch them like a hawk and then get to them before their next sabotage. She didn't know how well that would work, since one, everyone she had suspicions about worked at the hospital and she obviously wasn't allowed there anymore, and two she really didn't want to spend all day watching people. But if that was her only chance of figuring out who was ruining her life then she really didn't have much of a choice. It wasn't like the police were gonna help.

"Remote control me

Push the buttons to turn me on please

Pick me up put me on the wall please

Just plug in the wire

Make my volume higher, higher

Aim fire,"

Jazmine glanced down at her phone once she realized it was Juanita's ringtone.

"Hello?" she answered

"JAAZZMMIINNE! You are not gonna believe what happened to me!" Juanita screamed in her ear making Jazmine pull her phone away.

"What?" she asked switching ears.

"SOMEBODY FUCKED MY CAR UP FOO!" She shouted again even louder.

Jazmine decided to just put her on speaker and spare her poor ears the pain of Juanita's hollering.

"What did they do?"


Jazmine didn't think it was possible for her to be any louder, but that took the punch.

"Well where are you at? You need me to come get you?" Jazmine asked cautiously. She had seen and heard Juanita freak out before, but never like this.

"YES! I'm over here by…Wha? No I don't have a dollar…NO I'M NOT A PROSTITUTE! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE YOU DIRTY DICKFACED BUM!" Jazmine heard a bottle break in the background. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE BEOFRE I FUCKING STAB YOU!"

"Oh God Juanita please don't do that!" Jazmine butt-in quickly. "Just tell me where you are so I can come get you,"

"ROSEDALE! Behind that shitty ass Sack'N Save. And please hurry before I… OH HELL NO! THIS DIRTY ASS FOO JUST RAN HIS CART INTO ME!" Juanita screeched.

"Ok Juanita just stay put I'll be there in ten minutes," Jazmine held her phone between her shoulder and cheek as she snatched her coat and keys while trying to slip her boots on. The last thing she needed was to be bailing Juanita out of jail for assaulting a homeless man.

"WHERE THE HELL AM I GONNA GO JAZMINE?" Juanita screeched again making Jazmine wince.

"To jail if you don't calm down!" she retorted "Just get in your car and wait for me,"


Jazmine frowned at her phone and sighed while closing the front door. "Goodbye Juanita,"

Jazmine literally almost tripped over feet trying to get to her car in the blistering cold. Why Juanita was in Rosedale she had no idea. It wasn't the best place to be in, especially at nighttime like this, but it was Juanita. According to her she grew up in The Dominican Republic where it was nothing but a ghetto there, so she could handle herself.

But Jazmine got the distinct feeling that when it came to unforeseen forces at play, she didn't think she'd be able to handle that to well.

Jazmine stopped her car at the foot of the alleyway behind Sack N Save and peeked out her car to look for Juanita. Or a bloodied bum on the ground.

Jazmine squinted her eyes and looked around in the slight light the street lamp provided. No sign of Juanita or the homeless man she was trying to fight. Not to mention it was dead silent back there. But, there was her car…all banged up and everything.

She sank back in her seat and moaned thinking the worst. I knew it! I knew the police came and picked her up. Or worse! Juanita finally met her match and got murdered by a WINO! Jazmine lifted her hands to her face as she felt her heart speed up at the very thought; completely oblivious to the limping figure behind her.


"AHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MURDERER!" Jazmine was about to kick said murderer in the face until she realized it was Juanita.

"Juanita? Don't scare me like that!" Jazmine held her chest in relief "I thought that homeless man killed you! Where were you?" she asked breathing heavily.

Juanita frowned down at her and shifted the plastic sack in her hand, "That punk-ass hobo ran his raggedy ass cart into the back of my leg and now it's all swelling and shit," Juanita bent down and rubbed her ankle affectionately. "I would've knocked his dirty ass out but he ran off before I could catch him, so I just threw a bottle I found at him," she explained.

Jazmine furrowed her eyebrows at her, "What's in the bag?"

"Ice for my leg. And some ice-cream," she crossed her arms stubbornly.


"To calm my nerves damnit. You see I'm not yelling anymore," she pointed out.

"Oh, I see," Jazmine glanced down at her ankle and made a hissing sound, "I think you might wanna sit down now," she suggested.

"You know what," Juanita hobbled over to the passenger side of Jazmine's car and snatched the door open, plopping down in the seat "Let's just go, I took my important shit out, so if they're gonna jack something worthwhile it'll only be my wheels," she hefted her injured leg into the car and slammed the door.

"Juanita…what happened?" Jazmine asked shutting her own door and starting the ignition.

"Well I went to old shithead Brian's place to go bother him for a little bit. Everything was fine when I went over there, but as soon as I get back in my car and hit my first red light to stop, nothing happened!" She exclaimed, "I almost pissed my pants! But thank God no one was on the road to see me swerve and crash into that alleyway, I woulda been a goner forreal," she shook her head. "And I JUST got that car!" she sobbed "Who the fuck would do this? Fuck murdering a hobo, imma hunt whoever did this down and destroy them. And you know I will Jazmine. I'm not too prissy to do some foul shit. And when I mean foul, I mean really foul. Fouler then the stuff that comes out your ass," she tapped her fingernails against the dashboard violently.

Jazmine frowned sympathetically "Do you have any idea who you think did it?"

"NO! But it'll be a sad day in heaven once I find out," she said lowly staring out the window.

Juanita's eyes lit up suddenly like something dawned on her. She turned to Jazmine and shoved her shoulder making her jerk the steering wheel.

"AHH! Juanita what's wrong with you! Are you trying to get into another accident tonight?" Jazmine gaped.

"NOO! I'm trying to figure out why you aren't at work right now! I knew something was up when you answered your phone. You never answer your phone at this time," she pointed out "But I didn't realize it because I was freaking out about my car…until now that is, what happened?" she asked enthusiastically.

Jazmine sighed as she felt a pang of sadness hit her chest at the mention of her job "I'm suspended until further notice," Jazmine bit out solemnly.

"WHAT?" Juanita grew bug eyed.

"Yup," Jazmine bit her lip to stop from crying all over again "Apparently I'm the reason for a lawsuit getting filed against the hospital, for allegedly killing a patient on purpose by giving her the wrong medicine. Even though it was in the right bottle," her voice wavered.

"They can't do that! Are you serious?" she asked in disbelief then noticed her face all scrunched up "Awww Jazzy are you about to cry? Don't cry," she rubbed her shoulder. "Not over that bullshit place, believe me you're not missing anything,"

"W-WHY shouldn't I cry? My career is over before it even started!" Jazmine wailed.

Juanita gave her a sympathetic look "Well, you could always look at it as a mandatory vacation,"

Jazmine moaned "Yea vacation probably without pay or the guarantee of ever coming back," she added.

"Jazmine don't trip, those assholes will figure out the mistake they made and will be begging you to come back. Mark my words" she coaxed.

"Really?" she asked hopefully.

Juanita tried not to make a face but failed horribly.

"Jazmine…I can't lie to you. I don't know," she furrowed her eyebrows as she heard her let out a sob.

"Then why would you tell me that? What am I supposed to do if I can't get my job back?"

Juanita lifted a finger to her chin thoughtfully "Well…I got a friend you could call up. He could hook you up with a job at "Them Cheeks" she offered.


"You have the ass for it," she shrugged.


"Alright, alright, sorry bad idea," she flipped her hair off her shoulder and frowned looking out the window.

"Boy…this is gonna be one fucked up Christmas," Juanita stated bluntly.

All Jazmine could do was nod.

It was day three.

Day three and all Jazmine had done was mope around the house, cry, and eat up all Juanita's ice-cream, which she conveniently kept refilling. She was gonna be as big as a cow before the New Year came.

And she could honestly not give a rat's ass about it. Food was her comfort when she was sad, angry or just plain not right. It was their own fault for just leaving the ice cream sitting in the freezer all sweet and tasty like that.

Their own fault.

But as she sat and watched more bad daytime television, she realized one thing.

If she didn't get out of the apartment soon she was gonna go nuts.

Her situation was bad enough, and being institutionalized to a mental ward would not help her case. So at the spur of the moment, she tossed the empty half-pint of mint chocolate chip away, grabbed her coat and walked outside into the frigid cold.

Letting out a breath she hugged herself and stepped up the stairs toward the mailboxes.

Might as well check the mail while I'm here she thought. She tucked her free had under her arm and twisted the key to the right opening the little door in the process.

Jazmine felt inside and grabbed what felt like three envelopes. She sifted through them quickly and was mildly surprised when she found a letter addressed to her from the hospital. She stuffed the remaining letters back in the box and ripped open hers with one swipe of her finger. She snatched it out and skimmed it her eyebrows furrowing deeper.

It was official. They had it in writing.

Her lawsuit was underway, she was suspended until further notice, and no she was not getting paid anytime soon.

So much for trying to move out of Juanita's place anytime soon.

Jazmine stuffed the letter in her coat pocket and rested her elbows on top of the mailboxes. She hid her face in her hands from the harsh cold and the hard slap of defeat.

"You know crying about it isn't gonna help much," a deep voice rumbled from behind her.

She whipped her head around and had to stop herself from glaring at said person. "Detective Franks?"

"," he nodded his head stuffing his hands deeper into his coat pocket, "Just the gal I wanted to see."

She turned her body fully towards him, "Why?" she asked bluntly.

"Because I believe you have a case on your hand," there was a slight lift in his voice that Jazmine managed to pick up.

"Look if you're talki…" she started he held his hand up to stop her.

"It's not about the lawsuit," he said calmly, expression indifferent.

Jazmine gave him a blank look. "Huh?"

Detective Franks resisted the urge to roll his eyes "It's about the fire, and everything else that's been suddenly happening," he explained staring her in the eye.

Jazmine blinked at him.

"Your story checks out Dubois," Jazmine gave him a surprised look "I think it's about time me and you had another chat," he smirked.

"About…" she slightly rose her eyebrow, starting to catch on to what he was trying to tell her.

"About how to catch a certain troublemaker,"

And there ya go folks :D I'm not feeling the ending too much but ehh it'll have to do for now. Ya'll get the message... hopefully. I know you're probably tired of sobby Jazmine, I'm kinda tired of her too, but just be patient ;p You've waited this long, I can guarantee she won't be sobbing in the next chapter.

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