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"Yuki-chan, hello!" Hanabusa Aido said cheerfully, as he hugged her from behind. "This is the second time we are meeting during the day isn't it?"

"Aido…Aido-sempai?!" Cross Yuki stammered in surprise as screams of anger from his fans reach her ears. Somehow, the words that seem to come out from them have only 2 versions. "Kya!!" and "No!! He's hugging her!"

Aido smirked as he leaned closer to whisper into Yuki's ear "You shall be ill-treated by the girls who have gone crazy with jealously…..Cross Yuki….Heehee!" At his actions, the glaring intensity of the fan girls increased a thousand fold as they all shot daggers at poor Yuki. Sayori Wakaba, who was standing next to her, also felt the chill and her heart dropped to her shoes at the thought of what is going to come later for Yuki.

True enough; minutes later, Yuki tossed her textbooks into Yori's waiting arms as she took off running, so as to escape from the fan girls. Shaking her head and sighing softly on behalf of her best friend, Yori walked towards the classrooms, where lessons are starting soon. As she jotted down the notes for the lesson for herself and Yuki, she made a mental note to pack away a portion of dinner for Yuki as she suspects that she won't be left alone from the fan girls till dinner time or so.

"Poor Yuki….just because she is a Prefect, she has to put up with those fan girls everyday. Though I admit that the Night Class students are a beautiful lot, I still feel that they are scary…" She mused silently, as she looked out of the window of the classroom located at the top of the building. A faint smile crossed her lips as she saw Yuki at the second level of the adjacent building, talking to the Vice-President of the Night Class, Takuma Ichijo. "Seems like you escaped for a while after all, didn't you, Yuki?"



"Knock, knock!" A tapping was heard at the window leading to the second level room that Yori shared with Yuki. Though Yuki can sleep over at the Headmaster's quarters, she still preferred to stay with Yori, as they can talk to each other at night. Yori, who was seating on the bed, reading, climbed out of the bed as she walked to the window, to lift the hatch for Yuki to crawl through.

"Thank you, Yori!" Yuki huffed, as she tried to get her wind back. "I have been running for the whole day already!"

"I am not surprised, since Aido-sempai set those girls upon you." Yori replied, as she handed a glass of water to her friend, who gulped it down gratefully, before collapsing onto a soft armchair by the window. After gulping down the water, Yuki looked up at her in surprise "You heard what Aido-sempai said to me?"

"Yes, and I must say, that is very nasty of him." Yori said as she sat down on the second armchair, opposite of Yuki. She poured a second glass of water as she continued "I was next to you, so of course I can hear his whispered words to you."

"………………" Yuki was silent for a while as she could not think of anything to say. Likewise, Yori was quiet too. The sky continued to darken as night draws closer. Finally, Yori stood up and handed Yuki a plate of food that she packed from the Great Hall earlier. "There you go, it's dinner. Eat it before you go out for patrol for tonight. You need your energy."

"Oh Yori, you are really my best friend, thank you so much!" Yuki turned teary eyes to her friend as she attacked the food with renewed energy. "You are welcome…." Yori smiled as she looked out of the window and to the moon that is now shining in the sky. "Yori? Yori?" Yuki called, as she waved from her seat. "YORI!"

"Oh, you called?" Yori turned back to see Yuki looking worriedly at her. "Are you okay? You seemed out of space or in deep thought."

"I am alright, I am just thinking of Aido-sempai and his mean ways though."

"Aido-sempai? Why do you think of him at all?" Yuki asked, as she shoved another forkful of pasta into her mouth.

"This is not the first time that he played such a trick on you, Yuki... You were never popular with the girls from the Day Class as you are the only one who could get into close contact with the Night Class at all times. For this, I know there are some girls who already shimmer in hatred for you. Now with Aido-sempai hugging you, though as a joke, shows that he is out to make you the number one most hated figure with the Day Class girls." At the end of her words, Yori looked out of the window again. "In short, I am feeling worried for you."

"Oh, don't worry!" Yuki replied cheerfully as she drank the last drop of the soup. "I will make sure that I will run before they catch me!"

"Make sure you do." Yori smiled at her friend as she turned around to gather up the empty dishes. "Now, I will go and wash up these plates while you go for your duties. By the time you return, I would most probably be sleeping. So I bid you goodnight first, Yuki."

"Goodnight, Yori! Thanks for the dinner and sleep well!" Yuki jumped to her feet as she hugged her best friend tight. Then, stepping out of the door, she left.

While carrying the empty dishes to the common kitchen, Yori smiled as her plans for teaching Aido-sempai a lesson solidified. "My dear Aido-sempai….."She murmured. "You will never know what will hit you in the face tomorrow. That should teach you a lesson for playing such a nasty trick on Yuki………."



"Step back, ladies! The Night Class is going for their lessons, and you are supposed to go back to your dorms!" Yuki tried to call for order as the girls all but shrieked their adoration for members of the Night Class.

"Oh my god, why is it so chaotic tonight? It's worse than usual!" Yuki thought to herself desperately as she tried to keep the girls at bay once more. "And Zero is not doing anything, just by standing at my back!" She sent a fierce glare at her partner's direction but to no avail. The crowd is now chanting "Aido-sempai, Aido-sempai! I am here for our date"

"What is this about a date with Aido-sempai?" Yuki asked the girl in front of her, who was waving a note vigorously. "Because he will be going on a date with me! He told me so, in his letter!" "No, he is going with me, you fool! You must have photocopied my letter from him right?" Another girl, standing next to the former cried. Several other girls also chimed in at this, each claiming that Aido-sempai is going out with them tonight.

While the situation is about to go out of hand, with the girls engaging in a cat fight any moment, the double doors leading to the Night Dorm opened with a groan and the Night Class students walked out, each of them unique and beautiful in their own ways. At the sight of them, the chant for Aido increased even more. Eventually, poor Yuki can no longer hold them back and the girls lunged forward, seeking for Aido-sempai.

"AIDO-SEMPAI!!" The girls shrieked, as they zoomed past Yuki, who was pushed to the side in their hurry. "I AM HERE FOR OUR DATE!!" Aido's cousin, Akatsuki Kain then looked at him and asked "What did you do?"

"What? I - " Aido's words were cut off abruptly as his fan girls descended on him, each clamoring for his attention. Seeing the incoming doom before him, he decided not to clarify the issue at hand as there are simply too many of them! He tossed his books to his cousin, before running away from the pack of screaming girls.

Safely hidden by the shadows of the forest, Yori smiled at the sight as she turned to the person next to her – Zero. "Thank you for helping me out, Kiryu-kun. Thanks to you, those fan girls are able to break free from Yuki to chase after Aido-sempai."

Zero smirked as he replied "You are welcome, Yori-chan. Though I must say, you have thought of a brilliant payback plan - mass printing of those dating letters in Aido's stead, so as to let those crazed girls chase him around the campus."

"This is just the beginning, Kiryu-kun. There will still be another payback session for Aido-sempai. Now, can you please help me deliver the letter that I wrote to Aido-sempai?" With that, Yori left.



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