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I began to wake up with the morning lights. It was probably close to 6 am. I felt surprisingly warm for it being so early in the morning, and I know I was outside. Something began moving against my chest, and I looked down to investigate. I was greeted with the sight of Bella snuggling closer to me, clutching onto my shirt, with my jacket draped over her shoulders. Her hair fanned out across my upper body, and made her look completely angelic. She looked so content, safe. And I felt it too, I never wanted her to move. She fit so perfectly against me, I found myself wishing that I could wake up like this every morning. The only thing I would change is for us to be in a house and a bed. I sighed to myself and wrapped my arms around her, just as she began to stir.

"Good morning Bella," I said, barely louder than a whisper. "I hope you slept well."

"Mmm. I was having a wonderful dream about laughing into the wee hours and then falling asleep in a hotel's garden." She began sitting up as she spoke.

I sat up with her, pulling her onto my lap, keeping my arms wrapped around her.

"Oh silly Bella. That was no dream. Look around."

Of course, fate had to work against me, because just as the words left my mouth, just as I was doing something right, something else had to go wring. The sprinklers had to turn on all at the same time, while we were right in the middle of the garden. Bella shrieked, jumping to her feet, and pulling her jacket tightly against her, as I scouted for an escape.


The sprinklers totally had to ruin my mood. I'm pretty sure the Fates were trying to prevent Edward and I from having a decent moment together. I had woken in such a blissful state. One I didn't think possible with Edward around. We were dangerous together. But it just felt so right. I couldn't believe that he was the same man I'd run into that fateful day. I was pulled out of my thoughts, when Edward suddenly grabbed my arm and began dragging me through the garden. I suddenly felt the need to giggle. And I just couldn't stop myself. How cheesy was this moment? The sprinklers were getting us soaking wet, no matter how fast we ran, there were roses, and the morning sun made everything sparkle. How cliché. We'd almost made it out of the garden when Edward suddenly stopped, causing me to run into his very muscled back. Ouch!

"Edward, why'd we…"

I was cut off when I looked in front of him and saw a rather grouchy looking manager and a gardener with very scraggly hair and bushy grey eyebrows. I tried to melt into Edward's side, completely mortified that I was soaking wet, wearing the same dress from the previous night, and his jacket. He wrapped his arm around me, and it felt protective, possessive almost. Edward and the manager were locked in a death stare. I was afraid to break the silence, scared of what was going to happen next. Lucky for me, I didn't have to suffer the silence much longer.

"Monsieur, why are you here still! I told you. No room. Including the garden! That is not a public park! It is for guests! How dare you!"

He was yelling very loudly, like we didn't understand English, or perhaps his accent? Who knows? I cringed instinctively at the force in his voice. Edward noticed and a low, deep rumbling echoed from his chest.

"How dare I?! How dare I!?! No. How dare you! You turn two foreigners out, who had enough money to pay, and had no where else to go because their car was not functioning, and then have the audacity to accuse me of doing something wrong while taking care of my woman!

You should be ashamed of your self."

Sigh, Edward was so hot when he was defensive and angry, and all protective of me. Wait… did he said "my woman"? His woman? Oh really now… ?

"There is no excuse! I should call the police!"

"No need. We're leaving! Oh, and here's some money to cover any expenses you may have incurred."

The gardener started to yell something in French to the manager, who was busy picking up the bills Edward threw at him. Then the gardener walked up to Edward, said thank you, and told us to leave. We began walking away, and I was just thankful to get out of there finally! Edward jumped and let out a yelp after a minute or so of us walking, we turned around to see the hotel's manager right behind us with a rake still pointed at the approximate height of Edward's behind. I snorted a little bit, because the manager just looked so proud of himself. Edward was seething. I simply held onto his arm a little tighter and told him it wasn't worth it. We could come back later and raise hell if he wanted but I was freezing! Luckily that snapped him out of it long enough to look back down at me and see that I was indeed shaking.


I could not believe that manager! First he yells at me for seeking out shelter after he turned us away, and then he pokes my ass with a RAKE?! Who does that? God, it's a good thing Bella was there, I may have pummeled the jerk, but like she said, we can always show up later and raise hell then. Oh sweet revenge. Now I just need to figure out how to get some gas and warm clothes. I was grateful for the daylight, I could actually see other shops and landmarks. We weren't as far from our original hotel as I thought, though, it was still too far to have walked last night. On our way back to the car, we stopped at a gas station and purchased a gas can so we could refuel and be on our way.

"From now on, we're driving hybrid cars in Europe," I suddenly announced.

"Where did that come from?"

"Well, we wouldn't get stuck with ass-poking hotel managers if we can't run out of gas."

"True…" She trailed off.

"I sense a 'but'…"

"Yea," she continued. "But, we wouldn't have gotten the 'second' date, which, if you ask me went much smoother than the first."

"Very good point. I really thought you were going to put up more of a fight last night."

"I thought about it, but what was I supposed to do? Call Emmett and Jasper, or Angela for that matter? Have everyone else kill you before I got the proper chance?"

"Ha-Ha Isabella." I used her full name, knowing full well she hated it. I could see the indignation glint in her eyes, I certainly pushed a button there.

We finally got back to the hotel, and I for one couldn't wait to change out of these clothes, they dried, but felt so gross. The hotel definitely used recycled water to water their garden. Yuck! I could only imagine how Bella felt in the dress. It was ruined for sure. My only hope was for her to sneak past Alice before the pixie saw the damage. She would surely have my head for letting something get so trashed!

I parked the car, and helped Bella out of it. We walked hand in hand back into the hotel, and towards the elevators. Bella stopped dead in her tracks, and I looked around, trying to see what startled her.


Once we got back, all I could think about was the nice, hot, relaxing shower that was awaiting me. In my hotel room, all alone. Unfortunately the four very angry, and two perplexed people in the lobby had other plans for us. Angela and Ben looked amicable, and just happy to have us back in their sights. The other two men – Emmett and Jasper looked ready to rip Edward to shreds. Alice and Rose were too busy staring slack-jawed at my dress. My eyes widened in horror and I looked up at Edward, hoping he'd understand, whisk me away, back to the car, and to some place far away from that bunch. Unfortunately, he leaned over and simply whispered, "We'll have to face them sooner or later, and frankly, I'd rather not give Emmett another reason to kill me right now."

Damn him and his logic. Though, he was probably right. Emmett did look mad enough to kill Edward. Maybe once Rosalie and Alice got over the shock of my dress, they would leave me alone, and all gang up on Edward. That can be his punishment for torturing me like this.

My hope were dashed as Angela called out, "Good luck Bella… they aren't happy!" Then disappeared with Ben.

The next thing I knew, Alice and Rose had each linked an arm with mine and were forcefully walking to the elevator. Unfortunately, I didn't get to steal one last look at Edward, but I did get a good look at Jasper and Emmett's faces… I was scared for Edward!

After a way too short elevator ride, Alice practically threw me onto the bed in her hotel room, while Rosalie made sure to lock the deadbolt on the door, so that no rescue attempts could be made.

"Alright Bella," the evil pixie who kidnapped me began. "Spill. What in the world happened last night. Why didn't anyone call? Did he hurt you? Why is your dress ruined? Where were you?

Rosalie cut her off by saying, "Alice! Let her answer them one at a time, otherwise we'll know nothing!" She then turned back to me, "What happened at dinner last night?"

And so I launched into the whole story starting with the awful dinner.

"Oh my god. I can't believe his lack of tact," said Rose.

…and driving.

"Ohhh I could kill him! What a moron. He should have just brought you back here!" That was courtesy of Alice.

….and then ending up at the hotel.

"He ran out of gas? Seriously? That's so…"

"Un-Edward like," said Rose as she finished Alice's thought.

As I told them about the 20 questions, Rose interrupted me, "Isn't that how you got into this mess in the first place?"


Once the girls were safely in the elevator., Emmett's face transformed from angry to down right frightening. If I wasn't already scared, I was officially about to piss my pants! Thank God for Jasper, he was at least level headed enough to keep us from getting in trouble with more hotel managers. Plus, he was just calming.

"Emmett, lets take this upstairs somewhere private," said Jasper.

But he did sound like they were going to kill me.

Emmett gripped my shoulder hard and led me to the elevators. Once we were inside, I dared to speak.

"Emmett, I swear, its not what you think!"

"And what do you think I'm thinking?" Emmett was seething.

"Nothing happened between me and Bella."

"Nothing?! You expect me to believe NOTHING happened? You were out all night and nothing happened. What kind of an idiot do you take me for? To hell with that Edward! You're lucky I haven't torn your sorry little self to shreds!"

People were starting to stare. Emmett didn't notice, but Jasper did, and spoke up, "Lets make it into the room, and then Edward can explain what happened. Okay, Emmett?"

"Fine." And with that he opened the door to our suite.

Jasper is seriously saving my life right now. I breathed an audible sigh of relief once we made it in the room, Jasper heard me and turned his attention to me.

"Don't mistake my desire for privacy as being on your side."

I'm dead. They're going to kill me, burn the evidence, tell Bella I ran like a coward and then, she'd be angry at me.

I knew I was treading dangerous waters here, but I couldn't stop myself from letting him know I had some ammo on him. "Oh I know, I heard just how close you and Bella got in high school after Emmett here graduated."

"You wouldn't dare…"

"Don't test me Jasper."

"Jasper, Edward, what the hell are you two talking about now? What is going on here? Did something happen to Bella that you haven't told me?"

"No Emmett, you know everything that's happened to Bella, up until last night, which, I believe, Edward was just about to tell us."

Well, I had a begrudging ally now, with Jasper on my side, Emmett would have to at least hear me out.

"Dinner was miserable, so we decided to go for a drive and just cool our heads for a little bit. Over the course of it all, we ran out of gas."

"How irresponsible Cullen, or was it all part of your grand plan?" Emmett, jumping to conclusions, again, said.

"No, Emmett, it wasn't part of the plan. Anyways, we were close to a hotel, thankfully, and I tried to get us two separate rooms, but before you jump to conclusions again, there were no rooms at all, so we weren't in a hotel room. The manager was a jerk, but we snuck into the garden, and talked there for most of the night, and we eventually fell asleep. Nothing happened. No funny business. We just talked. And, no, Emmett, talking is not code for doing naughty things with your sister."

But I wont lie, I definitely thought about it.

"Alright Edward, we get the point, nothing really did happen," said Jasper.

"Wait… How did you get all wet then? Hmm?" Emmett, never satisfied.

"The sprinklers went off, and we didn't escape in time."


"Emmett!" Jasper and I both yelled at the same time.


When I finished, Alice was still fuming, but Rose had a smirk on her face.

"Rose, why are you looking at me like a cat that just ate the canary?" Asked Alice who finally noticed that her friend had apparently switched over to the dark side.

"Oh, nothing really, I just think Bella has something else she wants to tell us."

"Is this so Bella? And why does Rose already know? What's going on? Don't do this to me!"

I had to get her to stop talking before she gave herself an ulcer. So, I eloquently blurted, "I'm in like with Edward!" Then my hands flew to my mouth as I felt the heat rise into my face at a record speed.

Rose had a very pronounced smirk on her face, and Alice's jaw was about to hit the floor. Then she let loose. "O MY GOD. BELLA! YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH EDWARD?!?!" She shrieked so loudly I was sure, where ever the boys were, they could hear her.

"Like, I'm in like, but yes," I squeaked out.

Rose and Alice shared a look... then they were squealing.

"I knew it! I knew it from the moment I saw you two walk back into the hotel something changed," Rose stated.

"Girls, what am I supposed to do!? I really like him. But…" I was cut off again by squealing. It was infectious, and I started giggling along with their squeals.

Then she and Alice exchanged a look that I knew all too well, they were silently plotting something. Alice spoke next … "Well…."


So I left out some of the details, like waking up with her in my arms, and the promise to raise some hell later… Emmett didn't need to know that. Not yet at least.

"So, we cool Emmett?"

"Yea, we're cool Edward. Though, there are two more things I want to run by you…."

"Umm, okay, sure."

"The first is, no more disappearing all night without telling someone, namely me or Jasper first."

"I second that," said Jasper.

"I can handle that. I wasn't planning on that ever happening again anyways. So what's the other thing?"

"Just tell me, what are your intentions with my baby sis?"

Leave it to Emmett to ask the one question I was afraid to answer…

"Well… I .. umm… I like her, a lot Emmett."

Emmett and Jasper shared a look then "ahhhhhhhh!" was the last thing I heard before they had tackled me to the floor.

"Guys, seriously. Get off me! I mean it! I like her. Like, really like her."

They exchanged a look and removed themselves. Once I stood up, they each put an arm around me, and got a very strange glimmer. Oh help me…

"We don't have a problem if you like her… Just know that…"

Emmett trailed off, and after a longer than necessary pause, Jasper continued.

"You break her heart, we break your neck."

"Heh…" I laughed nervously… Crap… They were scary when they wanted to be…

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