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Chapter Five:

"I guess baby one is on it's way"

Raw panic set in Harry's mind. His actions drew on him with a bout of revelation and with remarkably quick movements; he pushed at Draco's chest with force and stood. Pulling his clothes on, he tried ignored the sharp intake of air from his enemy at being shoved so strongly. He should not care at the thought of hurting Draco, but he did. He could not help but looking at the blond with concern.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. He fought his own words, yet he could not win. The Mathayan within him was more dominate in personality.

Draco shook his head a little rigidly and stood as well. He groped at his own chest where the obvious pain was. "No, it's fine."

"No, it's not." Harry whimpered as he splayed his fingertips on the tight chest. Draco didn't have defined muscles as of yet, but he could tell that it would not be long before Draco would have a body of perfection. Rippled muscles was forming under the hard stomach, he could feel them. His milky skin contrasted beautifully with Harry's tanned hand. They were like yin and yang. Completely opposite. Yet he wondered how they could have found themselves in this situation. "How did you know, Draco?"

Draco's eyes were focused on Harry's hand. He covered it with his own and gently lifted it to his lips. Pressing pale pink lips against the back of Harry's hand, he smiled.

The Gryffindor realized that he had never seen Draco smile before. It was beautiful sight.

"My father used to tell me the stories of the Mathayans. Any respectable pureblood family know about your kind." He paused only to look into Harry's eyes. "Severus came around last night. I overheard him and my father talking. Of course I could not believe it until Blaise caught me on the platform. He told me that you were different, making men faint. I had to see it for myself."

Harry shook his head; it just didn't make sense as to why Draco would do it. "Did you want to kiss me because I am powerful and I'd make powerful heirs if you were the worthy father?"

Draco snorted. "Please Potter, you read too many novels." One, two, three more kisses were subjected to Harry's hand. "How could you not see my feelings towards you?"

"The fighting had something to do with it." He jerked his hand away from Draco's lips. Taking a deep breath, he picked up the book that had been flung to the floor during their escapade.

"Yes, I do like pulling your piggy tails." He paused for a moment, thinking. "Isn't that what muggles say? Young boys pull the piggy tails of girls they like?"

Harry chuckled. "I have to go, Draco." He looked out the window to where he could see the station. They had pulled up. Students hurried past each other, most likely thriving for the food they were to eat. Some stopped though, their eyes caught on the Slytherin and Gryffindor who stood in full view of the window. It was clear to Harry that they probably thought they were going to fight. It took him to a minute to realize that Draco was shirtless. When had he put on his pants?

Blushing crimson, he pulled down the blind with haste.

"Are you embarrassed about having sex with me, Harry?" Harry didn't have time to answer before Draco continued. "I wouldn't be if I was you. You are having my child, after all."

"Shut up!" Harry hissed. He bent down to pick up his book that had been thrown to the ground during their romp.

"Come on, Potter." It was funny how quickly Draco resorted to Potter when he was angry. "Don't act like a child."

Harry paused for just a moment before walking towards the compartment door. He stopped in front of it. "I'll talk to you later, Malfoy." He slid open the door and slipped out.


"And where have you been?"

Harry rolled his eyes at the question. He knew it was going to be asked; he just hoped it wouldn't be so soon. "Hermione, please, not now."

"You found him." Her voice grew a pitch higher, making it sound like any other giggling girl in their school.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Nodding his thanks at Ron who handed him his bag, he followed the other students as they walked away from the platform. Hermione was right on his heels.

"You are back to yourself. Well, sort of. It means you've found the worthy father. Have you had sex then?"

If Harry had been drinking something, he would have choked. He stopped abruptly and turned to look at his friend with wide eyes. Ron looked equally surprised. "What?"

"When a Mathayan finds the worthy father, they get right down to business in creating a baby."

"You aren't going to give me a speech about the birds and the bees, are you?"

"What about the birds and the bees?" Seamus and Dean walked over to them. "Heyya Harry. Heard all about you makin' those boys faint. They took em straight to the Hospital Wing."

Great. Just great. That's all he needed, to feel embarrassed about making out with some guys and making them faint. How would he ever face them when they got out? What would he say to them? 'oh sorry for kissing you and making you faint, but I needed to find a baby daddy.'

"Harry? Hogwarts to Harry?"

Harry jumped out of his thoughts and eyed Hermione with dissatisfaction.

"Now tell me, who was he?"

"Hermione, really, can't you leave Harry alone. It's his own business." Ron slapped Harry on the back. He couldn't help but give him a smile of thanks. "But really, Harry, tell us. We are your friends after all."

The smile turned into a glare. "Fine, you really want to know?"

Four nods were sent his way. Harry smirked. If they wanted to know, he'd tell them. "Malfoy. I'm pregnant with Malfoy's baby."

With that, he turned and strode away, leaving behind four shocked friends.


"Well?" Severus Snape turned and raised his eyebrow. "This better be good, Draco, I have to attend the meal."

Draco smiled. "Godfather, I wish to announce to you first."

"Announce? Announce what?" Draco could see the suspicion rising in Severus. He knew for a fact that his godfather knew how he felt about Harry and he was sure that he knew that Draco would try to be a worthy father for Harry. Draco was not stupid nor naive. He knew what situation he had put himself in.

"Potter and I are having a baby."

"For once, I wish I didn't know what you were going to say." Severus rubbed his temple. His face was pained as he looked at Draco with disappointed. "Why, Draco? Your father has done what he could to keep you out of danger. And now? Now you put yourself in the lord's firing range."

"Godfather, I love him."

"Love does not save you from the killing curse, Draco!" Severus looked around for a moment. Students looked at them curiously. He growled before grabbing Draco's arm. He pulled him towards an empty corridor.

"It may not save me, Severus, but I'd rather be happy and dead than alive and unhappy." Draco forcefully yanked his arm out of Severus's grip.

"Oh I'm sure you'll get your wish. Draco..."

"I would ask that you watch your words, Snape." Both Slytherins looked down the corridor to where Harry stood at the end. He was small, yes, and thin, but he looked almost frightening. His eyes had darkened, his nostrils flared. It actually scared Draco and the look was not even sent his way. "You speak to the father of my child."

Snape didn't speak for a moment. He looked from Draco to Harry before he finally found his voice. "Very well. All I can say then is good luck." His eyes set upon Harry. "To both of you. But I'm telling you now, Potter, my godson loves you and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with you. You break his heart, I'll break you."

"I cannot do so, I am a Mathayan."

"Correction, Potter, you are half Mathayan, which means you still have part of your choice within you." Severus gripped Draco's shoulder before nodding and walking towards the Great Hall.

Draco chuckled. "Harry, are you defending me?"

Harry snorted. "Only because I'd rather our child have two parents instead of one. Come on, Malfoy. Dumbledore has to announce us to the school. Something about the Mathayan and his mate being defensive of each other."

"Back to Malfoy, are we?"

Harry didn't listen. He turned to walk towards the way Severus has just gone.