Beauty and the Basilisk

Special Chapter- Correcting Mistakes.

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Ok last chapter, I understand I confused the handful of people, who actually read this terribly story, that seriously needs to be deleted and eliminated from the face of the earth entirely. So,I'd like to say some things.

Chapter 8 Understandings:

Part 1(Before Author's Note):

After Orochimaru met with Ryu in Chapter 7, he took her with him to the sound village. More will be explained later on.

The first part of this chapter, is 'checking-up' on Orochimaru and Ryu.

Ryu, is the nurse in the Sound Village Nurse's Uniform (I have all rights to this, don't take it from me! You can draw a pic of what you think it looks like and show me, but it's my idea.)

Most of you know, Orochimaru conducts experiments to make forbidden jutsu. There are two Sound Village Mansions, in which he switches between every week or so. The main village, the one where Ryu, Kabuto, and the Sound Five, stay, is his main mansion. The second one, houses prisoners, whom he conducts experiments on.

At the moment, he's trying to combine animal DNA with humans, to see what powers it will give them, as he works to make the 'perfect' container.Take Kidomaru for example. He can have 6 arms- but look at the math, please:

Spider + Human Are you SERIOUS?! This is impossible!

Spider DNA+ Human Possible

So, the first part, is Orochimaru conducting tests on a nonexistent character named 'Gonomaru'. (I made it up. I don't know what the hell his name means. If it means anything, please tell me, and I will change it if offensive) Ryu, is his 'assistant' who takes on the name 'Candy' as Orochimaru advises her, for her safety. Why? Because some of Orochimaru's prisoners are rapists and stalkers, ok? There's your answer.

Part 2 (After Author's Note):

As I put, It was during the Chunnin Exams, where Orochimaru was fighting the Third Hokage (If you watch the series or read the manga, you should know this shit.) The Third Hokage is using a sealing jutsu, trying to feed Orochimaru's soul to the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, he only gets to sealing Orochimaru's arms. This is also where everyone in the audience is asleep.

When Orochimaru was taking the identity of the Fourth Kazekage (Dude in the blue hat for you who are, possibly, brain-damaged from all those damn Icee's) he brought along Ryu. So, Ryu took the role, of a Tea-server. She had to have her hair tied in a single, long, french-braid, which hung over her left shoulder and where a dress with a high-collar that reached mid-neck. Think of Ten-Ten's shirt, only it goes down to mid-calf, and there are slits on the sides, that go from the bottom up to the mid-thigh. Made in a fashion, so that running, is possible.

Anyways, Ryu was the tea-server. She came by, did her thing, and left. All of Konoha, knows Orochimaru has Ryu, and the ANBU, are trying to "rescue" her. Kakashi, was suspicious of Ryu, after Kabuto's sleeping jutsu didn't affect her,thus, is where the second part starts, with Kakashi chasing after her.

In Ryu's absence, Ryou scouted by the ANBU, after several good reports and comments from a few of his clients on some missions he had completed. He was offered a position in the ANBU, as second-leader-in-command, and he accepted. The ANBU Captain decided on the arresting of Ryu, thinking she was a key component to Orochimaru's plans.

This, in short, means that Orochimaru would get her out without a doubt. The plan was made to slow Orochimaru down, even in the slightest, to they could make a trap, and use Ryu as bait, to arrest him as well.