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Once yours...

Chap: 1

Sakura Haruno walked to Tsunade's office with her head held high.

The ANBU Medic still kept her pink locks short, her clothes however changed to more black and red. No more pink or tan.

Sakura knocked on Tsunade's office awaiting Tsunade's 'enter '.

Sakura now eighteen had been left by both Kakashi - He went on a mission two years ago- and Naruto -He went once again training over a year- Sai...well he doesn't count.

Sakura had been many places to help out in Suna working with Garra, and assisting at the hospital for a while, in stone for a few months, and Mist for a mission on Akatsuki. ( you would laugh if you read my other story lol its ironic)

Sakura heard the ' enter ' from Tsunade and walked into the dimly lit office. Tsunade sat behind the desk hands under her chin as she watched Sakura take a seat in front of her.

" Tsunade-sama...You called for me?" Sakura asked looking into her teacher's amber eyes.

Tsunade looked back at Sakura, then looked away as if in shame.

Sakura continued to watch Tsunade as her teacher struggled to speak.

Finally Tsunade spoke, but not very loud as if she really didn't want Sakura to hear her.

" I have a mission for you...on Sasuke do you want to accept?" Tsunade asked.

Sakura looked at her hands. Now Sakura wasn't like she was when she was younger, the mention of Sasuke's name didn't affect her as it did then. Years have passed and she had moved on.

" Tsunade-sama what type of mission is it a retrieval? Or an assassination?" Sakura asked voice neutral.

" Both or nether..." Tsunade said her voice becoming a bit louder.

" Meaning?..." Sakura edges her sensei on.

" The mission is to go to Sound and gain information of Orochimaru's next move. The plan is for a kunoichi to infiltrate Orochimaru's hide out as a Medic or ninja, for any purpose, to serve Orochimaru. In that time you are to seduce Sasuke into telling you what you need." Tsunade said her amber eyes watching for any disgust, horror, or shock, on her students face and found none.

" Why Sasuke?..." Sakura asked politely.

" Because Orochimaru trusts Sasuke and he has yet to take his body meaning either Sasuke is more powerful then Orochimaru or Orochimaru has found another body to inhabit. Sasuke is likely to know the most On Orochimaru's plans. So he will be the one who has most of the information." Tsunade explained. Sakura nodded.

" If he suspects foul play and tires to kill you kill him before he gets the chance. You are to take as long as you need, but send updates back to me any chance you get. If you get a chance to kill Orochimaru take it. If Sasuke wants to come home then so be it, but you know the mission comes first. " Tsunade said to her apprentice. Sakura nodded.

" When do I leave?..." Sakura asked standing.

" Tomorrow. Say your good byes and leave letters for Naruto and Kakashi, they both come back two days after tomorrow, explain your reason, but not the mission. And Sakura...be careful will you? " Tsunade asked her amber eyes softening. Sakura's jade hardened...

" Yes Tsunade-sama I shall return at my missions end." She said and did a few hand signs and disappeared in a puff of white smoke.

Sakura's apartment...

Sakura packed her black backpack that lay on her bed. She raised a hand with a kunai to the window as someone jumped in.

" Are you going to bring him back to the village?" The figure cloaked in black asked.

" I'll try..." She said and didn't turn to look at her intruder

" Does that mean you won't be leaving the village?" He asked, she tensed.

" What does bringing him back have to do with weather or not I leave here?" She asked turning to look into his cold eyes.

" Nothing except your team is coming home and Sasuke may...return isn't that the reason your leaving because they left? " He asked cocking his head to the side in question.

" No...I wanted to leave because I want to..." Sakura trailed off and turned back to her work packing.

" So if you don't want to leave him? What then...will you bring him along? What of your fox and sensei? " He asked, she sigh and turned around back pack in hand with a scowl on her beautiful features.

" Will you go before your found out?...Stalking me will do you no good." She said with narrowed eyes he sigh.

" And the Hyuuga? What of him, will he be joining you?..." She tensed once more at the mention of Neji's name.

" He hasn't decided...when I return he will come or stay." She said and untied her head band laying it on the table beside two letters once for Naruto one for Kakashi.

" How long will you be? Have you informed him of your mission?" The stranger asked. She glared.

"I came straight home unless he stalks me as you do no he doesn't know yet. I'm going their now..." She said angrily, he smirked.

" Does anyone suspect anything?" He asked suddenly serious. She shook her head no. The man smirked again.

" If you fall in love with the Uchiha will you ask him to join you and the Hyuuga or will he not.. considering his older brother?..." The man asked she smirked.

" I won't fall in love with him...he betray me and our village..." She said and sigh looking to the man.

" You will betray him and the village." He said she glared then laughed.

" That's right an eye for an eye...Isn't that what you always say Nii-San?..." She asked he nodded.

'"Yes..." He looked to the moon out side.

" Will you stalk me on my mission?" She asked him, he raised a brow and she rolled jade eyes. That was a pointless question.

" I must go before I have to leave." She said, the man nodded and smirked.

" Sakura...you have a time limit you know...Leader gets testy." She grinned.

" Let him get his panties in a bunch. Konan will straighten him out. If not I'll ask Deidara to blow him up..." Sakura said and laughed at her joke.

The man rolled gray eyes.

" Sakura making threats to Leader and not even a member yet...tisk..." He mocked, she grinned and nodded as she joined him in her window.

" Ja...Nii-san..." She said, he nodded.

Hyuuga Estate...

Sakura knocked softly on Neji's bedroom window, he appeared there moments later opening it for her to come in.

" Be quick Sakura... Lady Hinata will be returning from her date with Shino soon." Neji said she smiled.

" Alright..." She said siting on his white bed. He hated it when she sat there.

" So what brings you here? I thought you'd give me more time? " He asked, she grinned then frown.

" Change of plans Neji. I have a mission to Sound, for as long as it takes to Seduce the Uchiha into giving me information on Orochimaru's plans. I can bring him back or kill him...my choice. It takes as long as I need it too." She said, he frown and an emotion passed through his lavender eyes.

He closed them before she saw it.

" So...will you stay here in the village with him if you bring him home?...What of Naruto and Kakashi they return in a few days also..." Neji asked, she smirked.

" No worries nothing will change. The plans are still in play..." She said and stood walking to him.

" Will you bring him with us?" Neji asked about Sasuke, she frown in thought.

" Doubt it, but maybe if hes willing to follow and not be a pain, but more then likely if I succeed in bringing him back, he will stay in the village. He won't want to join with his brother. I know Sasuke. Nothing will make him and his brother work together not after what Itachi started." Sakura said looking back to Neji's lavender eyes.

Sakura grinned.

" Which means while I'm on my mission you can try to persuade Tenten-chan into coming too...or have fun with her while you can...if your coming that is..." Sakura said and stepped closer till her hands were flat to Neji's chest. He looked at her with sonic eyes, but his body was tense.

" Neji..." Sakura whispered against his lips, he sucked in a shaky breath. He hated it when she teased him.

" Don..-" Before he could finish her lips were against his and her hands slid up his chest to untie his long brown hair.

She pulled back before too long and smirked as his lavender eyes cleared from their cloudiness.( Not a word I don't think)

" Ja Neji." She said and left the way she came just as Hinata came back from her date.

" Sakura-chan? What were you doing in Neji-Nii-San's room this lat-" Hinata froze and turned red she lowered her head in apology.

" Ah Hinata, you got it wrong. I was saying bye. I'm going on a long mission and thought I would tell Neji, I couldn't be his sparring partner anymore till I return. That's all. You know how much Neji likes Tenten-chan..." Sakura said grinning to her best friend.

Hinata let out a breath and the smiled brightly at Sakura.

" Good I was a bit worried. Sorry Sakura-chan." Hinata said Sakura smirked and waved it off.

" How long will you be gone?..." Hinata asked. Sakura frown then smiled softly.

" Not a clue its a information mission to gain and maybe bring back an old ninja..." Sakura said and Hinata's lavender eyes went wide.

" You mean Uchiha-san?..." Hinata asked Sakura nodded.

" But don't tell anyone okay?..." Sakura said finger to her lips winking Hinata nodded hesitantly.

" Oh Hinata! Naruto is returning tell him there's a letter for him and Kakashi in my house okay?Thanks!" She said smiling at Hinata who nodded.

Sakura handed the girl her house key hugged her then ran off to see Ino. So tomorrow every one would know she was going on a mission.

At Ino's...

Sakura knocked waiting for Ino or someone to answer.

Tamari answered in a blue towel, Sakura grinned at Tamari. ( Am I spelling her name right? If not someone tell me how to.)

" Hey Sakura! Girl...whats up?" Tamari asked.

" Hey, Ino home? I'm going on a mission tomorrow, just wanted to tell her I was going. You know how she freaked last time I left. " Sakura said sweat dropping. Tamari chuckled and nodded. She stepped aside to let Sakura in.

In side was warmer then the chilly fall air outside.

Sakura followed Tamari to Ino's bedroom, where Ino was currently in a towel fishing through her closet.

" GAHHH Tamari who was at the door?!" Ino called sounding frustrated.

" AND WHERE'S MY PURPLE TOP!!" She yelled angrily.

" Try under the bed and...Sakura-chan is here." Ino's head popped out of her closet and looked at Sakura blushing. She grinned and ran over hugging Sakura happily

" Hey Forehead... your visiting pretty late. Tenten pass out again from Neji kissing her? Man shes like Hinata was around Naruto. I swear." Ino huffed as she pulled back hand on her hip her towel was purple of course.

" Shower?..." Sakura asked eye brow raised.

Ino blushed and nodded.

" Yep we have a date tonight in a few minutes actually..." Ino said looking at The clock on the wall...

" Who with?..." Sakura asked Ino blushed and Tamari smirked.

" Kiba and..Shikamaru of course!..." Ino yelled grinning.

Ino and Tamari settled their differences long ago finding they had a lot in common. Ino ended up dating Kiba and Tamari won Shikamaru. Now Tamari comes to Ino's every other month to live here.

Sakura grinned and rolled jade colored eyes.

" Ah I see..." Sakura said and then Ino stopped and looked at Sakura.

" So what are you here for?..." Ino asked Sakura smiled softly.

" Mission tomorrow... early." Sakura said, Ino frown.

" How long this time?..." Ino asked her blue eyes sad. Sakura smiled sadly.

" I don't know as long as it takes...it's to collect information...could take months..." Sakura said and shifted her footing knowing what was coming as she was glomped by Ino.

Sakura sigh and looked at the grinning Tamari. She enjoyed Sakura being glomped, it happened a lot. Let see from Naruto for one, Ino, Kiba, Akamaru, Lee, Kakashi, Tenten, Garra,. (yes Garra!) Kankuro...dare I go on?...

" Okay .." Sakura said and Ino backed off smiling in a bit of guilt for hugging her/ glomping her...

" Sakura you promise not to get hurt!" Ino said Sakura frown then smirked.

" You know me Ino. I won't..." Ino frown even more but gave Sakura a small smile.

' She acts like Sasuke-kun a lot these days...' Ino thought, but watched Sakura wave and leave for heavens knows how long this time. She just went on a mission last month and it had been for three months! She had two weeks of hospital overtime and then it was just starting this week and here she was leaving again and each time she would leave she would come back more and more sonic and like Sasuke antisocial and all...

Ino was worried for a while about guys until Sakura started training with Neji, but then was shocked that Neji and Tenten started dating. Sakura said she hooked them up...which made Ino surprised. She had thought for sure that Sakura and Neji were together.

Back at Sakura's apartment...

Sakura looked at her bed and sigh. There asleep on her bed was Deidara, his blond hair scattered every where, and his pale skin catching on the moon light.

" Itachi...couldn't you move him? " She called quietly knowing he heard her from the bathroom.

Itachi came out in a towel, he was drying is black hair. He shrugged.

" He was awake when I went in..." He said, she rolled her eyes.

" Cause you take forever in there your using up all my water!.." She said poking him in the chest.

He smirked.

" Ah I'm sorry, but are you not the once who said and I quote: ' You all may use my Shower and home as you see fit as long as you don't get me in trouble, or trash my house, or make too much noise..' :Unquote." Itachi said, she frown then it turned to a glare. He raised an eye brow, she rolled her eyes as she lost the battle.

" What ever..." She said and sat on her bed.

" What's wrong with him sleeping there? " Itachi asked her, she removed her shirt and glared, he shrugged.

" He always kicks me! You and him are like terrible! You steal the covers and he kicks! He tried to make a clay bird in his sleep and almost blew us up! " She said angrily. Itachi held back a grin, but chuckled.

He went back to seriousness as she watched.

" Sasori said that you have a mission in the morning to sound with my brother. He won't join The Akatsuki he hates me." Itachi said, she saw a brief emotion flash in his onyx eyes and smirked.

" Sure, sure, competition...eh Itachi?..." He narrowed his eyes then huffed and grabbed his pants and took off the towel from his waist.

Sakura walked to the shower getting a bath before she went to bed.

She almost screamed as she stepped into the ice cold water. Oh he would pay. No one steals her hot water.

When she finished she got dressed in a black tank top and crimson shorts...

She walked back to her room and Itachi was laying beside Deidara with little space between the two. She frown she was going to yell at Itachi, but she sigh giving in and crawled onto her bed.

" Over Uchiha..." She commanded, he huffed once more and moved to the left making room for her she settled her petite body between the two Men. Itachi threw an arm around her waist, she glanced over at him but his eyes were closed.

She rolled her eyes as Deidara cuddled to her right side his arm around her hips, head on her shoulder.

' You'd think I was a blasted teddy bear with these two clinging to me. Gezz you let them sleep in your bed once and they think they own it...' She thought, but snuggled into the two men's warmth and fell asleep.


Sakura woke to see blackness. She groaned and pushed Itachi from her. He groaned and woke up moving. She had to remove Deidara's arms from her waist before she got up from bed dragging her self to her bathroom to get ready for her mission.

Itachi was dressed and awake when she came out Deidara was rubbling his eyes with the backs of his hands and reminded her of a kitten waking. She sigh and grabbed her bag.

" Ready?.." Itachi asked her she rolled her eyes.

" You stay until I leave. God, my mission not your's. Stalk if you please, but when I reach Sound you can't be around. If Sasuke gets a hold of your Chakra anywhere close he'll go after you, thus ruining my mission..." Sakura said pointing at Itachi he shrugged and walked passed her to the bathroom.

Deidara glomped her, she fell to the floor with a groan.

" Dei..Deidara dang you!! Too early!" She said, he smiled at her shyly as he helped her up, but kept her in a tight hug.

" I missed you Saku-chan!!, yeah" He yelled making her wince, he kissed her forehead and backed off. She rolled jade eyes and shook her head at his childishness. He sometimes reminded her of Naruto.

Although she couldn't say Itachi ever reminded her of Sasuke except the black hair, eyes, and of course the 'Hning' all the time, which annoyed her. She got Itachi out of the habit, but now was in it her self.

" Deidara I have to leave be a good boy like Tobi and don't blow anything up this time before you leave." Sakura teased he frown.

" That was mean, yeah.." He muttered as she kissed his cheek before she peaked into the bathroom.

Itachi looked at her from the sink, he was brushing his teeth with a black and red tooth brush, she pointed at him.

" Remember to lock up this time. Clean up you mess Itachi..." She said he ignored her and she walked up and poked his side he twitched and she smirked and poked him again twitch...










" Ah Stop already!" He said Sharingan blazing, she leaned over kissing his nose he glared. She grinned a evil grin.

" I'm not five Sakura..." Itachi said, she smirked.

" Oh?...Could have fooled me." She teased, but leaned in to kiss him softly. He smirked against her lips as she pulled back.

" Thank you..." He muttered as she left. She turned and smirked at him.

" Your still cleaning up..." She said pointing to his clothes on the floor, he groaned. She laughed and walked back to her bed room where Deidara was redressing and now sliding his Akatsuki cloak on.

" Leaving now Saku-chan, yeah?" He asked, she nodded and grabbed her bag leaving her room to walk out to the front room and to the front door.

She opened the door to come face to face with Neji Hyuuga.

" Neji...I was just leaving." She said, he nodded.

" I came to see you off." He said and Deidara peaked his head out of the bed room and waved at Neji.

Neji sweat dropped.

' They stay again last night?' Neji whispered in her ear, she nodded.

" Pains I tell you. Itachi kicks, steals covers's, and now rolls, and Deidara lets not go there..." She muttered back, he chuckled and nodded.

Sakura shut her door and followed Neji to the Konoha gates.

The Gates of Konoha...

Sakura looked at Neji.

" How was your date with Tenten?..." She asked. Neji went stiff beside her as they stopped at the gates. He blushed a bit and looked at her.

" Fine..." He muttered, she smirked and patted his shoulder.

" No worries Neji...I'll be back. Make your decision by then or I go with out you..." She said in his ear as she hugged him, he hugged back and nodded back.

" Alright..." He said...

" Be careful Sakura" He added then she pulled back and nodded.

" Always..." She said grinning, he rolled lavender eyes and waved slightly as she walked out of the gates onward to Sound.

' Step one: Get to Sound.'

' Step two: Get into Orochimaru's snake hole.' ( o.O)

' Step three: Seduce Sasuke.'

' Step four: Gain information'

' Step five:Kill previously mentioned snake.' ( In step two) She thought over the first five steps of her plan as she hopped from tree to tree.


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