Beauty and the Basilisk

Chapter 1- Wanting


A young boy, looked around the corner of a wall, watching a pink-haired female. He took a deep breath, before stepping out from behind the wall, catching the group of girls' attention. They all looked at him fondly, squealing.

"Oh my god, it's Ryou-Kun!" They screamed, as he tried to walk as calmly past them as he could, to get to the pink-haired beauty.

Kamikoro Ryou, was usually, a very shy person- even thought he was an insanely huge pop star, and was surrounded by fan girls most of the time, he wished not a thing to do with them. He only wanted one girl. Haruno Sakura.

Ryou never cared about how popular he was, because he had no interest in it unless it helped him get to her. Most of the girls in the school- and his fans- thought he was insane.

Seriously? A jet black-haired hottie with hypnotizing navy-blue eyes, fall for some clumsy, flat-chested, and not to mention weak, pink-haired girl? Yeah- but that's what made some of the local Konoha teen girls, try harder. Pampering there looks, to even get cast a glance, by the boy. Just like they did for Uchiha Sasuke.

"Hey, Sakura. I was wondering-" Ryou gave her a sexy smirk. "If you'd like to go out with me, maybe- to lunch later today or somethin'?"

"No." Sakura replied a bit icily, making her friends glare at her, but she could careless. She loved Sasuke.

"No?" Ryou repeated, testing the word on his tongue, before looking at her in confusion. "Well- would you go out with me if I was stronger than Sasuke?"

"I'd think about it."

"Well. Then I'll train to your satisfaction then, princess." He smiled, bowing to her. "Forgive me for disturbing you, Princess. I'll be off."

Ryou turned on the heels of his black ninja sandals, and left.

"He's so formal and polite!" Hinata commented quietly.

"Yeah- he's great for you, Sakura! Why'd you reject him?" Ten-Ten questioned in slight annoyance.

"Yeah- you're the only one he talks to, billboard-brow!" Ino hissed.

"You can have him- Sasuke is the only one for me!" Replied a confident Sakura, after spotting said person.

( With Ryou)

He opened and closed the door to his home, a calm expression on his face, as he looked around the house, for his "partner in Crime".

Ryou, was part of a band called "Indifferent Dragon". His name, actually meant, 'Indifferent'. His mother- was the singer, in their two-person band. All Ryou did, was play his guitar, and he's sing. Like A serpent charmer's flute to a cobra.

But- that was a very vile way to talk about his mother. Ryou felt his cheeks heat up, as he covered his mouth with a single hand, his other hand, in the pocket of his baggy, black jeans. He waited for his slight blush, to melt away, before looking around once more.

"Where is she?" He wondered aloud, walking past the hall way mirror, stopping, to look at his reflection. He frowned deeply, at the creature he saw looking back at him. Deep down- Ryou truly wanted to kill himself. But- who would protect her? For all Ryou knew, his mother, wasn't the best fighter out there. And Sakura- Sasuke would steal the damn spotlight and be the knight in shining armor.

Ryou covered his face with a hand, feeling tired. Was- what the other Jounin said- really true?

"Ryou-Kun, Ryou-Kun!"

He turned around to see his mother, smiling happily at him, wearing her cute little purple apron with little red and white flowers all over it. Her hair was in a set of long pig tails, and she held a plate of food.

"Look, Ryou-Kun, I made dinner and I didn't burn it this time!" She chimed happily, before he hugged her, obviously, behind taller than she was. She froze. "Ryou? what's wrong?"

Ryou didn't reply for a while, but his mother held the plate away from them and hugged him back.

"She- said no. Sakura-"

His mother stepped away from him. "Keep trying, Ryou! You can do it! i believe in you!" She said happily, smiling at him. She was like Uzumaki Naruto- but not as idiotic, but more childish for her unknown age.

Ryou caught a glimpse of dark purple around her waist, making him scowl, and go over to her, grabbing the cloth.

"When the hell are you going to get rid of this damn thing ,mom?!" He questioned angrily, untying it from the large bow she had tied it into. She spun around, and he quickly and unfairly, put his arm over his head, holding it just out of her reach.

"R-Ryou s-stop it! T-That's my special scarf!" She cried, tears at the edge of her eyes, as she tried in vain to take back her scarf.

"Mom, it's the creepiest thing! And you where it every damn day! Do you ever part with this thing?"

She stepped back, before whacking him over the head with a newspaper, and snatching back her scarf, burying her face into it, as she hugged it close and affectionately.

"Don't pick on my scarf! You're too immature!"

"Who gave that thing to you, anyways?"

She looked down. "I-...I don't know. That's why I treasure it so badly- you know that."

Ryou scoffed, plopping down at the table. He began eating his diner, as his mother sat down next to him, still clutching the scarf.

"I- can't even remember his name- I know it was a guy though-" She said quietly, as Ryuo swallowed. he turned slightly, gently pushing the left side of her head, against his chest reassuringly.

"Just- don't cry yourself to sleep tonight- alright-" She smiled at him. "Ryu-chan?"


He looked at the calendar from where he sat- barely able to make out the date in the darkness. But he wasn't looking for the date- he was never looking for the day of the week, or if he had anything he needed to do. He didn't.

Fucking- way to go, me! You've missed her birthday TWELVE TIMES! He guilt-tripped himself.

Yeah, well, I havent' been able to find her! He shot back, before shaking his head. All this time away from her- not seeing her- not hearing her- nothing- was seriously destroying him from the inside. And his sanity was the first thing to go, almost.

"We found her-"

His pupils shrunk at the report from his favorite assistant. But they grew to normal, as he told them to go away icily. His eyes began to sting, as he let tears fall to the ground.

He'd- finally- found her. After all this time, he'd see her again. He wanted her back so badly- she'd be all his this time. Not her brother's. HIS. He imagined her sitting next to him, being rebellious and defiant, as he laughed.

We'll pamper her, and love her, and care for her, and protect her- she missed you. Oh, how she missed you.

His little angel and devil, cooed in his ears. He smile gently to himself, picturing the rebellious and playful girl, he so easily fell head-over-heels for.He- was so stupid- as to have a weak spot for a girl who, obviously, had no interest in him at all, aside from him being the only dude she was able to depend on to the fullest.

He groaned, knowing that she only took their relationship as, prossibly if he was lucky enough, 'brother/sister'.

"I'm going to find you, and fix you, Ryu-Chan." He said quietly, his eyes flashing in twisted excitement and sinister amusement.