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Wotcher Harry!

Chapter one.

She did it! She passed the final exam of Auror training. Nymphadora Tonks was debating on what to do during the two week break she was given. Hmmmm, lets see. I could go to the world cup, or I can get drunk and get a tattoo. Well screw the cup, I'll go next year. So it's off to the bar.


The morning was brought forth with a bang. Well not quite a bang more like a crash and a loud utterance of the word "FUCK!" Tonks was experiencing the third worst hangover ever. The room was spinning. Tonks applied pressure with her hands to her head. "Remember the hangover spell! OWWW! Don't yell." She made her way to the kitchen where she kept a small store of potions for such emergencies. Contraceptive, mmmmm no. Acne potion, mmmm no. Ahh! Hangover Potion.

The potion bore a strong resemblance to a bloody mary, of course it could be the piece of celery in the glass. The room came to a halt and the little imp playing the kettle drum in her head stopped. For some odd reason her stomach itched. She lifted her Weird Sisters shirt and saw a small snitch flying around the area of her stomach near to her belly button. "Why did I get a snitch tattoo?" Her revelry was interrupted by a tapping at her window. She then noticed the minstery owl. She moved to open the window to let the owl in. It flew around her living room and dropped a letter from Amelia Bones the head of the department of Magical Law Enforcement and flew off. Tonks felt a small sense of dread that was overladen with a sense of elation. "My first assignment!" she opened the letter which said.

Auror Tonks:

It is a matter of utmost importance that you appear at my office at noon today. This is a assignment that can't nor will be discussed in this letter. Sorry for interrupting your break which will be reinstated. Thank you.

Amelia Bones.

Tonks was surprised by her first assignment. This has got to be big. Okay, shower,dress,get to director Bones' office.


The ministry was abuzz with activity. Tonks flashed her badge at the witch at the front desk. As she passed the desk she grabbed a copy of the Daily Prophet. The headline was one that brought shock to her eyes.

World cup attacked! Dark mark flies once again!

She read about how the biggest event in the wizarding world for this week was brought to a sudden halt when death eaters attacked. She then thought to her self as terrible a event that was she was kinda glad that she decided to skip that event. But her thoughts were halted when she approached the door of madam bones' office. Upon entering she was greeted by a witch with a monocle. "Ms. Tonks, I am sorry for having to cut your vacation short, but we need your very special skills. We need to amp up security for Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter?"

"Yes Harry Potter, He's going to have a busy year. This year Hogwarts is holding a Tri-Wizard tournament. So security is going to be tightened around the school because of the visiting schools." Tonks was dumbfounded because she was wondering just what this had to do with her first assignment.

"If you're wondering what this has to do with you. Well since you are a metamorph you should be able to watch him at all times. Have you ever heard of Cameron Crowe?"


"He's a muggle writer that wrote a article about high school life by acting like a teen and hanging out with the students. Even though he was about 20 something at the time, it got turned into a movie called Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

"With Sean Penn?"


"He was soooo hot in that movie."

"Now getting off the subject of the movie. You'll be introduced to Harry Potter and you'll be posing as a transfer student."

"A transfer student?"

"How else will you be able to protect Mr. Potter during the year?"

"Won't it be a bit odd that I'm a new student hanging out with such a famous guy?"

"No not really. Mr. Potter doesn't let his fame go to his head and he always seems to befriend someone new."

"When do I start?"

"In about an hour. That's when he's scheduled to come to my office."

"I get to meet Harry Potter, omygod omygod!" Tonks said as she clapped her hands together like a small child.

"Now is there any doubt in your mind that I'd have picked anyone else for this assignment?"

"No not really."


Harry James Potter was freaked out. He had just come back to the Burrow after the disaster that was the Quiddatch World Cup. Several people were hurt and now he's been called to the ministry by someone called a auror. Harry did the thing that he hated more than most was to show his ignorance to the wizarding world. "What's a auror?"

"Kinda like the magical world's version of the bobbys." Said Bill Weasley.

"Oh ok. WAIT! I'm being pulled in by the cops. Am I going to be arrested?"

"No, I think that Madam Bones is going to talk to you about something."

"OooooooooooK." Harry just knew that this wasn't going to be a normal year for him. "Um Mr. Narrator guy? I haven't had a normal year for about 14 years and guess what I'M 14!!"

Excuse me, sorry let me move from digressing to the main subject.

Harry awoke the next day. After breakfast Mr. Weasley and Harry flooed to the ministry. Harry was amazed by the sheer size of the place. As he walked through the atrium, he noticed a fountain made up of like four statues. Something seemed off because, he knew that centaurs would not hold a wizard in such high regards. But oh well. He headed towards the lift. He looked up and noticed several paper airplanes. "Those are inter office memos. We used to use owls but that got a bit messy."

Harry turned a bit green. The doors opened. Harry was rushed through the hustle and bustle of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He stopped in front of a door marked. Amelia Bones. Head Of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Mr. Weasley told him. "This is about as far as I can go. You go on." Mr. Weasley said as he headed back to lift.

Harry knocked on the door and was admitted. He noticed two women. One was behind the desk, she seemed odd with a monocle but Harry had seen so much oddness in the past four years that something like that didn't faze him. The other woman seemed rather young to be there. Harry assumed that she was another witness to the carnage at the world cup.

"Mr. Potter I presume?" asked the lady behind the desk. After he nodded she went on. "I'm Amelia Bones. This is one of my Aurors, Nymphadora Tonks." Tonks smiled with a slight grimence at the mention of her first name.

"Pleased to meet you Harry."

"Umm likewise Nymphador.."

"Tonks! Just Tonks. Sorry I just hate that name."

"Sorry." Harry with downtrodden eyes.

Madam Bones spoke up again.

"Your here because death eater activity has picked up again. We are concerned for your safety. We are assigning a auror to help you during the year."

"Like a bodyguard?"


"Aren't they a bit old..." Harry was dumbstruck as he watched the woman setting next to him regress to a younger age. Her hair changed from pink to a deep raven color. Right before his eyes, she went from twenty something to right about his age.

"Does that answer your question?"

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